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Young Children on a Family Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on December 1, 2016

Taking Young Children on a Family Safari  in Uganda – Rwanda

When are Children old enough to take on an African Wildlife Safari?

Taking Young Children on a Family Safari, children as young as or below?  We have had children Young Children on a Family Safariof all ages on a Family Safari, especially in Uganda where there is a lot more to do and see beyond Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees.  In fact, the majority of Kid Friendly Family Safaris have been with children below 6 years old.

Preschoolers love to venture into the Wildlife Parks, see Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Gazelles, hippos and crocodiles.

Young Children, on a family Safari, may have been in a Zoo, but there is nothing like seeing them in the Wild of Africa, in Uganda or Rwanda.  The best Park for a Kid – Friendly Family Safari is Murchison Falls Park.  Preschoolers, Toddlers love an Authentic Safari, staying at a lodge, or tented lodge, enjoying the tropical sun, with their parents on Safari.

Young Children on a Family Safari creates family memories, not soon forgotten. Uganda and Rwanda provide the kid-approved-parent-approvedperfect setting for your family tour in Africa.  There are no restrictions for children at most lodges, and the activities in parks except for Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking.  Uganda is Family Friendly and that includes young children.  Children under 5 years old have no daily park entrances and receive discounts, especially when sleeping in the same room or cottage with parents.  In Uganda, Children are fully approved to go on a wildlife safari and with 8  parks that they can visit with their parents,  We come up with alternative activities for the Kids if you want to trek gorillas or chimpanzees which will give you the best of both world, you are with your Children and you can see the Primates in the wild.

Our Kid-Friendly Safaris are not just what Children Love – They are loved by the Parents.

Practical Information for Parents taking their young Children on Safari

My-children-are-too-young-to-go-on-SafariMy Children are too young – they are not going to gain anything from an African Safari?

Sit down and see what you are children are watching on TV – Diego and Laura the Explorer who take them to far away places including Africa triggering your children’s imagination – you just might be surprised as to how many children’s programs take your children to Africa on a safari via the television screen.

Children are some of our most excited guests on safari – they absorb Africa and become immersed in it, taking in the sights, sounds, smells in a way that most of us adults cannot.

A family safari in Uganda is a time of discovery and learning unlike any classroom in your home-country. A family safari is a learning experience , cultural encounters with children of their own age as they discover the irresistible Pearl of Africa – Uganda or Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills.

africa-is-no-place-for-families-with-childrenAfrica is no place to take a Family with Children on Vacation:

Wherever you are – wherever you go – you need to take safety precautions and you do so on a family safari in Uganda or Rwanda.  I have always said and written -have  “the safest place to be in Uganda is on a Safari.”

The reality is that Uganda and Rwanda are two of the safest and most secure countries in Africa.  The lodges and Tented Camps you might stay in while on Safari are guarded 24 hours per day.  In the parks of Uganda, there are not only the Uganda Wildlife Rangers but the Tourist Police and even the Army – there have been no security related issues encountered by visitors on Safari in 17 years.

There is also your driver-tour guide who will take all measures to ensure your family’s wellbeing and safety.  As far as danger from wildlife – we never had a client be injured- attacked by wildlife while on safari.  Our Guides are not mere drivers but guides skilled with children, customer service orientated – and will take care of every need your family may have.

Safaro-Outfits-for-ChildrenPreparing your young Children for an African Safari in Uganda or Rwanda:

It is time to get your children excited for a Kid Friendly Safari in the heart of Africa.  This is easily done by parents having to watch their children “Dora the Explorer” on the Nickelodeon Channel, the “Lion King” part one, National Geographic Channel, reading them story books about a safari and more.

Avoid the color blue, except jeans, they are fine, stick to neutral colors, they are best in avoiding flies, mosquitoes.

Take them shopping for the Family Safari and buy them a few outfits that include a safari hat, long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, a light rain jacket and some light hiking boots.  If they are old enough, include a simple camera, binoculars for children.

Your-children-will-get-boredMy Children are going to get bored and we probably will too: 

Africa` is simply too exciting to be bored. You and your children something new at every turn of the road.   The activities we will prepare for your family take your interests, hobbies and activities in mind and create a time in Africa you will enjoy.

Our Safari Guides will teach your children how to track animals, even some bush survival tips (depending on age).  There are the school visits, dance, drumming lesson, visits with the traditional healer, horseback riding on a Somali Pony on a private sandy beach island, or take a family float down the River Nile.

