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Top Things to Do and See near and around Kampala

Posted by on December 22, 2019

Activities that you can do near and around Kampala

The Top Things to Do and See near and around Kampala that visitors like Best

Top Things to Do and See near Kampala, Kampala is the perfect location from which to access various Top Things to Do and Seeactivities and exciting places around and near Kampala.  Most of them are within a short driving distance of Kampala.  There are numerous activities one can do around Kampala, such as birding, nature walks, hikes, wildlife viewing, scenic wonders, and many other things as outlined below.  Enjoy your time exploring the Top Things to Do and See near and around Kampala.

Using Kampala as your base, you can explore a lot of territory from here. Here in the Central Region of Uganda, there are many places to explore. Places where your adrenaline will freely flow like Jinja on the Nile, places of Culture like Ssezibwa Falls, the magical Mabira Rainforest, the vast Mabamba Swamp, and more.

Just let us know what you want to see and do around Kampala, and we will include it in your safari with us. 

Please Note:  The Below Activities can be included in any of our Safaris.  We do not do Stand-Alone Day-Trips. 

Toward Entebbe

Top Things to Do and See near and around KampalaEntebbe Botanical Gardens

Entebbe Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to spend a day in tranquility with its exotic plants, paths to walk down, birding that you can do both in the Botanical Gardens and along Victoria.  Bring a picnic lunch and visit Entebbe Botanical Gardens over 100 years old.

We include Entebbe Botanical Gardens with many of our clients at the beginning of their safari. With the new expressway, the Botanical Gardens can be reached in less than one hour from Kampala.

A typical visit here is about 3 hours, but we can create a farewell picnic event for you, or you can have dinner at one of the many restaurants in Entebbe.  We always suggest one along Lake Victoria.

We do not offer stand-alone day trips but include Entebbe Botanical Gardens in our Safaris, where we either suggest a visit or our Clients request it.

Top Things to Do and See near and around Kampala Uganda Wildlife Educational Center

A visit to the Uganda Educational Center allows us to see much of the Ugandan Wildlife – it only includes walking along Lake Victoria – one can even stay overnight here.  The location is near Entebbe Botanical Gardens – so one can easily combine the two on a one day visit,

It may seem a bit odd to visit a Zoo when you can visit wildlife parks and see the animals in their natural settings.

The Zoo is primarily an educational facility, and you can readily see that by the number of school children that you will find here during the week found here.

The attraction for tourists is the hands-on Zoo Assistant programs offered here at reasonable prices and staying overnight right in the zoo.

Top Things to Do and See near and around KampalaA Day on the Beach:

A day at the beach: Spending a day on the Beach comes with a hook that you may not be told that Bilharzia is present in the waters of Lake Victoria. And that is especially true in waters close to shore, still waters and water near settlements of one kind or another.  If you do go ahead and swim in Lake Victoria, we suggest that you spray an insect repellent before entering the water of the Lake, dry yourself briskly with a towel when coming out of the Lake.

There are some beaches at a hotel in or near Entebbe where you can swim in a pool instead.  Enjoy sunning, playing a game of Volleyball, enjoy some food and drink but stay out of the water.  Ugandans will swim here without no effect in many cases, but there is that risk.

You are the one that has to choose.

Ngamba Chimpanzee Island Sanctuary:Top Things to Do and See near and around Kampala

Ngamba Chimpanzee Island is a favorite with most that come here by boat, and now one fly in – it is a unique place that visitors to Uganda love and one can stay overnight here and under certain conditions have interactions with Chimpanzees.

There is something about a Chimpanzee Island Sanctuary that strikes a chord with many visitors to the Island.

Even Jane Goodall is a regular visit to the Island – in the Primate world, it cannot get any better than to be Jane Goodall approved.

Chimpanzee orphans from near and as far away DR Congo find their way here.  It would be nice if more school children were brought here.

Upmarket overnight stays can be arranged for you, and there are not many that can say that they spend the night on Chimpanzee Island.

Toward Jinja, you can find the following Top Things to Do and See

Top Things to Do and See near and around KampalaSsezibwa Falls – Culture – Legends – Scenic Wonders 

Just a short drive from Kampala –a place of tranquility – a mixture of enriching nature, scenic wonders, culture and legends, nature walks, birding. A quiet place, especially during the week.

Ssezibwa Falls reflects the religious beliefs of many Uganda, including the esteemed Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament.

If you ask most Ugandans what faith they are, rarely would one say “traditional Beliefs.|   Most would tell you that they are Christian, maybe break it down to Church of Uganda, Catholic, Born Again, others would say Muslim.  A large number of Ugandans flock to Friday Prayer at Mosques and Church services on Sunday.  Some of those still practice the traditional beliefs of their forefathers.  One such site is Ssezibwa Falls, the Kabaka, the King of Buganda comes here.  Traditional Rites like blessings for fertility are still offered here.  People bring gifts of appeasement all in the shadows of the Anglican Church that owns the site.

Ssezibwa Falls. A blend of traditional Uganda with the new.  Legends, myths, traditional practices brought into Christianity or Islam.

Top Things to Do and See near and around Kampala Mabira Forest – a Rainforest at Kampala’s Doorstep 

Mabira Forest is just an hour from Kampala. It is the only rainforest in Central Uganda. A place of natural discover with nature trails, waterfalls, bubbling creeks. It is a perfect place for nature lovers, birders, and those that want to get away from it all for a day. You have the option of staying overnight at the exclusive Mabira Rainforest Lodge.

This ancient forest, the only rainforest in the Central area of Uganda, has been under constant threat for many years.

Illegal logging is the chief one now, but in the past, the government wanted to turn portions of the forest into sugar cane fields.

If it is not that, someone wants to run power lines through it.  The road that goes through it is another thing.

It is a place of relaxation, hiking and biking trails, activities, and enjoyment.

Top Things to Do and See near and around Kampala Jinja – the Adrenaline Pumping Capital of East Africa 

Jinja – the Adventure Capital, is a 1 1/2 drive from Kampala and activities abound – you can also spend a quieter there at the source of the Nile, Itanda Falls, the town of Jinja, and more.

If you want to have Adrenaline pumping adventures, then you need to heard East through Mabira Forest over the new Suspension Bridge to what seems a sleepy Jinja.

White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping into the Nile, Quad-Motor Biking, Horseback Riding along the Nile.

There are family raft trips, sunset cruises, fishing excursions, birding ventures, biking, hiking, visiting the Source of the Nile Park

Things to do and see in the Jinja, the Adrenaline Capital of East Africa. 

Heading West, you can find the following Top Things to Do and See

Top Things to Do and See near and around KampalaMabamba Swamp the Best Place for seeing Shoebill Storks 

Mabamba Swamp is one of the best places in Uganda to see the elusive shoebill stork. It is a short drive from Kampala or Entebbe to here, and you traverse the vast swamp lanes in a boat.

It is a one hour plus drive from Kampala – about the same from Entebbe, but you are most likely to see the rare shoebill stork you venture through the  Lake Victoria Swamp called Mabamba.

The swamp is best visited on the way to Western Uganda or coming from Western Uganda, especially Lake Mburo Park while you are on a Safari with us.

There is now a decent lodge nearby where one can have lunch and also spend the night in comfort.

Not only do you see the Shoebill stork but other Water Birds that are found here.

Mabamba Swamp is best for Shoebill Stork Sightings.

There are many other places one could list here. These are just a few of the areas around and near Kampala, where you can see and do things beyond the busy city life of Kampala.  Mostly – enjoy the Pearl of Africa.

Top Things to Do and See near and around KampalaThings to