Why Go on a Safari in Uganda – Rwanda with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris?

Posted by on May 17, 2015

Why a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris?

Creativity, Uganda – Rwanda Expertise and Insight – Quality – Value – Memorable Experience

why-go-safari-with-usWhy go with us on a Safari in Uganda – Rwanda?

We are Boutique Safari Company that is not into mass-selling – we do not rely on prefab safaris but Design and Create the Safari that you want.  We take meticulous care to create a memorable experience in the heart of Africa – Uganda and Rwanda that takes in what you want to do and see.

We give you our Safari Creativity, Flexibility to Change any part of an itinerary, our insight and knowledge of Uganda and Rwanda. From the first correspondence to the time that you complete your safari in Uganda our staff, expert Driver Guides are all committed to the same purpose – a memorable Safari for you in Uganda and Rwanda.

We are also a members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, registered with the Ministry of Tourism – Uganda Revenue Authority as such we have better access to Gorilla and Chimpanzee Permits with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

 Safari-ExpertiseOur Expertise in creating and implementing your Safari:

The places, parks, lakes, mountains, wildlife reserves, lodges are not just something we write about, we have experienced them firsthand and many of them numerable times, we have stayed in most of the rooms of lodges we write about – we have and do experience what awaits you and know Uganda and Rwanda.

We are in the Business of taking Clients on Safari in Uganda and Rwanda, but it is more to us than a Business that is about Dollars and Cents.  Memorable Safaris in Rwanda – Uganda is what we are passionate about, it is not only our Passion but it is our Life.  There is nothing that we enjoy more than introducing someone to Uganda and Rwanda with all of its scenic wonders, Mountain Gorillas, Primates, Wildlife, Cultures in the Heart of Africa.

 Value-QualityWe offer Value and Quality without Compromise:

We offer great Value Quality  Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda using lodges with bath where good food is served and where you will find value for your Dollar.

We know the Better Budget and moderate lodges that offer the best value and we know when you can get the best value on upmarket lodges in Uganda and Rwanda. We offer you the same or lower price than if you contacted the lodge or hotel yourself. We offer quality full-service safaris with all activities, food, permits – rooms with bath included with a mix of better-budget – moderate lodges and upmarket lodges.

We offer Quality and Value Adventure Safaris in the Heart of Africa.

 Great-feedbackOur Safari Experiences generate great feed-backs:

Clients with us enjoy their Safari experience with us in Rwanda and Uganda.  The feel and  experience of a safari is crucial to us, the good outcome of your time on Safari with us is our focus and goal with every member of the Kabiza Wilderness Safari Team being committed to creating a successful safari for you.

Our Driver-Guides know what to do when the unexpected comes up such as road repairs, bridge outages, or a ferry being in maintenance.  Our Driver are quite flexible, think on their feet with you in mind, are able to speak several  local languages and dialects and excellent English.

It is one thing to have a great written out Safari Itinerary and it is however the implementation of that Itinerary that generates a great outcome.

 safari-extrasKabiza Wilderness Safaris Extras:

We offer you those extras including off-of the beaten path, cultural encounters and hands-on experiences, a bush breakfast or bush dinner, sundowners on lakes, houseboat safaris. sunset cruises on the original African Queen – things that you do not find on standard itineraries from most safari tour companies.

We offer you free-airport pickup and drop-off, a welcome basket for 5 day or longer safaris, bottled water, special gifts for couples on honeymoon, nanny services while parents of younger children are on a gorilla trek and then there are the special surprises we build into a safari whenever possible.

One of our clients wrote that her Driver-Guide taught her how to eat Mango African Style – found her some of our local Waragi (Gin), bout her local Arabica Coffee  and treated her in an exemplary – helpful way.  Simple Extras from us…

The above area just of the few things that makes us Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, Uganda’s – Rwanda’s Boutique Safari Company of Choice, proud to be small with no intentions of becoming big, but serving our clients – one customer at a time by creating memorable Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.


Enjoy Uganda and Rwanda with us…on an African Safari with us:

Memorable Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

Why go on Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris?

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If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway – African Journeys



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You have our commitment to make your African Safari a successful one - Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does one thing only - create memorable Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. We are the boutique safari tour operator of choice for Uganda and Rwanda and we will create for you a most memorable African Safari.