Uganda Wildlife-I have only two days – What can I see?

Posted by on March 12, 2013

What can I do and see in 2 Days of Uganda’s Wildlife – Primates – Birds?

Creating time for a Mini-Safari in Uganda for my Volunteer Group – Business Group

Minimum Participants 4

Every week there are countless visitors that come here to work, to volunteer, in some case  do a short-term missions project.  Once they are here they realize that it would be nice to see some of African Wildlife I have only 1 or days in Uganda - what can I do and see.found here in Uganda-but they only have a couple of days at the end of their time in Uganda – what can one do in two days?

The answer is a quite a bit – one National Park that is ideal for a two-day Safari is Murchison Falls National Park – an abundance of wildlife is found there including Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes, Warthogs, Leopards, Antelopes including Bushbuck, Water Buck, Uganda Kob, and many others,  Monitor Lizards, a Python once in a while, Hippos, Crocodiles to name just a few and an abundance of bird life that is simply awesome.  One cannot forget the scenery – the historic River Nile, Murchison Falls themselves, the most powerful waterfall in the world according to Lonely Planet, the open African Savannah, Palm Forests with Elephants roaming through them.

But what about my limited funds that I have left?

The answer is a two day Budget safari – to keep it affordable – recruit some friends and when you reach 3 or four people it is in most everyone’s reach – we have taken 28 people on this safari in 4 vans for a minimal price. There are various lodging options from budget to up-market – luxury.

What about Food and Lodging?

  • Bottled Water is on board of Safari Vehicle
  • Lunch – Dinner – Breakfast – Lunch
  • For Moderate and budget lodging we use the new Fort Murchison Lodge overlooking the Nile and plains leading to the river with an abundance of wildlife.

What is a two day Murchison Falls Mini-Safari Like?

Day 1: 6:30 am leave Kampala and drive through the lush and verdant countryside through Luweero, and Masindi and reach Murchison Falls about 5 hours later.  ‘

First there is the visit to the top of  Murchison Falls – which is simply an experience of the power of Nature- of the mighty Nile 50 meters wide – tumbling through a 6 meter wide gorge – 43 meters downward, and then peacefully flowing toward Lake Albert. An eternal rainbow, created by the mist is most always visible.

Lunch on a two day safari is at Red Chilli Rest Camp – which has a nice restaurant – overlooking the River Nile.  Here

Next you head down to the river Nile and embark onto the boat that will take you on a three hour boat up the ride and this is a slow boat ride- so that you can see the wildlife on the river bank, the hippos and crocodiles in the water and elephant herds, buffaloes, antelopes and an abundance of  water birds overhead – plus the scenery is awe inspiring.  You reach the bottom of the falls and have opportunity to take some great pictures of the falls.

At the end of the wildlife boat ride we take the short journey to Fort Murchison Lodge – as you drive through the savannah you will get another glimpse here or there of Wildlife – yes, you get a lot in two days.

Dinner at Fort Murchison Lodge ,dinner for example is a four course affair.

Day 2: Breakfast and a sumptuous breakfast it is and we are off for a morning game drive – this is at least a three-hour game drive, on board is a Uganda Wildlife expert who can point out to you what is otherwise might missed, such as a stealth leopard, lions in the savannah grass, a monitor lizards, the names of birds, plants and trees that you encounter. You have a pop-up in the 4×4 Safari Vehicle and you can stand and take some great pictures.  It is a most rewarding time.

We cross the Nile by Vehicle ferry and you see more hippos, baboons on the shore and warthogs.

Lunch at the historic Masindi Hotel with 2 sodas or one beer, nice choices of food, Indian, Ugandan, Continental

Arrive in Kampala at your lodging late afternoon, early evening.

Is there anything else I could fit in those two days?

  • Chimpanzee Tracking at Budongo Forest in the afternoon of the second day – Minimum Age 15 years old.
  • Rhino Tracking at Ziwa Rhino Reserve
  • Boomu Traditional Village Walk

This Safari of two days can also be done with Up-Market Lodging.

Email received today regarding a two day Safari to Murchison Falls:

Thanks for the wonderful experience in Uganda with your tour company.

Whoever said a two-day safari wasn’t long enough, hasn’t had the chance to experience Murchison Falls with Kabiza’s guide Robert! We had an amazing jam-packed adventure and saw all of the magical creatures we were promised to see. Even the 4 hour drive from Kampala to the Falls was entertaining with Robert giving commentary on each town we drove through. The food at each eating spot was great, accommodations were clean and quiet. Robert even took the time to “hunt” out the lions that were rumoured to be lurking around the park. Amazing to see!

We highly recommend Kabiza Tours for a safari in Uganda and Robert as the guide. We will be sure to look them up next time we are there. Thank you for a wonderful, memorable experience!

Erin, Jerry, Van, David

Yes, you can see a lot in two days on a mini-safari in Uganda to Murchison Falls, also Kibale Forest Chimpanzees, Queen Elizabeth Park and Lake Mburo National Park – and yes, it is affordable…from Kampala…jon

Let us assist you in creating a Mini-Safari that suits you

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway – African Journeys





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