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Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda

Posted by on September 19, 2018

The Practical Guide to your Gorilla Honeymoon Safari in Uganda

Helpful and Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda – Rwanda.  We offer a genuine Honeymoon Safari-Informationprivate Honeymoon Safari that is celebratory in nature, adds that romantic touch and yet you experience raw, untamed, wild Africa in all of its splendor, primates, wildlife and scenery in Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Planning your Luxury Gorilla Honeymoon safari is something we enjoy since we are simply romantics at heart and love to create a safari where you can celebrate your relationship in the Heart of Africa.

Gorilla Honeymoon Safaris are one of our specialties and we bring along years of experience where we just do not take you on safari but we combine and harmonize the romantic aspect together with the African Safari Adventure.

Uganda is one of the most scenic countries in Africa, one of the friendliest, safe, secure and stable countries that will provide you with the perfect backdrop for your upcoming honeymoon.

To us at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris creating a honeymoon is like composing a romantic symphony that brings pleasure to your ears, eyes and senses with that added romantic touch.

Plan and Book at least months ahead of your Honeymoon Safari

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - UgandaPractical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda – Rwanda

We are Uganda’s and Rwanda’s foremost Luxury Gorilla Honeymoon Safari Specialist and handcraft each honeymoon safari with you in mindc

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - UgandaThings to and See in Uganda on your Honeymoon Safari:

Uganda is one of the most bio-diverse countries in Africa with the River Nile – one of Africa’s magical wonders, it is as Winstn said long ago that Uganda was the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda is the Premier safe and secure Primate Destination where your honeymoon Dollar will simply stretch further due to lower Gorilla and Chimpanzee Permits Prices and luxury lodges that cost less.

You can track chimpanzees in various parks, take foothills in the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, Climb three of the Virunga Volcanoes.

Hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and you can track Mountain Gorillas twice, on either end of the forest and then continue to Lake Mutanda where you paddle in a dugout canoe across Lake Mutanda.  Uganda – diverse with its Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Primates, Wildlife, and friendly people.

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - UgandaUganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was Picked by Lonely Planet as one of the Most Unusual Honeymoon Hotspot Destinations:

If you are looking for the Unusal – the out-of-the-ordinary Surf and Sand Honeymoon Destination, look no further than Uganda, the Pearl of Africa where you can stay in a luxury Lodge is an ancient rainforest and celebrate with a Mountain Gorilla Family,

A Gorilla Honeymoon comes with the added plus of spending less  on permits and lodging than in Rwanda saving you hundreds nd even thousands of dollars

Uganda has two Gorilla Trekking Parks, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park where you can spend time with the Gentle of the Forest and that is just the begining of your time in Uganda.

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - UgandaThe Best Romantic Honeymoon Luxury Lodges:

The high quality Luxury Lodges in Ugana are another reason as to why Uganda is the perfect, yet ususual honeymoon destination for you. The luxury lodges in Uganda abound, in every park you will find what is just right for you.

We as  a Honeymoon Tour operator continuously monitor  luxury lodges as to changes in the rooms, quality of service, the meals served and the estra’s offered such as swimming pools, gym, sauna,,Internet Access, electricity availability in rooms, compimentary drinks, massage, whether hey can meet dietary requirement such a vegan or vegetarian fare,

Most lodges that we have selected are less than 10 rooms meaning that you are not a room number but persons with names to whom individualized service is given.

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - UgandaBest Honeymoon Safaris

Here you will find some Romantic Honeymoon Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

They might give you an idea of what a honeymoon in the heart of Africa can be like.

Creating a safari is like creating a tapestry it does not just fall together, it takes planning for your celebratory time in Africa and we know just how to do that for you.

We encourage you to take a look at various honeymoon safari options, it will give you an idea and just might inspire you to start planning yours.

Every Honeymoon Safari in Uganda sould include a time of gorillla trekking and no honeymoon would be complete without it

Make a Gorilla Trek your focus on your honeymoon

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - UgandaRomantic Surprises await you:

We have some special surprises that add those extra touches to your Honeymoon safari.  Our Honeymoon Safari Staff are Romantics at heart and we like to add unique, one of a kind surprises such as a Romantic Picnic lunch at the most powerful waterfall in the world, Murchison Falls.

An outside soaking tub for two at the most remote romantic Lodge in Uganda, Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo Valley Park or on top of one of the Mountains that cook, just above a crater lake on Mount Muhabura, one of the Virunga Volcanoes.

Our Honeymoon Coordinator will take your safari itinerary and make your honeymoon become a reality with all kinds of Romantic Surprises and touches.

Honeymoon Surprises – that bit of extra for you

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - UgandaPlanning your African Safari Honeymoon in Uganda-Rwanda:

The Recipe for Creating a Perfect Honeymoon in Uganda and Rwanda is finding just what activities you would like, the lodges, which you prefer, and that are romantic in nature and the fitting surrounding setting.’

It is like creating that special celebratory meal – we take the best ingredients for your honeymoon based on your wishes and desires and our vast experience and create just for you, that romantic and memorable Honeymoon safari in Uganda and in Rwanda.

Africa -is the perfect setting for your honeymoon and a Honeymoon in the Heart of Africa gives you the best of wildlife and Primates.

No Honeymoon Safari in Uganda is complete without a tme of visting the Gentle Giants of the Forest.

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - Uganda0Kabiza Wilderness Safaris -Your Gorilla Safari Honeymoon Tour Operator

We begin with offering you Practical  Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda – Rwanda and we offer beyond what any tour operator offers in Uganda or Rwanda.  Honeymoon Safaris are our specialty and you have our commitment to plan and create the one that is just right for you.

We will do our all to make you honeymoon in Africa a reality, a dream come true, a celebratory time of your relationship in the heart of Africa – your African Honeymoon Safari…

Honeymoon Safaris are one of the things we specialize in, from start to finish.  Our past Honeymoon clients have loved their time on Safari and in most cases it exceeded their expectations.

Honeymoon Safaris – customized, tailored keeping your wishes in mind, lodges, activities, parks and places to visit, plus we do it all at an affordable price, much lower than you would obtain through a travel agent in your country.

Planning your Honeymoon

Honeymoon Safari Examples

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - Uganda