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3 Day Moderately Priced Murchison Falls Park Wildlife Safari

Posted by on May 31, 2019

3 Day Murchison Falls Park Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Three Days of Wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda on this Value+ moderately Priced Safari

Murchison Falls National Park is your best3 Day Moderately Priced Murchison Falls Park Wildlife Safari all-around park for a three-day  moderate  wildlife safari that gives you the best of Uganda on Game Drives – Lions – Elephants- Giraffes – Buffaloes -the  Boat Safari on the Nile with Hippos – Crocodile – Water Birds and the Murchison Falls Hike – and Rhino Tracking  on this 3-day Safari to Uganda’s Best all-around Wildlife Park.

A 3-Day Compact Wildlife Safari with Rhino Trekking gives a Big-5 Safari and you can add-on Chimpanzee Trekking in Budongo Forest.  This Safari optimizes what you can see in the Pearl of Africa and compacts into just three days.

Murchison Falls National Park is the only park in Uganda where you can see the Big-5 on a 3-day mini-safari. Murchison Falls is your best option in Uganda for a 3-day Wildlife Safari where you get the maximum return in regards to seeing wildlife. You can make it a comfortable 5-Safari by staying one night at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and another in Bundongo Forest where you track chimpanzees.

The perfect Value+ Mid-Range Wildlife Safari in Uganda with add-on possibilities such as Chimpanzee Trekking in Budongo Forest.

Day 1 – Travel to Murchison Falls Park:

Depart Kampala on your Murchison Falls Park Wildlife Safari at 6:30 am heading for the largest National Park in Uganda – Murchison Falls Park.  It is 6 hours from Kampala, but the trip is well worth the drive.  There are lots to see as you head north through towns such as Luweero, Masindi, and see the green landscape, hamlets, villages, small towns, roadside vendors selling their food and drinks.  It just does not get boring

At Murchison Falls Park we check into Pakuba Lodge after crossing the Nile by ferry.3 Day Moderately Priced Murchison Falls Park Wildlife Safari

Late afternoon we are off for the first game drive where you can see lions, elephants, giraffes, antelopes of all types, warthogs, buffaloes.  There are also many Savanna Birds that you will come across

The vehicle has a pop-up roof so that you can stand and take better pictures.  The windows are not closed and open fully.  We do only private safaris, so the number of people depends on the size of your group.

Your Driver- Guide and a Uganda Wildlife Ranger will point out the animals that you might not miss them

Back to your lodging and there is nothing like a sunset over the Nile.

Meal Plan:  Lunch – Dinner

Lodge: Pakuba Lodge

Murchison Falls Park Wildlife SafariPakuba Lodge – Moderately Priced near Game Drives:

Pakuba Lodge is your best mid-range lodge option.  The location is the reason, it is located on the Wildlife Side of the River Nile, near the ferry crossing and the boat launch rides up and down the River Nile.

The lodge has a lot of wildlife that passes through it, there is a swimming pool for you to enjoy and Air-Conditioning is an option at extra cost.

The lodge has 30 rooms, provides sumptuous meals and the rooms are comfortable, and a family option is also provided.  The lodge has the unique distinction that in its distant past it was the northern State House for Idi Amin.

Day 2 – Murchison Falls Park:

Early morning breakfast and off you are for another game drive across the savanna, along Lake Albert Delta, abundant wildlife as you move slowly as the sun rises.  Welcome to Africa.  What you are sensing and feeling, seeing around you cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, this is Murchison Falls Park with its birds, lions, leopards, elephants, hippos, buffaloes, warthogs, giraffes, humorous appearing warthogs. This is Africa, and you are on safari in the heart of it – Uganda.

After lunch, it is one of the highlights of your Murchison Falls National Park Safari, the boat safari trip up the Nile River. You are slowly moving along the river bank viewing crocodiles, an abundance of hippos, elephants, buffaloes, 3 Day Moderately Priced Murchison Falls Park Wildlife Safariantelopes, lots of birds including the fish eagle, storks and so much more. The boat moves gently up the river and stays on the left-hand side so that you see most of the animals who come to the river.  Herds of Elephants cooling off, Hippopotamus frolicking, crocodiles just dozing in the African sun.

Then before you is Murchison Falls – the most powerful waterfall in the World.    The River Nile is 50 meters wide above the falls, moves down through a 6-meter gorge and falls 43 meters, the sound is loud, and the sight makes one realize how dynamic nature can be.

Close by. There is a bank on the river filled with Nile crocodiles basking in the afternoon sun, just down from there you can see a group of hippos frolicking in the water of the Nile.  There are thousands of hippopotamus to be found here, birds in abundance.

At the bottom of the falls disembark and take the guided hike up along the most powerful waterfall in the world – Murchison Falls.  You will be cooled down with some mist from the falls to keep you comfortable.  At the top of the falls, you are met by your driver guide, and you will cross the Nile by ferry and head back for Fort Murchison for dinner and rest. This is the same trail that Winston Churchill used in 1907 when he visited the Falls and came down it


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 3 – Murchison Falls Park – Return to Kampala:

Morning and breakfast and a last morning game drive with Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger and 3 Day Moderately Priced Murchison Falls Park Wildlife Safarieach game drive are uniquely different.

After the game drive, we cross the Nile by ferry, and we head for Masindi where stop at the Masindi Hotel, the hotel was built in 1923 and is the oldest hotel in Uganda. It is here where Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn stayed while making “The African Queen,” for lunch and continue afterward to Kampala stopping first at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Here with a Ranger, you go on foot for a Rhino Trek- this is about 1 1/2 hours long, and you come into proximity with the Rhinos.

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch

Other activities that can be added – Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest Boomu Village Visit

This Wildlife Safari includes all activities listed, a safari vehicle with Super Custom Van with pop-up roof, bottled water in the car, all entrance fees, full- board except drinks, such as sodas, beer, wine, tips, laundry.

Enjoy your time on this 3 Day Murchison Falls Park Wildlife Safari, and you will understand why in the last few years Murchison Falls Park has become the most visited Parks in Uganda, a variety of wildlife including the endangered Rothschild Giraffes that are growing in numbers here.

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