Safety – Security in Uganda

What it takes to stay safe and secure in Uganda

Current 2014 Safety and Security Information about Uganda – updated should changes occur

Uganda Safe Secure Uganda Safety SecurityUganda Safe for Tourists and Travelers?

Safety and Security is always a big issue with travelers to Uganda – that is why we have many pages that deal with the issues of safety and security – not written because Uganda is unsafe but because in the minds of travelers to Uganda there are concerns about their safety and well-being in Uganda.  Uganda is a safe country to visit and Kampala is one of the safest capitals in Africa.

On this blog you will find lots of safety advice that covers most travelers even those who want to enjoy the nightlife in the city that never sleeps – safety for women travelers-to wrong travel advisories that do not show the situation in Uganda in 2014.

Uganda is safe and secure it even has a recently added Tourism Police Force that is located in National Parks, even some hotels – as an American living in Uganda I find it a safe country – and if you are going on safari in Uganda there is no safer way to see the Pearl of Africa then while on Safari – the National Parks are some of the safest places in Uganda to visit.

You simply do not do in Uganda what you would not do at home  and you will enjoy your time here in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.  Most peaceful are most helpful – hotels and lodges are guarded and kept by trained security staff way beyond levels of Europe or North America.

Theft in most hotels is a rarity and can prevented by putting cash, passport and other valuables into an envelope and writing your name on it – seal it and it will be fine.  Some up-market hotels have safes in each room but that is a rarity and not too common especially when you are in the National Parks.

If you are traveling with us we will do everything we can to keep you safe and secure on Safari – enjoy Uganda the Pearl of Africa – from Kampala…jon

Is Uganda save for travelers Uganda Safety SecurityIs Uganda Safe for Travelers:

A question that we receive daily and a concern that is clear by the many searches about safety and security in Uganda presently.

Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa and Kampala one of the safest capitals. Following safe practices like anywhere else – you will have a great time in Uganda.

The image that people from afar have in their mind regarding Uganda belies the on the ground reality and most often that  is rooted in the past with Idi Amin and Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army who have not been in Uganda since 2006.

The Ugandan Army along with other countries and a contingent of US Military Advisors have been in pursuit of him in neighboring countries and the LRA is not estimated to be around 100.

uganda safe secure 2015 Uganda Safety SecurityUganda Safety and Security for Visitors in 2015 :

Uganda in 2015 remains safe and secure for visitors and travelers to Uganda – simply follow a bit of advice found on the Kabiza Site and common sense and you will enjoy the Pearl of Africa.

Since 2012 the Tourism Police which is 900 in strength further makes the stay of visitors more pleasant in Uganda.

Uganda – is still considered one of the safest countries in Africa and Kampala one of its safest cities and capitals.  Uganda is especially safe for those on Safari with a tour company such as Kabiza Wilderness Safaris.

Uganda – safe and secure and stable in 2015 as it was in 2014.

Is Uganda safe women travelers Uganda Safety SecuritySafety Tips for Women Travelers in Uganda -Rwanda: 

Is it safe for women traveling to Uganda? We have never had one incident of it not being so with our female clients while in Uganda – Uganda is safe and secure for Women Travelers who find Uganda most Charming.

Rwanda is equally safe for women travelers – both Rwanda and Uganda were seen as two of the most friendliest countries in all of Africa by the African Economist.

Find some simple and practical steps here for women travelers to stay safe and secure  while traveling in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda or in Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills.

It is always best to travel in a group – you save money on your travel in Uganda or Rwanda and there is always safety in numbers.

 are americans safe in Uganda Uganda Safety SecurityIs Uganda Safe for Americans? 

Each day several  people Google “Is Uganda Safe for Americans?” Are Americans safe in Uganda?

Each day the query “Is Uganda Safe for Americans?”  shows up in our Blog analytical statistics.

