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Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park Visits

Posted by on July 11, 2020

UWA Rangers – Keeping Uganda’s National Park Safe & Secure

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers equals to safe and secure National Park Visits for Tourists

Wildlife Authority Rangers -Keeping the Parks Safe and Secure for Visitors.  The Uganda Wildlife Authority Uganda Wildlife Authority RangersRangers are dedicated men and women committed to UWA’s Motto Conserving for Future Generation. Rangers wear many hats. They play the role of Conservationist, Protector of Parks and Visitors, Police Officers, Enforcers, Soldiers, Game Wardens, Educators to the local community as to how to live in harmony with wildlife and teaching Visitors about the natural Wonders they encounter Visiting the Parks.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers, like the police, protect and serve. They safeguard wildlife conserving it and the parks for Future Generations, and they protect visitors to the parks that are entering unfamiliar Territory to them and need someone capable of guiding and protecting them while Visiting the Parks.

At times Rangers have even given the ultimate sacrifice, their very lives in battles with poachers.  Most do not become Rangers because of Financial Gains but because they are principled men and women dedicated to preserving the natural wonders found in Uganda.

Uganda’s National Parks are Safe and Secure because of Uganda Wildlife Rangers.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers –Keeping Uganda’s National Park Safe & Secure

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsUWA Rangers – Add Security-Knowledge-Wilderness Wisdom to your Treks, Climbs, Hikes, Nature Walks:

You are in unfamiliar TerritoryTerritory when you are trekking Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys in Uganda. You do not see what a Ranger sees while hiking along a Nature Walk Trail. You need guidance climbing Volcanoes or the Mountains of the Moon. The Rangers bring years of experience and bring a lot of common sense to your safari experience in Uganda.

The absence of knowledge and common African wild sense of a UWA ranger could bring significant problems for the lone hiker, climber, trekkers.

Things such as warning you if danger is ahead of such as a snake, near a crocodile, hippo, common sense with UWA Ranger view and mission, which is to show you what you might miss, keep you safe and secure and create a great experience for you.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsUWA Rangers -Gorilla Tracking:

Your visit to the Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest has a lot of behind the scenes actors in the form of UWA rangers behind it.  There are the Pre-Trackers who head out looking for the Gorilla Group you are going to visit.

They also monitor the health and well-being of the gorilla families.  If any medical care is needed, they forward the information to the Gorilla Doctors.

UWA Rangers are the ones who lead visitors to the Gorilla Family that they are tracking.  Everything is done to make that safe and secure experience.

Ranger Tracker guides you to Gorilla, Golden Monkeys, and the chimpanzees.

It always comes down to Safety and Security, including Gorilla Trekking.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsUWA – Ranger – Marine Anti-Poaching Patrols:

The scene is late afternoon on Lake Albert bordering Murchison Falls National Park, and the view is peaceful, fishing boats not too far from shore, seemingly fishing for Tilapia and Nile Perch.

For many of those seemingly innocent fishermen, it is a cover, and as the night sets, their real purpose becomes apparent as they come to shore, unload their weapons, snares, etc.

The Marine Anti-Poaching Patrols monitor the so-called fishing boats and take action, such as arrests upon finding weapons, snares, and more.  The Anti-Poaching Boat Patrols have been quite successful in stopping poachers from approaching the Lake.

It is also the case in Queen Elizabeth on Lake Edward that borders DR Congo.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park Visits Uganda Anti-Poaching Patrols and Investigations:

Uganda Wildlife Authority is continuously in the news about the apprehension of poachers – poaching has been significantly reduced in Uganda with many species such as elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, gorillas growing in numbers.

Rangers are also involved in apprehending Wildlife Part Traffickers. Uganda is often as a Transit point for Ivory, Pangolin Scales, and other wildlife parts. Poachers ship ivory, rhino horns, and other wildlife from places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, to nearby Uganda. From here is shipped to other parts of the world, including the Kenyan port of Mombassa.

Poaching Patrols deal with both those killing wildlife for bush-meat, but also those who look at the value of a Hippo skin, ivory, pangolin scales, brown parrots, pangolin, turtles, monitor lizards, the list is endless, and the battle continues.

Stricter anti-poaching laws now exist and are enforced in Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park Visits Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers and local Community Relationships:

Uganda, like the rest of Africa, is expanding, Uganda is a small country, and its population needs land.  Communities and Wildlife Conflicts are frequent, squatters and land-grabbers are making their presence known.  UWA Rangers face many odds, including government officials, instead of conserving for future generations.

