Life in East Africa

Life in East Africa 

Here you will find lots of information on Africa. Country backgrounds from my own perspective on Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and also country information on Uganda and Kenya (Tanzania was not included since I did not live there).  You will learn what life is like, how people relate and more.  Read the story of  a young woman who is told she has AIDS, How Uganda has dealt with the AIDS scourge. How African families pull together in the spirit of Harambee, the plight of children, of women, pictures of all kinds of people and things, coming to Africa on a short term volunteer work project and lots more...jon

Insights into AfricaAfrica- A Westerner's Perspective: A look at Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Africa as whole. Uganda BackgroundUganda Country Information: Most only know that Idi Amin was president here.

Uganda One Man's perspectiveUganda-One Man's Perspective: A westerner's take on the country of Uganda.

Kenya One Man's PerspectiveKenya - One Man's Perspective:  A westerner's thoughts on Kenya.
Kenya Country InformationKenya - Country Information: One of the most visited countries in Africa - a country with rich history Children of AfricaChildren of Africa: Stories, pictures that touch the heart and soul.  Accounts of the life of children in Africa. Women of AfricaWomen of Africa:  Including "I was born Woman." The difficulties women face in Africa.

Rwanda One Man's PerspectiveRwanda - One Man's Perspective: A westerner's look at Rwanda especially since 1994.

Aids the African PlagueAids-The African Plague:  also see the African solution to Aids:Aids-The African Solution:   Kenya's Swahili CoastKenya's Swahili Coast:  Past and Present, A historical look at the Kenya coast called the Swahili coast It takes a villageIt takes a Village:  The African concept to pulling together - called Harambee makes a village work. African Photo AlbumAfrica Photo Galleries:   Pages and pages of Pictures from Africa. Africa's women, children, scenery, wildlife.
A day in a Ugandan VillageA day in a Ugandan Village:  Village life in Africa-the joys and sorrows. Harambee - Pulling together African Style:  The African way of making it - of pulling together. Keeping Time in AfricaKeeping Time in Africa:  The concept of time is very different here compared to the West. BargainingBargaining in Uganda:  Some Westerners are intimidated by it, yet it a lot of fun.

Life in a Kampala Neighborhood

Life in a Kampala Neighborhood:  An average neighborhood in Kampala - what life is like through a Westerner's eyes.

LRA Joseph Kony - Child SoldiernsLRA-Child Soldiers-Joseph Kony: Insights into the Lord's Resistance Army, its leader and its methods Every Ugandan has a CellphoneEvery Ugandan has a Cell phone - But...  normally has no airtime - a humorous look at cell phone use in Uganda. The WabenzisThe Wabenzis:  You find them all over East Africa, the fanciest cars,flashy clothes-often lack heart.

Living with death and celebrating LifeLiving with death and celebrating life in Africa:  Death comes often early in Africa and yet in spite of it there is a celebration of life.

The African Entrepreneurial Spirit is alive and well.The African Entrepreneurial Spirit is alive and well: There are not many jobs in Africa- resourceful Africans create their own. Food - African - Western ThoughtsFood - African and Western Thoughts:  Here you look at filling your belly in the west is is satisfying your palate. Impact your WorldImpact your World:  Volunteer  in Uganda.  One or two weeks that will change your life in an orphanage in Northern Uganda.
Uganda SafarisOur Uganda Safaris:  Safaris off the beaten Path in the Pearl of Africa. Things to do and see in UgandaThings to do & See in Uganda:  A top 10 list of Uganda's best attractions. All About UgandaAll About Uganda: Most things about Uganda and might have wanted to find out. Uganda ChimpanzeesChimpanzees of Uganda:  Guide to Chimpanzee Tracking  in Uganda.



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