What is the food like on Safari – Uganda-Rwanda?

Posted by on August 28, 2014

What will I eat while on a Safari Uganda – Rwanda?

What do lodges and Accommodations offer for Breakfast – Lunch or Dinner to their Guests?

One thing is for sure – most will not lose weight on a Safari in Uganda or Rwanda unless you jog along all the wildlife game tracks in the various parks that you visit.  If anything you jut might gain a few pounds eating at the various lodges and accommodations in the AfricanSafari-Food-in-Uganda.jpg Wild of Uganda and Rwanda.

Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan your needs will be accommodated, it best to let your tour operator of your needs ahead of the safari your going on in Uganda or Rwanda so that lodging accommodations can be notified of your special dietary needs.

Many lodges grow some of their own vegetables and even fruit to serve their clients and most vegetables and fruit served to you will be organically grown, not because farmers specialize growing  organic vegetables but fertilizer simply costs too much and you benefit from fresh produce, organically grown. Some lodges have trained local residents as to which vegetables to grow and the quality required.

There are some vegetables that are not commonly eaten by Ugandans- Rwandans especially in the countryside, vegetables such cauliflower, broccoli, various varieties of lettuce, herbs and the like.  Such items are grown in lodge gardens or near the lodges by mostly women gardeners providing them an income for their families.

Most often the chefs preparing have received special training in regards to menus and recipes that are appealing to visitors.  Some of the chefs have been trained at schools in institutes in Kenya, while others have apprenticed with some of the better chefs in Kampala or Kigali at various up-market hotels.

The best food is normally found at up-market, luxury lodges, yet there are some moderate that offer great food, budget lodgings are mish-mash of hit and misses and yet often some great local fare is served.  There will be familiar dishes but in most instances the food is prepared with a delightful African Twist.

One thing to do is to check your itinerary from the safari company that you are using to see that it is full-board covering Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and not Breakfast only (with us all meals are included).  Unlike in other East African countries half-board lodging has not made Breakfast-on-safariinroads in Uganda or Rwanda with the exception of a few lodges.


Most breakfast offerings will be a full-fare one.  There will be Fresh Fruit and in some cases freshly baked breads, rolls, toast, a variety of egg dishes, breakfast meat choices, coffee, tea and juice. Be sure to try some Pineapple – Uganda and Rwanda grow some of the best in the world.

At larger lodges there will be a breakfast buffet often of the English variety with beans, tomatoes, potatoes, also pancakes or crepes, omelets, sausages (English Type), bacon, ham and more.  Budget lodgings may only offer Eggs, Toast, Juice and a fruit offering.

Tea is excellent and Ugandan or Rwandan in origin, good coffee can be the big if, it is either excellent Arabica Coffee that is freshly brewed or you get hot water and a tin of instant coffee with a spoon.

Though Uganda  produces a lot of coffee, both the Robusta and Arabica variety you still find a lot of instant coffee served, even though the trend has changed in recent years. There are some choices you can make to get a good cup of coffee whenever you like.

Rwanda when it comes to coffee has some of the most sought after coffee in the world but like in Uganda most Rwandans drink tea and in many cases you may still get a cup of coffee you might not enjoy. At better lodges you will enjoy some of the best coffee in the world called Bourbon Coffee – be sure to buy some and take it home.

Lodges in savannah parks may have a Bush Breakfast


Most lunches are a soup or salad and a plate of food – you are not served things such as sandwiches  – often you are served a hot meal, in some lodges or accommodations it will be ala carte.

While in many other lodges you might have two or more main choices for the main course.  In many places it is not only the food that you are served but the setting in which you eat it overlooking the Nile, a lake, the savannah, wildlife, the Virunga Volcanoes and much more.

Dinner is most often served later than in places such as North America but normally the pleasant Ugandan allows you to sit outdoors and take in your meal by candlelight and even a campfire in places at times there I even traditional dance and music for you as you take your dinner.  Dinner will be often three to four courses and various choices in up-market luxury lodges, using budget lodging, you get your meal but without the extras but in regards to food your portions will be most plentiful.

Lodges serve a variety of meals of dishes, many of them with Western Visitors in mind.  Because of the Indian presence and influence in East Africa you find some insertion of Indian dishes into the menu or a fusion thereof.

Fish such as Nile Perch and Tilapia are often served in various dishes , Chicken is readily available iand finds its way unto the menu.  Uganda and are home of the Ankole Cattle and its meat is the lowest in cholesterol in the world.

The Beef Fillet is especially tasty and tender.  Steaks as you might be used to are not common but can be found in Kampala such as T-Bone ones.  Most steaks will be boneless fillet strips that are quite tasty.

One thing you will not find at Safari Lodges are exotic meat dishes such as antelopes, zebras, crocodile meat, there are a few restaurants in Kampala that do so importing such meat from game farms in Kenya.  The only different dish you might find is crayfish around Lake Bunyonyi or Grasshopper (Nsenene – actually a Bush Cricket at some budget facilities during rainy seasons).

In Rwanda the national dish of choice are goat brochettes – and around Lake Kivu you can also get the a favorite among people there Sambaza which is a lake sardine but many visitors take a liking too.

In regards to the presentation of food, the best once again being the up-market luxury Lodging Accommodations and some do a much better job at it than others.  It is a good thing to read a few TripAdvisor reviews of the establishments where you will be staying and most all of the reviews will cover the meals served.

Bush Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner in the African Wild of Uganda.  Some Lodges offer a special Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner on the African Savannah for you to enjoy at an extra cost, go with the experience.

Food on Safari will be most enjoyable for you, some different dishes, flavors to be experienced while on safari in Uganda or Rwanda..

Safari-Food-for-ChildrenKid Friendly Menu’s and Food for a Family Safari:

What about Food on a Family Safari?  It takes more planning, interaction with Lodges and Hotels.  We will make sure that your children have plenty of our local fruit for one thing such as Bananas, Pineapple, Papaya, Mangoes, Watermelon.

We will get children preferences from you and implement your requests including special dietary needs that your children may have.

We have done many child friendly safaris for families and that includes having food that your children will enjoy and delight in.

Upmarket Lodges are best in preparing food that are nutritious and that your children will like and enjoy.  We will even sneak in fun-foods such as a pizza here or there for your children.

A Bush Breakfast or Bush Dinner is a must experience for your children and you.

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway, African Journeys




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