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Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees July-2020- June -2022

Posted by on November 2, 2019

 New 2020-20222 Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees

Uganda Wildlife Authority Park-Permit Tariff Effective July 1, 2020, through June 2022

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity FeesThe New Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees go into effect on July 1, 2020, and remain in effect until the end of June in 2022. The Tariffs are Conservation Fees that are used to conserve wildlife, primates, and parks for future generations.

Most Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs-Activity Fees remain the same, Gorilla Trekking Permits and some Chimpanzee Trekking Permits had a slight and measured increase making Uganda affordable for most visitors to the Pearl of Africa. 

The affordability factor in Uganda has kept the country competitive with other East African Safari Destinations such as Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Uganda, in part due to what fees pay for remains, a safe, secure, and guerrilla-free.

UWA Conservation Tariffs and Fees are an investment in conservation for future generations. an investment in the communities surrounding the parks and their future. 

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees July-2020- June -2022

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022

Gorilla Tracking Permits-Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits:

Effective July 1. 2020 Gorilla Permits for Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park will be $700 instead of $600. Foreign Residents, Expats with working permits pay $600 for a Gorilla Trekking Permit while citizens of East Africa 250,000 UGX.

This is a responsible, measured, and conservative increase of $100. Uganda remains the best value for safe Gorilla Trekking. The $700 Gorilla Permit is $800 less than in neighboring Rwanda.

The Gorilla Habituation Experience remains at $1,500. There is no increase. This is an all-day trek with more time with a Gorilla Family, something that many Primate Lovers choose to do. Foreign Nationals, Expats with work permits in East Africa pay $1,000 for the Permit. East African Citizens pay 750,000 UGX.

A marketing technique used by some Tour Operators is to offer a Gorilla Safari at a very low price. Read the fine print, and you will note that the cost of the permit is not included in the price.  In our opinion, that seems ludicrous. How can you offer a gorilla Safari without a Gorilla Permit? That is like buying a pepperoni pizza, but the pepperoni must be purchased separately.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022Chimpanzee Tracking Permits – Chimpanzee Habituation Permits:

Chimpanzee Permits increase to $200  in Kibale Forest National Park effective July 1, 2020. This is an increase of $50. Kibale Forest is the best location in all of East Africa for Chimpanzee Trekking and sightings are a relatively sure thing

The Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Permit increases $50 to $250. There is now a 6-hour time limit on this permit. It is no longer a full-day as it in the past. The Quality of this experience has been iffy, unlike Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest.

Chimpanzee Trekking in Kyambura Gorge remains at $50.  Here the daily park entrance is not included and is an additional $40 per day.

Chimpanzee Trekking in the Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve remains at  $30 and does not include the Daily Reserve Entrance Fee.

The best Chimpanzee Trekking Experience is found in Kibale Forest National Park. None of our Clients have ever missed seeing the Chimpanzees there.Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022

Please Note: Kalinzu Forest, the second-best Chimpanzee Trekking destination in Uganda, is not administered by the Uganda Wildlife Authority but Forest Ministry. It is best visited while staying on a Safari with us in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Japanese researchers have habituated chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest for over 20 years.

Kalinzu Forest is a viable alternative to hit and miss Chimpanzee Trekking in the famed Kyambura Gorge.

Budongo Forest is another location where excellent Chimpanzee Trekking can be done. It is located near Murchison Falls Park. It is the third-best Chimpanzee Trekking Location in Uganda.

The chimpanzees that are tracked in Budongo Forest are part of a research project by the Jane Goodall Organization and tracking here is a quality experience.

Golden Monkey Tracking Permits – Mgahinga Gorilla National Park:Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022

Golden Monkey Trekking will increase $10 to $60. That does not include the daily park entrance fee of $40.

The Golden Monkey Habituation Experience Permit will cost $100 plus $40 for the park entrance.

The tariffs will be in effect on July 1, 2020, and end on June 30, 2022.

Golden Monkey Trekking is popular with those that trek Gorillas in Mgahinga  Gorilla Park and the Southend of Bwindi Forest.

The Golden. They are an endangered species due to loss of habitat and that their production rate for unknown reasons is not adequate.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022Uganda National Park Entrance Fees:

Uganda’s National Parks attract visitors, both domestic and from countries around the world.  The daily park fees remain the most affordable in East Africa.

Non-Resident visitors pay a fee of $40 per day. The daily entrance is most often included in the price of most safaris.

The number one visited Ugandan park in 2019 was Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest of Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park was the second-most visited park in 2019.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was declared as the “Most Beautiful Place” in the World by CNN Travel. Mgahinga Gorilla Park was not left out and said: “the Third Must-Photograph Place” in the World.

The Remote, unvisited Kidepo Valley Park, has the distinction of being named by CNN Travel “The Third-Best Park in Africa.”

With awards for its Parks, it might surprise some that Uganda is maintaining park entrance fees at the current rates. Tourists from around the world will continue to pay $40 per day; children from five to fifteen will pay $20.

Entrance into Uganda’s National Parks remains a Value+ thing to do for Ugandans and visitors alike.

Guided Nature Walks and Hiking Fees in Uganda’s National Parks:Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022

One of the things that distinguish Uganda from other East African Destinations is that if offers more out-of-the-vehicle activities than other countries.

