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About Us – We focus on Creating Memorable Safaris

For over a decade, there is only one Focus, “Creating Memorable Safaris.”

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – where the outcome of a Safari is more critical than Income

Creating memorable SafarisKabiza Wilderness Safaris: we have one Goal – “Creating Memorable Safaris.” An African Safari for most is a once in a lifetime journey – The word Safari means Journey, and a Journey it has been for us.

On our Safari- Journey as a Tour Operator, we have learned and discovered a lot. We tried many things but learned what we are best at as a Tour Operator, and that is “to consistently create that Hakuna Matata – No-Worry memorable, safe, and secure Safaris in Uganda for our clients.”

In a business where Ugandan tour Operators are expanding, offering Safaris all over Africa, our focus remains on Uganda.  That is the country where we live, work, and know best, are passionate about it.

We took the words of Winston Churchill to heart when he wrote after his visit to Uganda in 1907 – “Concentrate on Uganda.”

Our Focus has been for our clients to experience the Pearl of Africa, Uganda as we know it with its Scenic Wonders, Primates, Wildlife, Cultures, and most of all, its friendly and welcoming people.

We know what we are Best at – just one thing, “Creating Memorable Safaris.”About Us - We focus on Creating Memorable Safaris

We are not a Jack of all Trades and the Master of none. We stick at to what we do best “memorable Safaris.” Much of what we did and offered a decade ago we no longer do and offer – amazingly when you provide less, concentrate on what you do offer, you surprisingly do more business and compete with fewer.

During the past decade, we have learned a lot as to how to serve our clients best.  Understand their wishes for authenticity, off the beaten tourist path activities. We do not offer Safaris that we think you should do but create the Safari that you want, which turns into a memorable private Safari for you.

We offer only Midrange Value-Plus, Luxury, and Exclusive Safaris since, in our opinion, based on many years of experience, are necessary for a memorable Safari.

Our Website is one of the most visited Tourist Orientated websites in Uganda. The reason that we offer current and accurate travel information about Uganda.

On our Website, with its 700 plus pages, you can discover what you can do and see on a Safari in Uganda, but also more practical “Know before-you-go Advice” than any other Tour Operator.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris-  Creating Memorable Safaris where you are the FocusAbout Us - We focus on Creating Memorable Safaris

We are a registered, licensed, tax-paying Tour Operator that is a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, we, however, see ourselves as a Matchmaker. We match the Natural Wonders of Uganda with your wishes as we create and implement your Safari. Whether that be arranging a date with a Mountain Gorilla Family in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or a Chimpanzee Troop in Kibale Forest or tracking a pride of collared Lions in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Innovations based on what is best for our Safari Going Clients motivated us to offer Fly into Rwanda and Trek Gorillas in Uganda long before others did.  We provided the Gorilla Habituation Experience when it was still a pilot test program. We quit offering budget and shoestring safaris to concentrate on quality rather than quantity offering midrange value-plus and luxury Safaris.

At the same time, Affordability remains on our minds. It is reflected in having a functional office, streamlined staff. Our means of selling was and is E-Tourism, we do not attend International Trade Show, do not have overseas offices – when you deal with us you are dealing directly with a Ugandan Tour Operator. The result is affordability and on the ground, in-country knowledge and expertise.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris -under the Hood- a functioning Engine

Two Men – poles apart when it comes to personal interests and motivations but share one passion – Uganda – the Pearl of Africa and for over a decade together they have made real the safari dreams of Clients from around the world.

About Us - We focus on Creating Memorable Safaris Jon Blanc

Jon is an American, born and raised in Germany, living in Kampala – Uganda, hails from Birch Bay – Blaine along the Puget Sound in Washington State, USA, enjoying Africa since 1992 initially working in Humanitarian Development in South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda after the Genocide.  He comes from a diverse background in Sales and Marketing, Public Speaking, Story Teller and Writer, Luxury Boutique Bed and Breakfast Experience, Hiker, Conservationist- student of African Life, History, and Culture focusing on Uganda and Rwanda. is his creation. The site began in 2002 with insights into life, culture, traditions, history in East Africa. The Swahili “kabissa”  meaning complete, hence became the choice since it sounded similar.

Safaris are his Hobby, the Pearl of Africa, his passion, and his favorite pastime is introducing first-time travelers to Uganda. To its natural wonders, welcoming and friendly people, culture, and traditions.

About Us - We focus on Creating Memorable Safaris Geoffrey Mugambwa

Partner in Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – brings over 20 years of Safari Experience – Ugandan born and raised – yet thoroughly familiar with the needs of clients from around the world.

Geoffrey knows Uganda and Rwanda, from parks to every road, whether paved or dirt. He is also very familiar with the wildlife in each park and wildlife reserves. His years of experience in the tourism industry make him a treasured member of the Kabiza Wilderness Safaris team, and much of the success of the company is due to his knowledge and influence on the driver guides.

Geoffrey loves his country, loves Africa – the preservation of the treasures such as primates and wildlife that are found here. To him, the safari business is not a career or job – but a passion – His one weakness – British Premier League Football.

About Us - We focus on Creating Memorable SafarisBrenda Sempungu

Brenda, creative, innovative, thorough with over 10-years of experience creating Safaris in Uganda.

At Makerere University, it was not tourism but psychology, giving her an understanding of what clients coming from around the world wish for on a Safari.

The mother of twins, she knows all about needs and how to creatively meet them. She creates Safaris that are innovative, beyond expectation.

Her knowledge of Uganda, its parks, and lodges allow her to create a memorable Hakuna Matata-No-Worry Safari.

Brenda knows Uganda, but more importantly, she is passionate about the country that shows in her emails and Itineraries.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris for your Safari?About Us - We focus on Creating Memorable Safaris

The number of Safari Tour Operators merely is overwhelming when you are searching for the right Tour Operator for your Safari.   We have time, experience, history on our side.  We know what we can or cannot do and will tell you if we are not the right match for your needs. With us, the goal is a memorable Safari in the Pearl of Africa for you.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is an authorized and fully licensed and tax-paying Uganda Tour Operator. We have a regular Business License, Kampala City Business Licensed, and, most importantly, are licensed and approved by the Uganda Tourism Board (License UTB/TT/82445). Kabiza Wilderness is a member of AUTO-Association of Ugandan Tour Operators and partner with the Uganda Wildlife Authority in the sales and promotion of Gorilla Permits. is one of the most copied websites in Uganda. Rival Tour Operators have just copied and pasted whole pages including pictures. We used to take time to complain. We have given up since it it too time-consuming. We now take it as a compliment.

Uganda, Know before You Go. Get to know the Pearl of Africa before you arrive. We have become one of the most visited Informational Travel-Tourism Sites for Uganda. We give you current, freshly updated information. Uganda, Know Before You Go.  Use our Site Search, and most likely, you will find the answer. 

Here is what one of our Clients wrote, No other tour organizer begins to share the wealth of information on their websites as you do. It helps answer a lot of questions-I have revisited the different topics multiple times, and it has also helped put my husband at ease.

Another Client wrote, “I chose Kabiza Wilderness Safaris because I came across their incredibly helpful blog posts on gorilla trekking and found them to be straight forward and incredibly helpful. Even if you choose to go with someone else- read some of Kabiza’s content, and you’ll have a better trip.”

What our Clients say about us

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – we know Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – we live and work here.

About Us - We focus on Creating Memorable Safaris