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All about Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills

Posted by on May 30, 2017

Learn All about Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills before you arrive

Rwanda Information – helpful Advice for Travelers to Rwanda

All about Rwanda - the Land of a Thousand HillsAll about Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills – the information that you need for your visit -safari to Rwanda.  Rwanda is a small country, with lots of things to do and see in the heart of Africa. Rwanda is much more than Gorilla Trekking – it is Africa alive.

In 2017 Rwanda has chosen to market itself as an Upmarket Gorilla Trekking Destination. The Gorilla Permits are now 1500 USD per person,you can go on a private trek with your family or friends for 15,000 USD and Exclusive Lodges are being built in addition to those that already exist.

Other Locations such as Nyungwe Forest which has one luxury lodge, has a new one opening in 2017, all part of making Rwanda an upmarket Travel Destination.

If you like to become familiar with Rwanda, would like to visit Rwanda, this is the Start Page for you. If you have questions regarding Rwanda, please write and ask. Enjoy Rwanda. Rwanda – The Land of a Thousand Hills awaits you with all of its scenic wonders, friendly  people, home to the Mountain Gorillas – perfect weather all year long Awaits you.

  • Official Name – Republic of RwandaAll about Rwanda - the Land of a Thousand Hills
  • Populations according to 2014 estimate – 12.3 million
  • Capital – Kigali – one of Africa’s cleanest Capitals
  • Area – 26,338 sq km – slightly smaller than Maryland
  • Major Languages – Kinyarwanda only (official, universal Bantu vernacular) 93.2%, Kinyarwanda and other language(s) 6.2%, French (official) and other language(s) 0.1%, English (official) and other language(s) 0.1%, Swahili (or Kiswahili, used in commercial centers) 0.02%, other 0.03%, unspecified 0.3% (2002 est.)
  • Major Religions – Roman Catholic 49.5%, Protestant 39.4% (includes Adventist 12.2% and other Protestant 27.2%), other Christian 4.5%, Muslim 1.8%, animist 0.1%, other 0.6%, none 3.6% (2001), unspecified 0.5% (2002 est.)
  • Life Expectancy – 58 years for Men – 60 years for women
  • Monetary Unit:  Rwandan Franc
  • Gross National Income per person – 510 usd (World Bank- 2011)
  • Main Exports – coffee, tea, hides, tin ore, tourism,
  • Climate – Temperate; two rainy seasons (February to April, November to January); mild in mountains with frost and snow possible at higher elevations
  • Rwandans can lay claim to be one the friendliest African Country.
  • Rwanda’s Official Motto – Unity, Work, Patriotism”
  • Plastic Bags – Plastic Bags are confiscated at the point of entry.

Below you will find out helpful links that will give you more information on Rwanda

Why Visit Remarkable Rwanda?

There area many reasons as to why to visit the Land of a Thousand Hills beyond the Mountain Gorillas found in Volcanoes National Park. Golden Monkey, Ruwenzori Colobus Monkey, Gray Cheeked Mangabey Tracking, Nyungwe Afromontane Forest with the only Canopy Walk in East Africa, Akagera National Park with its wildlife and scenery.

Lake Kivu one of the best lakes to relax and chill out on. Hiking or biking the Congo-Nile Trail, Crop to cup coffee tours, cultural entertainment, village stay, working with villagers in rural Rwanda.

Th Genocide Memorials throughout the country. There are many reasons to visit Rwanda.

Best-Time-of-year-to-visit-RwandaRwanda – Best Time of the Year to Visit:

Rwanda has to two rainy seasons but even during the rainy seasons the sun comes out.  The rainy season is actually a great time to visit if you want scenic photographs since there is less smog.

The weather in Rwanda is pleasant, temperate and not hot and steamy.  Due to its elevation Rwanda enjoys Holiday like weather all year long. When it comes to weather Rwanda is one of the best countries to visit in Africa.

Gorilla Tracking is done in the shadows of the Virunga Volcanoes and there it can rain at any time of the year – however by afternoon the trails will begin to dry out once again.

Rwanda is also called the land of the eternal spring -referring to its spring like weather that you find there.

Rwanda-Fun-FactsFun-Facts about Rwanda:

There are quite a few fun-facts about Rwanda that you will find here in the Singapore of Africa.