You do not find the query “Is Uganda safe for Brits, Germans, Danes, Belgians, Canadians, Russians, Chinese, Indians?”

Uganda is the most ethnic diverse country in the world and American Visitors will find it amazingly friendly, safe and secure.

As an American I have felt and do feel quite safe in Uganda.

worried about safety Uganda Uganda Safety SecurityVisitors to Uganda and Safety and Security in the Pearl of Africa: 

Why is Safety and Security a Major Issue in the minds of to Potential Visitors to Uganda?

Uganda is one of the Safest Countries in Africa and the Government does it’s all to keep Visitors, Tourists, Volunteers safe and secure in the Pearl of Africa.

When one looks about how visitors reach our Blog and Website the searches they use are often about Safety and Security.

Africa is not all ablaze in war and violence which is about the only time that the Western Media reports on Africa most of Africa is safe and secure, simply people going about their lives and raising families.

Uganda Tourism Police2 Uganda Safety SecurityUganda Tourism Police: 

Uganda’s Tourism Police adds another layer of safety and security for visitors to the Pearl of Africa.  Their presence can be found at various establishments, parks and tourist locations throughout Uganda.

They are there to assist tourists with any security problem that they might have or imagine to have.

The number of Tourist Police is approaching 1000 – add on top of that the Armed Rangers in each National Park – plus the military that also protects the parks and you have a formidable force protecting tourists.

Uganda does its utmost to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors to the Pearl of Africa.

wrong travel advisories Uganda Safety SecurityWrong Government Travel Advisories:

Australia and New Zealand Government Advisories are simply wrong – out of touch with the reality in Uganda Australia and Uganda – in their travel recommendations to and in Uganda are out of touch with what has gone on inside and what is going on inside of Uganda.

This wrongful information has been posted by the governments of Australia and New Zealand for years – you do not find such information from the USA or the UK.

Read both the US and UK travel advisories on Uganda.  You will not find the the diatribe that you can read on the New Zealand and Australian sites – thank goodness most Australians and New Zealanders ignore it.

Often Western Governments are hypocritical – let a needle drop in Africa and a travel advisory goes up – have a terrorist incident in a Western Country and that country will not warn tourists to stay away, nor will African Governments issue Travel Alerts regarding Western Countries.

DRC Conflict affecting Uganda Uganda Safety SecurityIs the present Conflict in the Kivu Province-Congo-affecting Uganda?

Are Tourists and Visitors safe in Uganda as the Present conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo Continues?

The Conflict in the Congo has not spilled over into Uganda and all Tourist areas near the border with the Congo are safe and secure.

The conflict in the Kivu seems to be fluid and changing – presently at the end of 2014 President Kabila is demanding a withdrawal of all UN Forces which would most likely lead to more flare-ups.

Uganda is fully aware of its responsibility of protecting its citizens and visitors to the Pearl of Africa.

gorilla tracking in the DRC Uganda Safety SecurityIs it safe to track Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Virunga National Park?

We would love to see Virunga National Park as a safe haven for Gorilla Tracking, Chimpanzee Tracking and the climbing Mount Nyiragongo that features the world’s largest lava lake.

Read the UK and US Travel Advisories.  Though Bradt Guide in the 5th Rwandan edition has a whole chapter on visiting Virunga National Park – one can easily miss one note – your travel insurance will be null and void if you enter the park.

Even the Chief Warden was shot in 1014 as he drove from Goma to the park – he fully recovered and is a very passionate man in regards to Virunga National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest and one of the most beautiful parks in Central Africa.

Has the present conflict in South Sudan spilled over into Uganda? South Sudan Conflict affecting Uganda Uganda Safety Security

Is there any fighting inside of Uganda in 2015 as a result of the South-Sudanese Internal Conflict?

Is there any spill-over fighting inside of Uganda as a result of the South-Sudanese Conflict South-Sudan – the world’s youngest nation is experiencing an internal conflict with all kinds of harmful effects on that nation.

