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5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari

Posted by on November 19, 2019

 Luxury Nature Enthusiast Adventure Safari in Mgahinga Gorilla

For the Serious and Active Nature Enthusiast – the 5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari

5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure SafariThe 5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari takes place in Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda. If you are a Trekker, Hiker, Climber, one with an adventurous spirit, then this 5-Day Fly-In Adventure Safari is for you.

This is the LuxuryExtreme Version for an Outdoor Enthusiast Safari that includes Volcano Climbing, Hikes and Treks. You can even add a day of wooden dugout canoeing on nearby Lake Mutanda.

Staying at the comfortable luxury Mount Gahinga Lodge will provide more than adequate comfort for this 5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari.

The Safari begins and ends in Entebbe. You Fly to Mgahinga Gorilla Park with Aerolink Safari Airlines. Incoming and outgoing Lodging in one of Entebbe’s comfortable upmarket Hotels can be included at your request.

5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari Highlights5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari

  • Gorilla Trekking with 600 USD Permits in Mgahinga Gorilla Park – Porter assistance is included
  • Visit with the Batwa People – the First People of the Forest can be arranged in or out of the park.
  • Golden Monkey Trekking
  • Volcano Climb – Mount Gahinga – Mount Muhavura or Mount Sabinyo
  • A visit with the indigenous Batwa People
  • Stay at the Exclusive Mount Gahinga Lodge for 4 nights 
  • Add-Ons such as Dugout Canoeing are available
  • Save over 1,200 USD per Person Trekking in Uganda including the savings on Lodging
  • Porter and Walking Sticks included for the Gorilla Trek & Volcano Climb
  • Land-Cruiser Safari Vehicle

5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari in Detail

5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure SafariDay 1 – Fly to Mgahinga Gorilla Park

You 5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari in Uganda begins. We pick you up at your Entebbe area Hotel and take you to Entebbe International Airport to check in with Aerolink Airlines. 

Aerolink uses a Cessna Grand Caravan for this flight. Your Luggage weight limit is 15-Kilos. Wear your hiking gear for the flight in order to reduce luggage weight.

The Flight to the town of Kisoro departs Entebbe at 7:00 am and arrives at 8:20 am in Kisoro. There your personal driver-guide will meet you and take you to Mount Gahinga Lodge, which will be your home for the next four nights.  The drive-time to Mount Gahinga Lodge from the airfield is one-hour.

Afternoon Activity Choices offered by Mount Gahinga:  

You can choose between Caldera Walk which is a scenic hike where you see a volcanic caldera that is farmed inside 5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safariand out. You can visit the Gahinga Batwa Village that was built by the lodge for the Batwa who are conservation refugees.

There is also the Batwa Heritage Trail that the lodge offers. Here you see how the first people of the forest lived in harmony with nature.

The Batwa are hunters-gatherers. They did not have villages but lived as forest nomads moving with hunts and the seasons.

The Batwa most often do a cultural performance at the lodge in the evening entertaining the guest and making them aware of their culture.

Lodge: Mount Gahinga Lodge

Meal Plan: Lunch – Dinner

5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure SafariMount Gahinga Lodge – The Lodge for your Safari:

Mount Gahinga Lodge is an exclusive upmarket Lodge with an upmarket price tag. If you choose to trek Gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla Park, this is the Lodge for you. The Lodge will be where you stay for 4 nights enjoying the Hospitality and comfort of this one of a kind lodge.

It is located near the Park Headquarters with views of the Virunga Volcanoes and Lake Mutanda just from a scenic point of view, this Lodge is priceless.

The Cottages come with a cozy fireplace, it gets a bit nippy here at night, down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius. Luxury showers, large bedroom with a sitting area, delightful food, and excellent service at a lower price since Mgahinga Gorilla Park is off the radar for many a visitor Uganda. Non-Premium Drinks are complimentary during your stay, one massage is also offered to guests.

New in July of 2018 is the new exclusive Banda – Cottage now available for you to choose.

The Exclusive Luxury Mount Gahinga Lodge is your best choice for Gorilla Trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Day 2- Gorilla Trekking5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari

An early Breakfast – the right equipment and clothing for your Trek. Further Trekking Information that will make this day a Success is found here. We suggest a day pack, packed LunchLunch from the Lodge, two liters of water, long trousers, longsleeved shirt, hat, boots, thick socks, and tough gardening gloves. All this is not for a fashion statement but your protection against nettles, thorns, brush, and branches.

We suggest that you use a porter. The cost of one,20 USD, is well worth it. The porter carries your daypack, and this frees you to enjoy the Trek. We also suggest a local walking stick that steadies you on at times on slippery Trails.

Gorilla Trekking is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most, and we do everything that we know to make the day a successful one

After the Gorilla Trek, most want to relax and think or talk over with others their trekking experience and meeting with the Mountain Gorillas.


Suggestion: Be sure to pack a sweater; the temperature here at night is 10-degree Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Fireplaces are in your rooms at Mount Gahinga Lodge. The elevation is about 2,100 meters above sea-level

Lodge: Mount Gahinga Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast -Lunch – Dinner

Day – 3 Volcano Climb:

Breakfast, and you will need to have a packed lunch, a day pack, snacks such as granola bars or dried fruit and nuts, two liters of bottled water. We provide you with a walking stick, bottled water, and the services of a porter. Volcano Climb gear should include a waterproof daypack, boots, long trousers, longsleeved shirt, a rain jacket or poncho, and a hat.

