Ugandan Pineapples are simply the Best

Posted by on November 25, 2015

The Golden Ugandan Pineapples are simply the Best – a Notch above the Rest

Visitors to Uganda rave about Ugandan grown Pineapples – they cannot believe the sweetness

One thing I have heard over and over from visitors to Uganda is that Ugandan Pineapples are simply the Best the best they had ever tasted anywhere. Pineapples mayUgandan Pineapples are simply the Best have originated in Paraguay but they were perfected in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa. There is nothing like the aroma of a freshly cut Ugandan Golden Pineapple, the fruit is filled with juice, the center so soft that you can even eat it. It is simply an amazing and yet simple fruit dessert after most any meal, a delight to your palate.

Ugandan pineapple, even though Ugandan Pineapples are simply the Best they cannot be found in the produce sections in the West and  you will not find many tins (though they here in Uganda) of Pineapple on Western Supermarket shelves and most Westerners have no idea what the perfect fruit tastes like until they visit the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. No other pineapple can measure up to one from Uganda.

What Ugandans often do not realize is that pineapples were brought to Uganda, they are not endemic to Uganda, they came to Uganda from Asia via the trade routes from the Swahili Coast of Kenya, however Uganda has peUgandan Pineapples are simply the Bestrfected them with its soil and weather.

You can buy pineapple most anywhere – from roadside vendors, fruit and vegetable stands that dot most Ugandan roads and in supermarkets – I like to buy them from young men who sell them out of wheel barrows – presently in 2012 – a nice sized pineapple will cost you about 1.50 USD or less – certainly a bargain and another thing to note is that Ugandan pineapples like most Ugandan fruit and produce are organically grown in the Pearl of Africa.

I use Ugandan pineapple for many things from baking to sweet and sour dishes, or simply a stir fry dish. Ugandans area always amazed when they see one of my pineapple stir-fry dishes and they love the result and are somewhat surprised that chicken, pineapple and vegetables combined can produce such a tasty dish – I tell them – it is the Ugandan Pineapple that makes the dish.

If you are coming to Uganda be sure to order some pineapple at breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will be glad that that you did.  Pineapple it will certainly compliment most any meal…try some or buy some Ugandan Pineapple Jam or Wine.

I have even seen some kind of pineapple beer and yet besides eating pineapple fresh most Ugandans never realize how diverse the uses for Pineapple can be.

In Uganda it is sliced and eaten, you can buy dried pineapple that is also very delicious but after that the rare pineapple cake in a restaurant, but that is about it.

Don’t miss out on the Ugandan Pineapples are simply the Best in the world…from Kampala…jon



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