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Bee Fences keep Elephants from the Crops and Villages

Posted by on December 30, 2015

Keeping Elephants from Crops – Villages – Uganda

Bee  Fences keep Elephants from the Crops and Villages – reduce Human – Wildlife Conflict

Bee  Fences keep Elephants from the Crops and Villages and reduce the conflict of humans living close to Wildlife Parks with Elephants. Keeping Elephants from trampling the fields of villagers is a Bee Fences keep Elephants from the Crops and Villagesproblems in Africa and in Uganda.

Many Things have been  tried  from shooting guns into the air to scare them off to digging trenches that at the end of the day are filled by the elephants. In some places in Uganda they have resorted to burning red peppers along with elephant dung but the method that seems to work best in  scaring off the giant Elephants have been the tiny Bumble-Bees.  Fences created with Beee- Hiives keeps elephants at bay, keep them out of fields and gardens, away from the crops protecting villages that are near wildlife parks such as Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

The human – wildlife conflict in communities near wildlife parks and reserve is an ever-present reality in the case of Elephants – both Savannah and Forest species can do a lot of damage  to nearby fields filled with crops and to the gardens of those living near the parks.  This conflict of wildlife and people can turn to anger in the local communities and lead to poaching in order to recover their losses and the losses are  not small.

Crops such as soy bean, maize, pineapple, peanuts, cotton, bananas have been lost to the Elephants – the struggle between man and beast was being won by the Elephants – all efforts to stop their nightly onslaught were futile but one – fences made of bees – yes you read right – fences made of bees -the Bee  Fences keep Elephants from the Crops and Villages

bee-fencesMany things had been tried but only one seems to be effective – Bees.  The tiny Bumble Bee frightens the mighty Pachyderm – the African Elephant – even the sound of bees alone will frighten them away– all over Africa Bee Fences are being erected to keep Elephants from Human Settlements – saving the crops of villagers and allowing them to make a living and there is an added blessing from having fences made of bees – income from the honey of the bees going to the local community.

No longer sleepless nights beating oil drums to drive the roaming elephants away, no longer night fires or firing weapons into the air – the Bee Security Force – the Bee Askaris are doing their work .

Elephants are staying away – Villagers are sleeping peacefully at night and at the same time have a new source of income – Honey.  Bee Fences have proved to be an effective method for protecting crops from elephant raids on them and their crops and at the same time providing ongoing income from the sale of honey.

Bee  Fences keep Elephants from the Crops and Villages – Can man and elephants live near each other without the encroachment of elephants into villages, gardens and fields of crops – the answer is in the beehive bee fences that keep out the elephants – simply remarkable giving a new income to villagers in Uganda…

Note – an additional way to prevent Elephants raiding crops – Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers have been handing out vuvuzela trumpets, they work well because it has the effect of irritating the elephant without intimidating it. This is an important factor as elephants that feel intimidated or threatened are more likely to attack. No such incidences have been noted with the vuvuzela deterrent systems.