There has been no spill-over into Uganda from South Sudan besides thousands of refugees coming into the Northern Area of Uganda where they are settled into refugee camps.

The people of South Sudan while the various leaders are fighting for power in the sandbox of life.

Tourism was on the way up – most tourism camps were raided and everything was stolen or destroyed.  The Tourism potential is great  but it will be years before the tourism industry can recover.

Uganda Travel Myths Uganda Safety SecurityUganda Travel Myths – Things People Believe about Uganda: 

Here are some of the myths and misconceptions about Uganda Imagined Reasons why some will not visit Uganda

Uganda– the Pearl of Africa – a place that I love a lot often gets a bad wrap – is misunderstood, misrepresented and wrongly maligned by a number of myths that are simply not true and not the reality of Uganda 2015.

Some still think that Idi Amin rules Uganda today, he has been dead for years and died of organ failure in Saudi Arabia and since 1986 we have had President Museveni as President.

No, Joseph Kony is not creating havoc in Uganda- he has been gone since 2006 and is being pursued by the Ugandan Army in the DRC and Central African Republic.

Is it safe to track Mountain Gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda?:is gorilla tracking safe Uganda Safety Security

Gorilla Safaris that include Gorilla Tracking with Habituated Gorillas are one of the safest and most adventurous activities while you are on safari in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda or Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills.

The answer is a resounding – yes – Uganda-Rwanda Gorilla tracking is safe and secure.

Both Uganda and Rwanda provide utmost security for gorilla trekkers, there is the tourism police in Uganda, both Rwanda and Uganda used armed Rangers and both governments use a a military contingent with each group of trekkers.

Read the page about Gorilla Tracking Safety

am I save on safari in Uganda Uganda Safety SecurityIs it safe to go on a Safari in Uganda or Rwanda?:

Going on a Safari in Uganda and Rwanda is the safest way to see and experience Africa at its best – The Wildlife Parks are some of the safest places in Uganda and Rwanda – you will greatly enjoy your safe and secure Safari in Uganda and Rwanda.

Is it safe to go on Safari in Uganda or Rwanda – thousands of Visitors who have traveled safely within Uganda and Rwanda are more than proof that it is safe to go on Safari in Uganda or Uganda.

Both Rwanda and Uganda are safe and stable countries where visitors will feel welcomed by Ugandans or Rwandans

Enjoy a safari in Uganda or Rwanda…

Kampala Nightlife Safety Security1 Uganda Safety SecurityUganda Nightlife – Safety and Security:

If you are going to enjoy the city that never sleeps – Kampala – go with a Ugandan who knows the culture and ways – a non-drinking driver and follow some of the tips for you to stay safe and secure in Kampala on a night out on the town

The biggest Kampala Nightlife Security and Safety Issue are the ladies of the Night – Mosquito Girls their sting is more dangerous  than their pleasant looks.

Do not show cash besides what you have to pay, do not use an ATM machine in a bar since it draws attention.

Always – remember that someone is watching you.

Rwanda Safety Security Uganda Safety SecurityRwanda Safety – Security:

Here is our Rwanda safety and security page – if you are taking in Rwanda on your African Safari – or combining Rwanda and Uganda on a safari with us – read this page for your safety and well-being.

Rwanda is a safe and secure country – for the most part you will not be hassled since it is also a law and order country.

Most visitors to Rwanda encounter no problem of any kind but enjoy being on safari in the Land of a Thousand Hills and a Million Smiles.

The roads have less bumps, the traffic lights work, the street lights work, the streets are empty at night and people visiting here feel safe.

 If you have a safety and security question regarding Uganda-Rwanda – please write:

“The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale. The scenery is different, the climate is different and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa….what message I bring back….concentrate upon Uganda – The Pearl of Africa.”  Winston Churchill (My African Journey – 1908)

Enjoy a gorilla safari with us Uganda Safety Security