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Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda-where your Money Stretches Further

Posted by on July 11, 2020

Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda Where your Money gets you More

$700 Permits mean Affordably Priced Quality Luxury & Value+ Midrange Gorilla Safaris in Uganda

Affordable Gorilla Safaris in UgandaAffordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda. In Uganda, the emphasis is on affordability. Uganda continues to offer Safe and Affordable Gorilla Treks, unlike neighboring Rwanda, where the cost of both permits and lodging has become exorbitant for most. Uganda Gorilla Permit Prices are $700 while in Rwanda, the same Permit. Some argue that Rwanda is Gorilla Trekking is better in Rwanda, justifying the $1,500 permit Price.

Yes, Gorilla Safaris are expensive. It has become the most costly Tourism Activity in Africa. Safe, Guerrilla Free Zone Affordable  Gorilla Safaris can presently only be found in Uganda with its $700 Permit Price Affordability is a matter of doing the math.  Two people on a Gorilla Safari in Uganda will save 1,600 USD on Permits alone. That is without taking into account the lower lodge prices in Uganda. 

Affordable Gorilla Safaris in UgandaWe have found that a husband-wife couple trekking Gorillas in Uganda rather than Rwanda will save over 2,000 USD plus on average.  Trekking Gorillas in Uganda is like receiving an instant coupon of at least 900 USD a person.

Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda – The Reality is this – Your Money, Your Dollar stretches further in Uganda. You get more Bang for your Buck as Americans would say.

Affordability is not just a slogan but Reality. That extra money will pay for your flight, add a few more days to your Safari in Uganda.

Cheap Gorilla Safaris – The answer is no – Affordable Gorilla Safaris stretching your Dollars remains the Reality in Uganda both now and in the future.

But Rwanda means a better Gorilla Trekking Experience than Uganda?

That is pure “Hogwash.” The Reality is that Uganda has done a poor job marketing itself as the best Gorilla destination in Africa. On the other hand, Rwanda has excelled in promoting itself as being the Home of Mountain Gorillas. The purported 40 Million Dollar Arsenal  Premier football Team “Visit Rwanda” on the uniforms is one example.

International Tour Operators, Travel Writers, Self-Appointed Besserwissers, So-called Travel Forum Experts have created and perpetuated the myths that Rwanda is home to the Mountain Gorillas, that the Gorilla encounter experience is better in Rwanda.  The truth is that Rwanda has a portion of the remaining Mountain Gorillas.  Uganda, not Rwanda, has over half of the remaining Mountain Gorillas, and half of that remaining number is Bwindi Impenetrable.

Rwanda is and has been the darling of the media, international travel promoters ever since the Blockbuster Movie “Gorillas in the Mist” was released depicting Dian Fossey’s work with the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.  The fact that Rwanda has become a miniature Singapore of Africa powerhouse only helps.  Kigali, Rwanda, is a model city of what Africa can be like, unlike Kampala, Nairobi, or other African Capitals.

During April of 2019, when Rwanda remembered the horrendous Genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda received more positive press, coverage including TV coverage than Uganda has gotten in a decade, all leading people to Believe that Rwanda is the best Tourism Destination. All well, except that-  tourists in the 21st Century do their research and find a safe and alternative, and that has been Hands-Down Uganda.

If you do the research and compare apples with apples, you will find that Uganda wins hands-down on gorilla permit price, lodging cost, permit availability, more Gorilla Trekking Choices.

Uganda is the T.J.Maxx of Gorilla Tourism, where the best is still affordable without any compromise in the Quality of the Experience.

Unfortunately, many do not do the research to find out where their money stretches further. If they did, they would find out that a Gorilla Safari is normally half the price that it is in Rwanda. Do the math, that is a chunk of change, to say the least. Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda without compromise of quality in lodging or experience.

Uganda is synonymous with Safe and Affordable Gorilla Trekking!

