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A Dugout Canoe Safari on Scenic Lake Bunyonyi

Posted by on February 9, 2017

Take a Dugout Canoe Safari on Scenic Lake Bunyonyi with its 29 Islands

Explore Scenes from Lord of the Rings in a Dugout Canoe on Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda

An unforgettable idyllic journey – A Dugout Canoe Safari on Scenic Lake Bunyonyi, Island Hopping A Dugout Canoe Safari on Scenic Lake Bunyonyiand Exploration, Birding, Village Visits, from half-day, full-day, overnight dugout canoe trips. Explore Scenes from Lord of the Rings in a Dugout Canoe on one of Africa’s most scenic lakes – scenes as Lonely Planet states  scenes that remind one of Lord of The Rings.

Discover the lake, some of its 29 islands, the Rutinda Market, the people that live here all in an ancient like dugout canoe.  Take an experiential adventure dugout canoe trip on the lake to its islands from a few hours to an overnight trip that includes a stop on one of the islands as you are on your dream safari with us in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

While paddling or being paddled on Lake Bunyonyi you do not have to worry about Hippos and Crocodiles, they are  not here on this pristine and scenic lake where everything travels by dugout canoes to the islands, including people, produce, meat, sodas and beer.  Where even the school bus is a dugout canoe, still made in the ancient ways of old.

A Dugout Canoe Safari on Scenic Lake Bunyonyi.  Lake Bunyonyi in Southwest Uganda is one of the most beautiful places in Uganda.  Most come here to relax and chill out after a day or two of Gorilla tracking, Volcano climbing , or being for days on the Safari trail in Uganda.A Dugout Canoe Safari on Scenic Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyio offers various activities,  one of those activities is a Dugout Canoe Exploration Safari on Scenic Lake Bunyonyi, island hopping where you can visit and discover some of the 29 islands that dot Lake Bunyonyi. Meet the people who live on the islands and create new friendship – discover Islands with tales of their own such as Prison Island and other.

Spend a relaxing day at the “Place of Little Birds” (that is what Bunyonyi means) paddling a dugout canoe in the same way as it has been done for hundreds of years here and along other lakes such as Lake Mutanda in Uganda.

A dugout canoe safari is a journey back in time in a dugout as times of old, but it also is a journey in the present moment.  In a world of much activity and noise, a day away from it all, the only sounds being that of birds, and the paddles dipping into the water – a day or two that you will not forget for a long time to come.

Guided Dugout Canoe Safari Tours of Lake Bunyonyi can be organized as full day safaris, or you can choose a half day on Lake Bunyonyi in a hollowed tree dugout canoe, most likely something that you cannot experience in your country but you can do so at Lake Bunyonyi in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

A Dugout Canoe Safari on Scenic Lake BunyonyiTake a picnic lunch from your lodge, some soda, or even at bottle of champagne and have lunch at a choice island location on Lake Bunyonyi.  One of the things you will notice on the lake, on many of its islands is the quietness and stillness, the tranquility all around, except when you visit one of the inhabited islands where you will be greeted in the gracious Ugandan fashion.

Must things to have with you are your camera and a pair of binoculars so that you do not miss a thing on your Lake Bunyonyi Dugout Canoe Safari Adventure. On the practical side of things, sunblock lotion, insect repellent, a daypack, about 2 liters of bottled water, some granola bars, packed lunch, juice, soda, or a bottle of wine for a romantic lunch on one of the Lake Bunyonyi Islands.

At the end of the day return to your lodge, have a crayfish dinner, sit overlooking the lake and reflect on the day on Africa’s Scene from “Lord of the Rings,” Lake Bunyonyi in a dugout canoe.  Lake Bunyonyi has no hippos and no crocodiles and no bilharzia, it is however a very deep lake with a quick drop-off from the shore- for those canoeing for the day here we recommend  a life-vest just to be on the safe side – most of all enjoy Lake Bunyonyi…

If you are interested in a Dugout Canoe Safari on Scenic Lake Bunyonyi – please contact us.