There is progress being made as to how local communities deal with human-wildlife Conflicts. They range from Beehive Fences for elephants to revenue sharing, from educating local communities how the parks do and can benefit communities, another hat that UWA Rangers often wear, that of a negotiator.

There is also the capture of Crocodiles, Snakes, and other reptiles and animals and transferring them to a park or wildlife reserve.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsUganda Wildlife Authority Rangers Preventing Human-Wildlife Conflicts:

Human-Wildlife Conflicts take place, and UWA Rangers play a vital role in blocking and preventing such conflicts. Conflicts where local communities might suffer.

UWA Rangers capture man-eating crocodiles and translocate them to Murchison Falls National Park. They are part of building electrical fences, Elephant Trenches. Beehive Fences.

They will also capture Lions, Leopards with tranquilizing guns and return them to the parks where they came from.

It is an essential part of being a UWA Ranger benefitting local communities. It also involves educating the communities as to how to live near National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsUganda Wildlife Authority Rangers – Conservation Efforts

“Conserving for Future Generations” is the Motto of UWA, and it is the rangers for a large part who make that happen.

The transfers of Rothschild (Uganda-Baringo) Giraffes from the north-side of Murchison Falls Park to Lake Mburo and the south-side of Murchison Falls Park is just one example.

The rare Roan Antelopes in Kidepo Valley Park is doing well and another proof that conservation works, even the harvesting the eggs from Ostriches enhancing chances of birth.

Conservation work done by rangers is a daily routine and includes dealing with Tourists whose entrance permit fees pay much of the conservation cost, something that is often not realized.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsUWA Rangers – Role Models for Future Generations:

Uganda Wildlife Rangers have become Role Models to Ugandan Children. It is not uncommon for Ugandan Children wanting to become Rangers. It is not about money. Rangers do not become rich. It is about serving as a Ranger conserving Uganda’s Natural Wonders, its National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.

Children are aware of the harm that poaching brings to Elephants, Primates such as Gorillas and Chimpanzees. Some may know about the abundance of wildlife that used to be in Uganda. They want to restore what was lost.

The Motto of Uganda is “For God and my country. Many Ugandan Children take that more to heart than the adults around them. They wish to serve the country by being Rangers and “Conserving for Future Generations.”

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsUWA Rangers – Paying the Ultimate Price:

The life of an Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger is not easy, and some pay the ultimate price for their service.

Poachers kill them, fall in traps set by poachers, shot by land-grabbers and squatters, attacked by animals of which buffaloes are the most dangerous, bitten by poisonous snakes and fall off cliffs and other dangerous places.

Uganda celebrates Heroes Day on June 9th each year, honoring those who have made a difference in the lives of Ugandans.

An appropriate memorial widows and orphans fund would be appropriate.  At this time, there is the annual UWA Marathon that assists orphans with schooling.

We in the tourism industry honor the men and women who daily put their lives on the line in their quest to conserve the Wild of Uganda for Future Generations. Some of them paying the Ultimate Price – strengthening the resolve of others to pick up their mantle and carry on their work.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsSupport UWA Rangers:

Rangers receive a Salary from Uganda Wildlife Authority. The salary is similar to what soldiers receive in the Ugandan Army.  By Western standards, the pay is meager. By Ugandan standards, it is low.

Rangers do not join UWA to become rich, but to serve. Many become Uganda’s often unsung heroes.

Rangers have families, children with needs ranging from school fees to medical care.

Visitors to Uganda on Safari use the services of service while Primate Trekking or on Nature Walks and Game Drives.

We suggest that you tip appropriately in an appreciative manner. Your thoughtful tip will empower a ranger to keep serving. See it as an investment in the life of a Ugandan. Care for Rangers Facebook Page

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means safe & secure Park VisitsUganda Wildlife Authority Rangers – it is all about your safety.”

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does Safaris in Uganda, and we are grateful to the dedicated Rangers who have done their part to make our Safaris safe, secure, and enjoyable for our clients.

We know the vital part that they play in protecting both parks and visitors.

There are many more things that rangers do, but this gives you an idea as to what is involved.

A UWA Ranger’s primary role is conservation; however, the one of Protection of Visitors is equally taken to heart.

Uganda’s National Parks are safe because of the Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers that protect them.