For one thing – no plastic bags are allowed in Rwanda, they are confiscated and treated like you are smuggling drugs.

Rwanda is one of Africa’s cleanest countries and one reason is that there are no plastic bags allowed in the country. Do not walk on the grass, someone will shout at you if you.  Do not wear flip-flops – a prevention against those nasty jiggers.

The favorite food if going out for many Rwandans are Goat, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Brochettes.  Read the page and enjoy…

Map-of-Rwanda-ParksMap of Rwanda’s Parks:

In planning a safari in Rwanda it is good to get a lay of the land and where the parks that you would like to visit are located.

There are presently 3 National Parks in Rwanda – Volcanoes National Park, home to the Mountain Gorillas, Golden Monkeys, Volcano Climbs, and a visit to Dian Fossey’s former research center.

Nyungwe Forest – Africa’s largest Montane Forest with 12 species of primates, 130 kilometers of hiking trails, a birders paradise, East Africa’s only Canopy Forest Walk.

Akagera Park – Rwanda’s only Savannah Park with wildlife game drives.

Rwanda-things-to-do-see-linkThings to do and see Rwanda – Tourist Attractions:

Rwanda’s Tourist Attractions – the things to do and see in Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills that you should not miss while visiting Rwanda.

Gorilla Tracking – Volcanoes National Park

Volcano Climbing – Volcanoes National Park

Caving – Musanze Caves

Chimpanzee Tracking – Nyungwe

Hiking – Nyungwe Forest and Congo-Nile Trail.

Biking – Congo-Nile Trail.

top-10-things-to-experienceTop Ten Things to Experience in Rwanda:

Here are the top experiences not to miss while visiting Rwanda – the things you must taste, do, partake in during your time here.

Goat, Beef, Chicken Brochettes with BBBQ grilled potatoes.  You can find this almost national dish almost anywhere in Rwanda, from Pubs to better establishment.

Fried Sambaza Sardines along Lake Kivu – This is another Rwandan Delicacy.  These tasty Lake Sardines are a delight to Rwandans who live along the Lake.  Eat them as a snack, appetizer, with Fries, they become a meal with Chips and a salad.

Bourbon Coffee – sitting along Lake Kivu watching the sun rise with a cup of Bourbon Arabica Coffee.

Lake-Kivu-Relax-Chill-Out-RwandaBest Places to Relax and Chill out in Rwanda:

Rwanda is a place of many lakes and rivers – however the best place in Rwanda where one can relax and chill out at the end of a safari is the most scenic Lake Kivu, a lake with sandy beaches in some areas – a reason that the area has been called Rwanda’s Costa Del Sol.

You can swim in the lake as it is Bilharzia Free – some upmarket lodges have a swimming pool where you can take a dip.

There are still things that you can do and see along Lake Kivu that are beyond relaxing.

Good lodging can be found from better budget to upmarket lodging, places where you have a room with view of the lake and great food.

Why-is-Rwanda-so-cleanWhy is Rwanda so Clean?

This is something visitors to Rwanda repeatedly ask, especially if they have visited other East African countries.

Rwanda simply one of the cleanest countries in Africa, a fact that is readily noticed.

Littering is frowned upon and illegal where it is common in other African countries.  Why is Rwanda so clean and why are the roads better than other African countries.  Why do the streetlights and traffic lights work here,

The 4th Saturday of the month is Umuganda Day where shops, restaurants, traffic shut down and every able person pitches in cleaning up, repairing, building, digging for a cleaner and better Rwanda.

Rwanda-Gorilla-InformationRwanda Gorilla Information – Tips – Advice:

All the information you will most likely need regarding the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda that are found in Volcanoes National Park.

Learn about the different Gorilla Groups that are open for tracking and are habituated, which are the easiest groups to track and which take the most energy.

The Rules and etiquette of Gorilla Tracking.

What to wear while Gorilla Tracking and what not to wear.

How to obtain permits for your gorilla trek (anyone with us on a gorilla safari does not have to worry about obtaining permits – we do it for you.)

Our-Rwanda-SafarisRwanda Safaris:

Our Safaris in Rwanda – Safaris from two days in length tracking Mountain Gorillas to 10 days in longer.

Most of the safaris have at least one gorilla trek included, where others explore Nyungwe Forest and relax along Lake Kivu.

