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Azizi Life- A Cultural Experience and Discovery with Rwandans

Posted by on April 8, 2016

A day with rural Rwandans -Culture – Traditions through Azizi Life

Azizi Life- A Cultural Experience and Discovery with Rwandans that is unlike any other during your time in Rwanda

Azizi Life- A Cultural Experience and Discovery with Rwandans -Azizi – the word means excellent – their mission – empowering Rwandans toward a more excellent Life – spend one day here and you will see how it is happening. This is a day of Cultural Discovery in Rural Rwanda leaving you with long lasting memories.

Thousands of visitors come to visit Rwanda as tourist – however many of them never encounter the real Rwanda – its peopleAzizi Life- A Cultural Experience and Discovery with Rwandans One can easily fly into Rwanda – flit off to Volcanoes National Park – stay at an upmarket lodge – spend one hour with a Gorilla Family which in itself is a most amazing encounter and that night fly out of Rwanda having missed the essence of what is the real Rwanda – its people, its culture, ways and Traditions.

Azizi Life- A Cultural Experience and Discovery with Rwandans Azizi Life is a life-changing experience in Rural Rwanda- a short distance from Kigali will be a life changing Cultural Encounter with some of the friendliest people in Africa. You will experience life as average Rwandans do each day of their lives and unlike most of us – many of them that you will meet have gone through the nightmare and trauma of the 1994 genocide either as victim or as perpetrators – most often you will never know since in Africa once keeps things within and deals with it in the traditional African Rwandan ways.

If you are on a safari with us – ask us  to include a day with Azizi Life in Rural Rwanda – we would be most happy to adjust any itinerary that allows you to experience Rwanda at its essence – with its people with Azizi Life.

Below are some of the experiences you can take part in on your Azizi Life- experience Rural Rwanda. Experiences that come both highly recommended on TripAdvisor (Azizi has received the Award of Excellence).  Don’t miss out on this Cultural Encounter in Rwanda with Azizi Life.

Azizi Life- experience Rural Rwanda Spend the day with a Rwandan Artisan:

This Azizi Life experience gives you an opportunity to understand what life is like for an average Rwandan is like – learn new skills – most important of all get to know the real Rwanda – its people.

We will take you to the Azizi Life Office from where we proceed with an Azizi Life Interpreter to the weaving cooperative where you will warmly greeted by the ladies who make up the cooperative.

The day begins with what are the daily chores such as fetching water from the spring, kitchen work which will be quite different from the west, cutting grass to feed the cows or goats, tending the garden – literally a hands-on experience for you with new found friends.

This all leads up to lunchtime where you have a typical meal often things such as cassava, beans, avocados, all part of what you helped to create.

Please note- be sensitive since most Rwandans are people of faith and may say a blessing prior to eating and you would not want to munch on the beans while a prayer is being said.

Lunch having been concluded – the work of weaving begins. There is the harvesting and preparing natural fiber begins and the Rwandan Artisan will assist and teach you how to create your own piece of sisal jewelry. Enjoy your time as you weave, talk, exchange ideas and grow closer.
At the end of the day return to the Azizi Life Office and then back to your hotel after a most enriching day.

constructionTraditional Construction:

Building a house for a family in Rwanda like much of Africa is done by using soil and making bricks by either sun-drying them or creating a kiln that will be broken to extract the bricks. Such methods of building houses go back many years in Rwanda and though in Kigali you may see modern methods – in the village it is done the old-fashioned way.

After meeting your hosts and friends for the day – you have to do the basics of fetching the water, the soil and then you learn the Rwandan way of building a home.

Lunchtime with your host family for the day which normally exist of a simple Rwandan Meal which you will enjoy after a morning of labor.

After lunch you are off to collect banana leaves that are used to make a strong rope that lashes the wood beams that will make up the roof together – another innovative Rwandan way of building.

At the end of the day you return to the Azizi Life office and back to Kigali to your hotel after a most fulfilling and memory enriching day.

 Banana-Juice-MakingBanana Juice making:

Banana Juice and Banana Beer is and has been part of Rwandan Life and Culture – though you may not find it being served in Kigali at a celebratory function where they will sodas or Primus beer, in the village the Banana still rules when it come to making juice or beer and it done in the traditional way that goes back hundreds of years.
In the morning after meeting and greeting with your host you go out to collect green bananas and leaves which you will need for the process of making banana juice. The next step is to dig a hole in the ground in which you will bury the banana for the ripening process.
Enjoy a Rwandan meal for lunch with host family and then it is time to fetch water.  Ripening takes only about four days but your host family will some ready for you to dig up which then are peeled, mashed and strained in the traditional fashion – before you return to your hotel in Kigali – enjoy a glass or Banana Juice at the Azizi life Office.

traditional-drumming-dancing-lessonsDrumming and Dancing Lessons:

Drumming and Dancing are a part of the Rwandan and African Culture – here you can whether you have natural rhythm or not learn a a few new ways of making music and dancing to it.

You will be guided by expert instructors in the art of Rwandan dance and drumming and most likely it will be a most enjoyable experience

It all starts out with a mini-performance by small troupe of traditional Rwandan Dancers and drummer and then it is your turn to put on a traditional costume and have a try at it.

Your dance instructors will give you some background on various Rwandan dances as they teach you the steps of the dance and you gain confidence – soon you will be performing on your own

Take a break and then try your hands at drumming Rwandan style – you willenjoythe experience of dancing and drumming in Rwanda all caught on film.

Azizi Life experiences are simple ordinary day to day experiences but for visitors to Rwanda they become totally out of the ordinary experiences not to be forgotten and we would love to include in your safari itinerary a day or two with Azizi Life.

“If you do one thing when you visit Rwanda, DO THIS! An Azizi Life Experience Day is a fun and affordable way to learn about the rural Rwandan culture through total immersion. As a seasoned traveler, I’m always looking for ways to experience local cultures but this was truly the first time that I was able to do so in a hands-on way. The entire day is led by the local artisans and facilitated by an equally friendly translator. It is heartwarming to know that my presence helped empower these amazing women who in turn, inspired me to live a more fulfilling life. Through working alongside the artisans, I was able to connect to them and come away with a greater appreciation for the “simple” things. I recommend the Azizi Life Experience Day to any person traveling in Rwanda that is looking for an unmatched, memorable, life-changing experience.” – Ashley M, USA

Azizi Life- A Cultural Experience and Discovery with Rwandans – If you like to include a day at Azizi Life – please let us know.

Azizi Life- A Cultural Experience and Discovery with Rwandans