What to wear in Kampala – Entebbe – Uganda

Posted by on November 30, 2015

Ugandans in Kampala  and other cities – dress in style

 Here is What to wear in Kampala – Entebbe – Uganda – for Visitors

When you dress appopraitelyUgandans will say  “You are looking Smart”

When you come to visit Uganda one of the things that will amaze you is to see how well Ugandans dress in towns such as Kampala.  Ugandans pride themselves in looking smart.

Visitors to Uganda and a town such as Kampala, Entebbe often seem to be quite frumpy looking and are not dressed appropriately according to Ugandan standards of dress in town.  Kampala residents are some of the most fashion conscious and dressed up people in Africa and no Ugandan would walk around with that crusty backpacker look wearing outfits such as baggy shorts with a multitude of pockets bulging out, sandals, wrinkled clothing, shoes not shined, shirts not pressed. Clothing that those same visitors would not wear going to town, to an office, to a meeting in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK or elsewhere.

Western women on the other hand often dress in clothing they would not be caught dead in back in their country but were given the advice to dress conservatively, however if one looked around one would not find a Ugandan woman dressed in such a fashion and certainly no Ugandan woman would be wearing wrinkled, un-ironed clothing.

The Nordstrom look would be more appropriate in Kampala over the Goodwill look.  On the other hand it is a no no to wear skimpy and revealing clothing  such as short skirts, shorts that are short, though at night, out on the town the standards seem to change a lot and revealing is in.

If you are visiting a home wear a dress or skirt that is right for the occasion and a man should wear trousers and a shirt.

Ugandans see themselves as conservative people and for the most part they are, even the trendiest women will wear a pair of jeans, leggings with a short skirt.  What made one roar was that ministers of ethics called for a ban of mini-skirts since one  saw them as a reason for accidents, the other because of moral reasons.  Reality is that there are not many mini-skirts to be found during the daytime in Kampala – that is reserved for the night. All in all – What to wear in Kampala – Entebbe – Uganda? Copy the local style for cities unless you are going on Safari.

Men, should bring along a few neat long-sleeved shirts, it is good to take them to a laundry in the West and have them folded, when you take them out of your suitcase and put them on they will look neat and tidy.  One thing you do not want to do is appear dirty – laundry is easily done along with ironing –  if you are like me and want creases for your jeans, let it be known since in Uganda jeans are ironed without creases.

Always clean shoes and they will need to be polished.

If you are attending church dress conservative and yet fashionable…enjoy Uganda…What to wear in Kampala – Entebbe – Uganda – dress like most Ugandans – dress smart Ugandan – City – Style.  If you are attending a wedding or wedding introduction – wear a Kanzu for the man and a Bisuutu for a woman and you will be a hit with Ugandans…enjoy…

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