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Spend a day at Sanyu Babies Home giving Back in Kampala

Posted by on November 27, 2018

Give yourself – Spend a day at Sanyu Babies Home

An eye opening day of transformation at Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala

Sanyu means happiness – the  circumstances as to how the children at Sanyu Baby home arrive there are mind Spend a day at Sanyu Babies Homeboggling – most of them are the throwaways of society – the last – the least – the lost. Found on the side of the road – pit latrines – rubbish bins – ditches – simply thrown aside in mindless manners. Babies – Children aching to be loved, needing care, abandoned by their birth mother. Hundreds of such children have been brought to Sanyu Babies Home over the  years where they receive the care and nurture they so deserve.

In 1929 a woman with heart Sister Milnes Walker – a midwife saw the need of abandoned children children – she not only saw the need, she in compassionate action did something about it and began Sanyu Babies Homes.  Today in the spirit Sister Milnes Walker that work at Sanyu Babies Home continues caring  for those tossed aside – abandoned.

The staff at Sanyu Babies Home give themselves tirelessly – not out of sense of pity – put of out compassionate action birthed by their faith in God caring for those  who others may have deemed worthless – they restore them in body soul and spirit 24 hours a day and deserve a deep respect for their tireless work of grace.

Giving Back on your Holiday in Uganda – Spend a day at Sanyu Babies Home

You can be with these children who are from just a few days old to 4 years of age – Spend a day with them – your heart  will be profoundly touched.  Assist in feeding, caring, teaching, nurturing.  If you are visiting Kampala– for whatever reason – take a day out of your schedule – bring some useful things for the children – one can be sure that a donation to Sanyu Babies Home would be most appreciated – but the children need something beyond Spend a day at Sanyu Babies Homepresents – they need presence – human touch and care – a day at Sanyu Babies Home would remain with you  for a long time to come – the images of babies, toddlers would be deeply imprinted in your heart – many who visit become a Friend of Sanyu Babies Home – a network that continues to act on behalf of the voiceless children and becomes a voice for them.

Travel is not just about scenery and wildlife – it is about people and in the case of Uganda it is also about children –Uganda is the youngest nation in the world with over half of the population being children and in this case is about the least and last thrown away children who have found a family at Sanyu Babies Home.  A visit to the home would actually benefit you more  than the children – since it reminds one how precious the gift of life is, how precious the life of a child is – a great opportunity – and who knows you just might be motivated to come back and stay at Sanyu Babies Home for a few weeks in the future.

Every child has a name and a story; everyone has the right to health, learning and protection, the right to their full potential and the right to participate in the shaping of their world”  UN Press Summary, The State of the Worlds Children 2002

Spend a day  at Sanyu Babies Home – you will receive a lot more than you will give and you might decide to spend longer than one day with the children of Sanyu Babies home.

More Sanyu Babies Home Information

Sanyu Babies HomeSpend a day at Sanyu Babies Home giving Back in Kampala

Sanyu Babies’ Home
14162 Namirembe Hill
P.O.Box, 14162,
Mengo, Kampala


Barbara Nankya Mutagubya (contact person)
Tel: +256 414 274 032
Mob: +256 712 370 950

If you like to Spend a day at Sanyu Babies Home while on safari with us in Uganda – let us know. This is a perfect way of giving back to the country that on Safari gave you so much. You can stay longer, they now have a guestouse for Volunteers.

Spend a day at Sanyu Babies Home giving Back in Kampala