If Waco was in Africa – Travel Advisories would now be in Place

Posted by on May 20, 2015

If the Waco TX recent Biker War had taken place in Africa – Travel Advisories would have been issued within 24 hours by the US, UK, Australia.

If a Terrorist coughs in Africa a Travel Advisory is issued within hours by the US, UK, Australia…while violence and terror in their own country is ignored

Reality – More Americans have died in Texas at the Hand of Terrorists than in all of Africa

“If the city of Waco, Texas was located somewhere in Africa – Countries around the globe would have issued Travel Advisories for their citizens by now – putting Texas on their no visit list. “

Sundays are normally quiet days for most people in Church Going Waco – Texas.  Not, so on Sunday, May 16th, 2015Waco-Texas-US-Travel-Avisory when five Motorcycle Gangs met at the Twin Peaks Restaurant and Bar at the Central Texas Marketplace Mall where many families came to shop, eat lunch after church, but not on this Sunday when all Hell broke loose over a parking dispute between gang members and another dispute in the men’s bathroom.

This all happened while the police was there in full sight of all including gang members who were not deterred as they turned on one another with guns, knives, chains and brass knuckles.  Nine people were killed, 18 wounded in need of hospitalization and 170 members of the five gangs arrested.

No, this was not Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda, Central Africa, DR Congo, Southern Sudan – this took place in civilized America – in Texas – part of the vast Bible Belt where law and order are supposed to prevail.

The Police knew the Biker Gangs were coming, spoke to what is now the former Twin Peaks Restaurant Franchise management which were not cooperative with the Police all resulting in a high-noon bloodbath.

Africa-Safari-Quote-Safety.jpgAgain – If Waco Texas was in Africa, a travel advisory would have been issued by now.  The same holds true for the recent Baltimore protests and looting, the Ferguson disturbances and even various May 1 – disturbances in far-flung American cities that included my hometown area – Seattle WA.

Americans in particular are paranoid about safety while visiting Africa – yet more Americans have died from terrorism in Texas than in all of Africa.

The last visitor to Uganda that died while visiting did so while climbing Mount Elgon which he had done in the past, but was now advanced in age.  The safest place for Americans and other Westerners to be is on an African Safari in Uganda.

Uganda’s Police is overseen by General Edward Kale Kayihura – under his leadership no such thing as a meeting of biker gangs  (we do not have any)or rebel groups could get together at a restaurant in the Garden City Mall or near Welcoming-friendly-Ugandathere.  They simply would not be allowed – the availability is of weapons is not there and not everyone who wants a weapon receives permission and a permit for one.

Is an American safe in Uganda, as safe or safer than in Waco Texas – that is in spite of ominous, unsubstantiated reports from US resources that resulted in a terror alert.

From the moment you land at Entebbe International Airport to the time that you depart for home you will as most visitors to Uganda do, feel quite secure.

Uganda has a Tourism Police Force who take the business of keeping visitors to Uganda safe and secure seriously.  Hotels, lodges, restaurants, banks, even stores have trained security personnel which in most cases is armed.

Safety and Security is something that is on many an African Traveler’s mind, much of such fears are based on African Travel Myths that are perpetuated by our ignorance of what Africa is really like.  For most visitors Africa is very much unlike of what they had imagined and for most safer, friendlier than they thought.

“If the city of Waco, Texas was located somewhere in Africa,” a town like Jinja, Masindi, Kabale in Uganda, all of Uganda be put on a Travel Advisory by countries such the US, UK and others. 

Somehow in spite of such violent acts as in Waco. Texas on Sunday May 16th – 2014 the USA does not see a need to issue a travel advisory, the only changes are that you cannot buy an alcoholic drink at Twin Peaks Restaurant for the next week and that the Twin Peaks Restaurant is no longer a part of the Twin Peaks Restaurant Chain.

Violent acts can happen anywhere including Uganda, Uganda does more than expected when it comes to Safety and Security for its visitors and citizens – in 2015 enjoy Uganda…safe – secure – stable – friendly.

 Practical Travel Advisory Advice:


Travel-advisorsWhen the US State Department issue a travel Advisory, when the US Embassy in Uganda issues a travel alert – the safety and security pages on this site get extra traffic and emails are sent to us from people wondering if it is safe to visit Africa, Uganda in particular, in fact some seem dto wonder whether it is safe to leave their house.

Choices as to whether to visit Uganda or not are often based on one of the worst four-letter words – fear.  I have seen this time and time again.

Ebola hits in West Africa and people cancel their trips to East Africa – to Uganda.  Kenya has a terrorist attack along the Indian Ocean Coast and some will cancel their Gorilla safaris 4 days drive time away.

When you see a travel advisory do not change your plans immediately – consult with a local tour company such as ourselves in Uganda. Read current information on-line, keep informed about what other countries are saying such as the British Foreign Office. Read Ugandan Newspapers and make up your own mind.

Do not be motivated by fear – but make informed decisions…based on reality….enjoy Uganda.

There are no current travel advisories about Uganda.


“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway – African Journeys



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