Most are familiar with Gorilla Trekking and chimpanzee Trekking, both in certain hiking activities, but there is more in Uganda.

CNN Travel placed Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as one of the best hiking trails in the world list.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers guide all Hikes in Uganda’s National Park. They are knowledgeable, will inform you, security-minded, friendly, and hospitable. They know the parks inside and out. They speak excellent English. Uganda is the Best English Speaking country in Africa.

On the fees for hiking that are posted here, one needs to add the daily park entrance as applicable.

Hopefully, the long-awaited Samuel & Florence  Baker Trail will be completed through Northern Uganda. A r=trail following Winston Churchill’s 1907 hike along the Nile would be something that someone might consider.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022Game Drives with Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger:

Game Drives are one of the highlights of a Wildlife Safari in Uganda. A game drive can be taken without a Ranger costing $20 per vehicle. It is not required but highly suggested. An informed, highly trained ranger gives a game drive that extra edge. First, the wealth of information a Ranger has about wildlife and then an added level of security. The ranger well-trained along with security guidelines such as a charge from an Elephant.

We use a ranger on all game-drives for our clients.  Between the driver-guide and the UWA Ranger, there is not much missed.

Boat Safaris with Uganda Wildlife Authority:Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022

Uganda Wildlife Authority offers various boating activities. The most popular ones are the Boat Launch Safaris. The Cost for a two-hour boat ride is $30.

The Murchison Falls National Park Boat Safari up the Nile River to the most powerful waterfall in the world, Murchison Falls. On this boat safari, one sees Elephants, Antelopes, Buffaloes, the enormous Nile Crocodiles, pods of Hippos. And a large number of birds.

The Kazinga Channel Boat Launch Safari takes place in Queen Elizabeth Park. This is a natural channel that connects Lake Edward to Lake George. The boat travels close to the shore so that you do not miss seeing the many hippos, crocodiles, hundreds of water birds, elephant herds, buffaloes and antelopes.

The third Wildlife Boat Launch Safari takes place in Lake Mburo National Park along the edges of Lake Mburo, where you see wildlife coming water, hippos, crocodiles, and several kinds of otters.

Other specialized boating Safaris are available out of the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve on Lake Albert. We think an ideal boat safari would be from the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve to Paraa on the Nile, especially if it were done as an overnight boat cruise.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022Mountain Activities in Uganda’s National Parks:

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees cover the Mountain Activities, as you can see on the chart.

Experiential Activities have become more popular with visitors to Uganda. Our clients are choosing to climb one of the three Volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

The three Virunga Volcanoes in Uganda area Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhavura, and Mount Sabinyo with its three peaks.


New Activities have been added this year, such as the Kidepo Lonyiti Summit Hike in Kidepo Valley Park. There is the Kinyampanika Chimp Trail in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains.

The Rwenzori Mountains of the moon remain an attraction for those looking for Alpeneering experience in Africa.  It is the tallest Mountain Range in all of Africa, more towering than the European Alps.

Mount Elgon lies in the East of Uganda and on it you will find the most massive intact Lake Caldera

John Muir said it best- “The Mountains are calling, and I must go.”

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022Batwa Cultural Experiences inside of Uganda’s National Park:

The Batwa People are the original people of the forest. They were the first inhabitants of much of Southwest Uganda. They are the indigenous people of the area that lived there long before others migrated to the area.

Today, you can see the forest through the eyes of the first people that lived here for thousands of years.

Inside of National Park, the Batwa Experience is offered on the “Batwa Cultural Trail” inside of Mgahinga Gorilla Park. The Fee is $80.

You can also do the Batwa Bwindi Experience in South Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. In Semuliki, there is another opportunity to see the forest through the eyes of its first people. The Fee in both parks is $40.

Outside of the Parks, there is the Batwa Experience in the Buhoma area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the Buniga Forest Walk.

Hands-On Experiential Tourism Activities in Queen Elizabeth Park:Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022

The Lion Tracking Research project jointly run by UWA and the Uganda Carnivore Project is the most popular of the experiential activities offered. It increases $100 from $50. This is effective July 1, 2020.  This involves tracking collared lions and Leopards on the Kasenyi Plains in the northern area of Queen Elizabeth Park.

The Banded Mongoose Research Project takes place on the Mweya Peninsula. This is a half-day on foot activity.

You are literally with a Band of Brothers and Sisters.  This research project is often quoted in journals by researches. It is one of those under-the-radar activities, most often missed. ?The cost is $30.

The Hippo Census happens infrequently and is announced beforehand.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees-Our Take:Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022


We think that the Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees that begin on July 1-2020 are fair. There were no dramatic increases. Most everything remained the same, except for Primate permits. Uganda remains a Value Plus Safari Destination in Uganda.

The permit and fee structure will remain in place until June 30, 2022. Uganda has not fiddled with the fee structure.

If you are booking a Safari with us, all fees and permits for activities are included in the price of the Safari.

Permits and activities are put onto scan cards, which are used as part of an electronic system that works well for all concerned.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to write to us.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs–Activity Fees  July-2020- June -2022U