Most children, no matter what the age, cannot wait to go on the next game drive, cannot wait to go on the next boat safari – they are simply too excited to be bored.

cut-down-on-long-drive-timesFamily Safaris are designed with short Drive – Times:

There can be long drive times, going on safari.  We break your safari in such a way, that your children are not on the road a maximum of 3-hours.  Game Drives, unlike in other East African countries start a short distance from the Family-Friendly Lodge you are staying at.

We will have fruit snacks in the vehicle, including juice and water. Car seats are provided and even a stroller if needed.  Most of all, you will have a kid friendly driver-guide with a lot of experience with families and young children.

Air Conditioning will be available when needed for the comfort of your family.

An African SUganda-means-roughing-itafari means roughing it – plus a lot of strange Bugs:

An African Family Safari is certainly not like in the days of old. There is no roughing it – unlike going camping in a National Park in North America – today’s family safaris are filled with all the comforts of home plus more.

You do not have to cook, do your children’s laundry, use sleeping bags and sleep on the ground.  Even if you are sleeping in a tent – it is a furnished tented cottage on a wooden platform with a deck – furnished – with bathroom attached in the back and some of those tents are simply amazing – luxurious comfort beyond compare. All Lodging on Family Safaris comes with the en-suite bath.

All beds will have mosquito netting.  We recommend that you wear long trousers, socks to protect your ankles, avoid the color blue and black and stick to neutral colors.  Wear long-sleeved shirts and use insect repellent – if you can order (internet) the Australian RID you will find that it gives you a complete protection against insects while on Safari. (A children’s formula is available)

While-you-are-gorilla-trackingWhat about my Children when we go Gorilla or Chimpanzee Tracking?

Once again this is something we anticipate and have a plan for.  At Kibale Forest while you go Chimpanzee tracking Our Kid Friendly Tour Guide takes your children to an alternate forest exploration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority that teaches the children about the forest, monkeys, birds, butterflies found here in abundance.

At Bwindi Impenetrable Forest our Family Tour Guide will take your children on a village walk and a visit to the local school when in session-basket making, drumming, dance, activities of all kinds for the children.

For younger children, we engage Nanny services while you are gorilla tracking or chimpanzee tracking.

Driver-Guide-linkOur Driver Guides are not mere Drivers but Guides first: 

Our Driver-Guides bring more than at least 5 years experience leading safaris with families and children.  They have the experience, are child-friendly and have taken parents with their grandchildren and multi-generational families on a safari in the Pearl of Africa.

Only Tour-Guides including special children skills are chosen for our Family with children safaris. All Driver-Guides who take Families on Safaris have previous experiences with children, with families on safari.

Our driver guides are knowledgeable as to what children like on a safari and what they do not like. They are often quite educated, some of them have University Degrees, most of all they know how to deal with children and with parents who are concerned for their children.

family-friendly-lodges-UgandaWhat about Lodges – don’t they have age requirements?

We pick Family, Child-Friendly Safari Lodges where your children can enjoy themselves.  Up-Market Lodges provide the best settings for a family safari since most often they have a swimming pool to enjoy, have more activities and often there may be other children.

Chobe Safari Lodge located along the River Nile has turned out to be one of the favorite lodges for children and so has Mihingo Safari Lodge in Lake Mburo where children take special Bush-Craft courses

Up-Market tented camps provide a special setting for children and many of them have a swimming pool available for the family – larger lodges have a children’s pool where the children can enjoy themselves. Most of all we pick lodges with kid-friendly menus.

Family Safaris with Young Kids – One of our Specialties:

Kid-Friendly Safaris, are one of our specialties, something we excel in, since we are all Kids at heart. We see a family through the eyes of both the parents and the children.

We take your wishes and weave it into a Kid Friendly Safari in Uganda or Rwanda.  For Family Safaris with young children, we recommend using up-market, kid-friendly lodges that can adequately meet the needs of your family.

We want you to enjoy your time as a family in Uganda or Rwanda, a time of bonding and learning, experiencing new cultures, including children.

We will do our best to create a memorable Family Safari with young Kids in mind and it all begins with experienced Kid-Friendly Driver Guides who know how to deal with children on a Wildlife Safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

Please contact if you are interested in a Family Safari with young kids