Uganda has become Africa’s Premier Mountain Gorilla Destination due to price, affordability, and quality of experience. The Un-promoted Affordability of Gorilla Trekking Safaris has led to what we call “The Great Trekker Migration to Uganda.”  Rwanda has chosen the luxury Nordstrom’s Department Store route- Uganda without any specific Gorilla marketing assistance except Permit prices remaining at 600 USD has become the affordable T.J. Maxx of Gorilla Tourism where quality is not compromised. It is the experience that matters and not the country you are trekking in.

Without an Affordability campaign by the Uganda Tourism Board and Ministry of Tourism, Uganda became the Gorilla Trekking Destination of Choice. Rwanda receives many great reviews for a country that is striving to be the Singapore of Africa. Rwanda focuses exclusively on the High-End market. Rwanda does not understand that a passion for mountain gorillas does not mean a love for a country. They do not know that the price of a Permit does matter. 

That was having Ellen DeGeneres in Rwanda’s Corner, and the Arsenal British Premier Football Team Players wearing “Visit Rwanda” on their Shirts does not mean that Gorilla Trekkers will blindly follow.


Gorilla Trekkers do their research looking for the best Financial Option without compromising the experience. They understand that just a bit of increased Drivetime takes one to affordable Uganda. That is something the Uganda Tourism Board, the Minister of Tourism, the Junior Minister of Tourism oddly, never bring up.  We, however, do so, as well as some other Gorilla Tour Operators.

The Unpromoted Affordability of Gorilla Trekking Safaris has led to what we call “The Great Trekker Migration to Uganda.”  Rwanda has chosen the luxury Nordstrom’s Department Store route- Uganda without any specific Gorilla marketing assistance except Permit prices remaining at 600 USD has become the affordable T.J. Maxx of Gorilla Tourism where quality is not compromised. It is the experience that matters and not the country you are trekking in.

Uganda’s two Gorilla Parks have over half the remaining Mountain Gorillas in the World.  Mgahinga Gorilla Park gives you the Virunga Volcanoes Experience at $900 less than Rwanda and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest that one-of-a-kind Afromontane, Rainforest Jungle Feel without the humidity due to its elevation. Twenty Gorilla Families can be tracked in Uganda, plus it is the only country where you can have more time with a Gorilla Family on the Exclusive Gorilla Habituation Experience.

The Affordability Bottom Line is this:  The average midrange or upmarket Gorilla Safari is at hundreds of dollars less than the 1,500 USD Permit Price alone in Rwanda. Affordability is the Reason why Uganda is the Number One Mountain Gorilla Destination.

Why Uganda is the Premier Affordable Gorilla Safari Destination:

  • Affordable 600 USD Gorilla Permit – 900 USD less than in Rwanda
  • More Gorillas – More Habituated Gorilla Families – More Permits
  • Two Gorilla Parks
  • More Gorilla Safari Lodges at affordable Rates.
  • More Time with Gorillas – 4-Hour Gorilla Habituation Experience at the same price as one Permit in Rwanda.
  • More Gorilla Add-Ons such as the best  Chimpanzee Trekking in East Africa
  • Trek Gorillas n the Forest or on the Volcanoes and save.

Does Having more in Uganda mean a lesser value when it comes to the Gorilla Encounter Experience. 

In the Forest, there are only eight maximum participants on a Gorilla Trek, four if you are doing the Gorilla Habituation Experience. Private Treks can be arranged where it is just you and the Rangers.

Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda that are Affordable:

For over a decade, we have done one thing only, create Safe and Affordable, Private Gorilla Safaris using value+ priced midrange, upmarket, luxury, and exclusive Lodges where the Outcome of a safari is more important than the income.

We use Experienced, friendly, Safety minded Driver-Guides who will arrange everything you need on Safari, keeping the surprises to a minimum.

With us, your money stretches even further since there are no additional costs of having an overseas office.  Our Safaris are only offered on the Internet, and we do not use costly booking services, we do not spend money attending marketing fairs internationally – we have only one customer, one client, you.

It means a more affordable Gorilla Safari for you in the Pearl of Africa. Contact us about your affordable Gorilla Safari in Uganda.


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