Uganda Gorilla Permits are to remain at 600 usd for at least 12 months

Posted by on May 22, 2017

Uganda Gorilla Permits  are to remain at 600 usd in Uganda

Gorilla Permits are to remain at 600 usd while Rwanda’s Gorilla Permits soar to 1500 usd

Gorilla Trekkers and lovers the gentle giants of the forest can relax – Uganda Gorilla Permits are 600 USD for at least the coming yeara.Uganda Gorilla Permits are to remain at 600 usdUganda Gorilla Permits are to remain at 600 usd

It will mean more planning ahead- booking permits now instead of waiting especially during the peak season but the good news is that  the Uganda Gorilla Permits are to remain at 600 usd until the normal review takes place in 12 months.

This has been confirmed by the Public Relations Officer at Uganda Wildlife Authority Gessa Symplicious. According to her UWA has not felt a need to review prices presently.  One should be glad that the Rwandan upmarket greed factor has not taken root in Uganda as of yet, I am sure that someone sooner or later will push for increases, a huge mistake and not understanding the marketing dynamics of Gorilla Trekking and permit sales.

Rwanda’s decision is based on some high-end marketing philosophy that is supposed to increase income for Rwanda, allow extra money for conservation and local community support. 

Uganda Gorilla Permits are to remain at 600 usd – Our Suggestion – If you intend to track Gorillas in 2017 at 600 usd – plan now- contact us and we will assist you in a reliable – time-proven fashion in obtaining permits now and you save 900 usd over the permit price in Rwanda.  

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris as a member of AUTO is an authorized reseller of Gorilla Permits in Uganda and has access to permits available, we also specialize in the Gorilla Habituation Experience which is 4 hours with a Gorilla Family at 1500 usd.

Rwanda or Uganda – the main thing is that you enjoy your time with the Mountain Gorillas.

Contact us today about Gorilla Trekking in the Pearl of Africa.

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