Here are the three Volcanoes you can climb in Mgahinga Gorilla Park:

5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure SafariMount Gahinga (3,474 meters): 

The word Gahinga means a pile of stones in English. You will see piles of rocks in the gardens and farms below Mount Gahinga that the people clear from their fields and put into collections at the edge of their fields.

Mount Gahinga is not a little stone, but being a neighbor to Mount Muhavura, it is a little brother.

To climb Mount Gahinga takes about 6 hours round trip and that is the beautiful thing about all the volcanoes located in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.- they are one-day climb-hikes

A porter can be used to assist you with your daypack. You should have enough bottled water, snacks, and packed LunchLunch with you. Always have a rain jacket on hand.

 Mount Muhavura (4,127 meters):5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari

Mount Muhavura also called Mount Muhabura, which means the Guide because it is seen from far and wide and stands like a beacon, a point reference for, merely the Guide.

This cone-shaped Volcano rising above the other two in Uganda gives some of the best views around. The scenic views take in the Virunga Volcanoes, Lake Edward and Lake George in Queen Elizabeth Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the Rwenzori Mountains. 

This is the tallest Volcano at 4,127 meters above sea level. It looks awesome and it is no wonder it is called “the Guide.” In 2019 a seven-year-old Uganda climbed it with his father. Meaning the climb is doable for most who are in reasonable Shape.

5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari Mount Sabinyo (3,645 meters): 

Mount Sabinyo (Sabyinyo) is also called “Old Man’s Teeth.” That is because its jagged like an old man’s teeth might be. Mount Sabinyo’s top has become jagged, eroded over time, and the elements. There are three challenging peaks – the views are well worth it, for most, it is merely a fantastic Climb with incredible Views on a clear day.

A moderate level of fitness or better is required. Once you reach the final peak can step into the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and back into Uganda. This all without your passport being stamped by any of those countries.

The Volcano can only be climbed from the Ugandan side and not in Rwanda or DR Congo. Ladders that are fastened to the mountain allow you traverse some of the tight spots along the hike.

Mount Sabinyo is the favorite Hike -Climb. It is the longest climb with eight hours being needed to complete it. There are three peaks that you scale climbing it. Most Hike-Climbs are over by 5 pm in the afternoon.

Lodge: Mount Gahinga Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast -Lunch – Dinner

Day- 4 – The Batwa Trail or Golden Monkey Trekking- Your Choice?


Batwa Trail:5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari

This is with the original people of the forest. The Batwa Pygmies who have lived in this area for thousands of years, leaving a low ecological footprint, only taking what they needed to live on. They gathered medicinal herbs, roots, berries, and fruit, hunted to survive, and lived in small shelters.

Today you learn of their ancient ways as they lead you into the forest and show you as to how they once lived before they were evicted from the forests in 1991

The Batwa Trail is also one way where the traditional cultural methods are kept alive for the next generation. The walk also produces needed income for the Batwa Community in the area, and then there are generous tips left by Visitors with them,

The trail ends up in the Garama Cave, where you hear the mournful cries of the women as they lament what has been lost.

5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure SafariGolden Monkey Trekking:

Mgahinga Gorilla Park is home to about 3,000 endangered Golden Monkeys. The Golden Monkeys only reside in the Virunga Massif, and the park is part of that. 

This is a guided trek with rangers and very similar to the Gorilla Trek in that you visit a habituated group of Golden Monkeys. 

There will be about 100 Golden Monkeys in the Group. You will hear them before you see them. They are active and will be all around you. You will see them above you and on your sides.

The Golden Monkeys live in the Bamboo Forest Zones of the Virunga Volcanoes. The Trek is about four-hours long.

You can relax in the Afternoon or do one of the activities offered by the lodge.

Lodge: Mount Gahinga Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast -Lunch – Dinner

Day 5 – Fly to Entebbe from Kisoro

Early breakfast and you off for the Kisoro Airport. Your Aerolink Flight will take you to Entebbe, where you arrive at 11:30am. 

Meal Plan: Breakfast 

The Perfect Add-On to this Safari:

Relax, Chill Out and Unwind at Chameleon Hill Lodge overlooking Lake Mutanda and the Virunga Volcanoes. This is a5-Day Luxury Fly-In-Gorillas-Volcanoes-Golden Monkeys Adventure Safari luxury lodge with a million-dollar view. The third best “Must Photograph” place in the World. This is the perfect setting for a night or two of relaxation before flying out of Kigali, which is only a short drive of 2-hours plus from here.

Chameleon Hill Lodge is like a colorful Fairy Tale Castle overlooking the Lake. Each cottage has an unobstructed view of the Lake, the islands, and volcanoes. The food is excellent, the beer and soda are cold, and the view is breathtaking.

A Client of ours wrote to us that Lake Mutanda was the most beautiful Lake that he had ever seen. He was a World Traveler and discerning one at that.

A day or two at Chameleon Hill Lodge will help you to wind down after this 5-day Adrenaline Pumping Adventure in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.


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