We also offer Rwanda – Uganda Combined Safari which are gaining in popularity due to convenience and less drive times.

Land in Kigali – embark on your Rwandan portion of the safari, then cross over into Uganda and gorilla track again in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest if you so wish, wildlife in Queen Elizabeth Park, Chimpanzee Tracking in East Africa’s best Chimpanzee park – Kibale Forest, Murchison Falls Wildlife, the Nile and Rhino Tracking – fly out of Entebbe – Uganda.

Rwanda-Adventure-ActitiesRwanda Adventure Activities:

Adventure and Rwanda simply go together – the Adventure of Gorilla tracking, discovering the Golden Monkeys, climbing the volcanoes including an overnight hike ad climb.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Nyungwe Forest as well as take on some of the 130 kilometers of trails that are found here and take in the Afro-Montane Forest, birds and 13 species of primate.

Explore Musanze Cave (with safety equipment) and you will be amazed by a cave with a beginning and end.

Hiking and Biking the Congo – Nile Trail along Lake Kivu.

 preparing-for-your-trip-to-RwandaPreparing for your Safari Trip to Rwanda before you arrive:

There are things to do before you visit Rwanda – to begin with become informed about Rwanda – its past and its present. The present includes some of the best coffee Africa produces called Bourbon Coffee which is an Arabica Coffee.

Bourbon Coffee which is a Rwandan Starbucks like restaurant is now in various cities in the USA and doing well. Read some things about the Genocide and you will be amazed as to how Rwanda has recovered since 1994 into one of the most economic progressive countries in Africa.

You will need some medical advice, read as to what to pack on our site – simply become informed and read your itinerary, look up the lodges on TripAdvisor and see what others have said.

Rwanda-more-than-a-safari-destination-but a triumph-over-hatredRwanda is more than a Safari Destination but a Triumph over Hatred:

During 100 days in 1994 1 million died during the Genocide against the Tutsi People. Today, when you visit Rwanda, many of those that you meet will have been directly affected by the Genocide either as victims or as perpetrators. However what you will find is not a spirit heaviness but one of Hope for a better future, a better Rwanda where Hope has triumphed over hatred and ethnic lines.

Rwanda is an amazing story of a Recovery from the abyss where it was in 1994 thanks to the Leadership of President Paul Kagame.

At times one may find criticism from the West wanting to see their form of Democracy in Rwanda without asking the average person or woman if they are not better off in one of the most stable, secure and peaceful countries in Africa – you simply have to see firsthand.

 Rwanda-travel-tips-adviceRwanda Travel Tips – Advice – Information:

The Rwanda Travel Tips-Advice – information is great for any visitor to Rwanda.  It is however a must read if you are coming to Rwanda on Safari.

Visa Information – when and where to obtain it and residents of which country need to apply for a visa is all listed here.

Safety and Security in Rwanda and the fact that Rwanda is Ebola Free  and thousands of miles from West Africa.  Ebola has never reared its ugly head in Rwanda.

Money Information and how to protect your money, about ATM machine usage. Internet, Mobile Phones and more.

Simply Practical Advice and information.

 Hotels-Lodges-RwandaHotels – Lodges in Rwanda:

Hotels and lodges that cater to tourists and adhere to International Standards are mainly in the upmarket and moderate range.  Quality Budget facilities are available in certain locations.

Even the Bradt Guide to Rwanda notes that Rwanda tends to cater to moderate and high end visitors, that is especially true in the Volcanoes Park area.

Rwanda offers great upmarket lodging and that includes Hotel in Kigali. around Lake Kivu value, for the most part, is still the keyword of the day.

Akagera Park has one lodge with value pricing and the same is true about Nyungwe Forest.

All about Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda – a small country in the heart of Africa with many things to do and see while visiting the country on Safari. Take a look at the various Tourist Attractions that await you in Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills. Gorilla Tracking, Golden Monkey Tracking, Chimpanzee Tracking, Colobus Monkey Tracking, Volcano Climbing, Biking and Hiking along the Congo Nile Trail, Game Drives in Akagera Park which is Rwanda’s only Savannah Park. and relax and chill out along Lake Kivu. Rwanda – lots of things to do and see…

All about Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills – if you have any questions – please contact us