Volunteerism meets Safari Tours in Uganda

Posted by on May 13, 2013

Spend a portion of your time while visiting Uganda – Volunteering

Giving Back – Giving yourself to others – an enriching Experience

voluntourismYou are planning your time in Uganda –there are the Mountain Gorillas, the chimpanzees, Murchison Falls Park, the River Nile with its multitude of adrenaline  activities – the plan is coming together but to you there is just something missing?  You have read about the plight of AIDS orphans in Uganda and other parts of Africa, you have seen reports on your TV screen that wrenched your heart and soul and you wanted to do something – but you were far away in the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe.  Now you are coming to Uganda and your safari has come together – you see your visit to the Pearl of Africa as an opportunity to give back, to give of yourself – to impact even in a small way those in need in Uganda.  A feeling, not inspired by pity, but by a deep compassion that desires to empower others and bring about  a life-changing differences, form lasting friendships that would never be possible by simply visiting the Wildlife Parks and Scenic Wonders of Uganda.

Opportunities for such Volunteerism or Voluntourism exist in Uganda – they abound and range from a day to longer periods of time – from your skills and background – or passion.  It is an investment in a portion of your holiday in Uganda – a portion where you give back – impact a school, an orphanage, a clinic, a village, a slum.

Uganda is the youngest nation in the world – over 50% of the population is below 15 years of age – in Kampala 60% of the population lives in slums. Living in a slum means that there is a lack of clean water (many childhood deaths could be simply be avoided by the simple use and water – the problem not enough water – it costs money and you have to carry it in Jerry-Cans).  Life is simply tough for many Ugandans – most of which live below 2 USD per day – un-employment in slums is over 60%.

Northern Uganda is rebuilding its infrastructure after a long war that was came to a close in 2006 – there are some great some great opportunities to impact the lives of children – former child soldiers and victims of atrocities and tie it all together with a safari.

Western Uganda near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and near Mgahinga National Park has the marginalized Batwa Pygmy Community and once again one can combine a week with assisting NGO’s that do a tremendous work with the Batwas..the opportunities for Volunteerism are simply endless, rewarding and enriching.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris coordinates such volunteerism opportunities without any motives of company profits but another way to impact various communities in a positive manner….we love to assist you…simply write…from Kampala…jon

Volunteering Opportunities while on Safari:

  • Spend a day or longer in an orphanage such as Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala
  • A few days in Pader Orphans Caring Project with former Child Soldier – Richard Akena
  • Build  a well giving clean water to Ugandans
  • A day or longer in a school
  • Stay in a village
  • Work in a Clinic

The list is simply endless and we can connect you with meaningful projects and caring Ugandans that can assist you in making your time of Volunteerism in Uganda an enriching time.




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