What can I do to help the children of Africa?

What can I do to help a child in Africa

What can I do?

What can I do to help the children of Africa?

Assisting the Children of Africa

What can I do to help a child in Africa?  Is a question that I receive weekly in the form of emails from around the world.  I want to do something but I do not have much to give at this time but it always comes down to "What can I do to help a child in Africa."

Below are some ways that you can be of help to a child, or to children in Africa.  Most of the things are easily implemented and have long-term  consequences in the life of a child in Africa that lives in situations that most of us cannot even imagine.  But your help can impact a child in such a way that it can break out of the cycle of poverty, out of a slum into a life that has a future and a hope.  I know of many children that I have met over the last 16 years that today have jobs, families and live in nicer circumstances than they were in when I met them.  Someone such as you impacted their life with a helping hand and gave them the means to move beyond the present into a better and brighter future.

How you can be of help to the children of Africa

  • Become informed - on this website alone you will find lots of stories and pictures that give you some background into the plight of children in Africa.  Just click on the links below and you will find stories, accounts and more.

  • Form an African Children support group: This is easily done.  Find some like minded people have a get together where you brainstorm what you can do for children in Africa.  I can provide you with all the background information you might need to do so.

  • Have an African Child Informational Meeting: This can be done at church, Sunday School, Classroom, University Group or Civic Organization and I will provide you again with a slide-show, written material if needed.

  • Pen Pal in Africa:  Another effective way in finding out about life in Africa from an Africa.  This can be between child to child or adult to adults.

  • Raise Funds for Children in Africa:  A young girl in Spain send the contents of her piggy bank to me to help children in Africa.  It was extremely touching and heartwarming and showed me that what I was doing was the right thing and children benefited.

  • Sponsor a child in Africa:  Sponsor a child as a group or as an individual.

  • Send a Packet of books:  In the USA you can get a flat rate international envelope and send some books.  The envelope is reasonable around 11.50 USD and some children classics would be nice for children who come from a non-reading culture except for school exams.

  • Sent a toy to a child:  Most children in slums have no toys, a toy that you can fit into a flat rate envelope from the USA would be nice for them.

  • Send a donation:  You can send a donation of any size and it will be used fully for the children in Africa,  nothing taken out for administrative costs.

  • Visit  Africa-Uganda:  One of the best things to do is to visit Africa for yourself and meet the children where they live.

  • Visit a sponsored child in Africa:  This is fabulous way of falling in love with Africa and meeting your sponsored child or pick a child to sponsor.

  • Come to Africa on a Volunteer Work Trip or Short Term Mission Trip:  Thousands experience Africa in this manner.

One Person can Make a Difference!

Paul Botfield - a man with a vision and a dream to help Africa's children with their education. 

Where I used to live there is a school  that inn most parts of the world would be condemned, to me it looks like some old chicken stalls, 150 children go there every day to learn, to better themselves.  It is a private school costing 35 USD a term, school uniforms and shoes 15 USD, Sportswear around 8 USD and exercise books around 3 USD.  There are no text books to speak of, no library except one shelf.  The children come from families with little money and most kids do not bring any food to school.  Schoolbags, only a handful of children have them, pencils supplies and things of that nature, nearly non-existent.

One day I received an email from Paul Botfield who was on my newsletter mailing list read about Saint Andrews and offered to help by putting together School Packs for children in Africa such as for Saint Andrews.  He put his Project Africa 2009 on Facebook and  others have joined him in his vision, almost 100 of them...Yes, one person with a dream a vision, joining together with others can make a difference.  In the true Harambee spirit of Africa, the pulling together of people for the good of others...Paul Botfield in Australia is making a difference.  You can view his page here Africa Project

A few months back, I received an email from Romania...a young business man interested in Africa and doing something for two weeks while here.  On the 16th of August I met Razvan and Gabi.  Gabi is in advertising, neither one had a background with children but were quite aware of the deep needs here in Uganda.

I took them to Saint Andrew's School and they met the head master - they saw the dilapidated state of the school and put their own money to work restoring the outside walls of several classrooms and even repainting them, then painting the insides of two classrooms.  Hiring an artist to put the pictures back on the walls that had been there.

Though the children were on holidays, they came to see what was happening to their school with two Muzungus working there along with Ugandans making their school a better place. 

Razvan and Gabi have given of themselves and their resources, made friends in Uganda, made a difference in the lives of children.  Two men on their own, deciding to do something with lasting effects .  Thank you on behalf of the children and Teachers of Saint Andrew's Primary School in Kansanga, Uganda.

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Make a difference in the life of a childMake a difference in the Life of a Child: Visit Africa and give yourself. The children of Africa in PicturesAfrican Children Photo Album:  The pictures of Africa's Children tell their story. What can I do?What can I do?  There are many ways you can help a child in Africa.


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What can I do to help the children of Africa?

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