Top Lodging Choices – Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda

Posted by on April 18, 2016

Top Lodging Choices – Volcanoes National Park while Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Top Lodging Choices – Volcanoes National Park found near Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Top Lodging Choices – Volcanoes National Park -What makes your Gorilla Tracking Safari complete is staying at the lodge that is right for you and makes your gorilla trek a more complete experience.  Virunga Volcanoes National Park offers many choices and below are some  that we have found just right for many of our clients. The missing link at Virunga Volcanoes National are moderately and better priced lodges, hotels and accommodations that allow you to remain near the park and and spend extra days  and climb a volcano, hike, birding walks, even explore nearby areas such as the Musanze Caves… However by driving a bit further from the park that problem can be solved.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge:Top Lodging Choices - Volcanoes National Park

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is an exclusive – luxury lodge that has some of the highest Tripadviser ratings for any lodge  in Rwanda.

Yes it costs more than but you also get more value for you more for your money.

Great views, great room, great view – all part of the experience of a lifetime – gorilla tracking in Rwanda and your stay at the exclusive Sabyinyo Silverback  Lodge will only add to your time at Volcanoes National Park and make your gorilla tracking more complete.

Sabinyo Silverback Lodge – one of the best Lodges in East Africa.

Virunga Safari Lodge:Top Lodging Choices - Volcanoes National Park

Virunga Safari Lodge is one of the two exclusive – premier -up-market safari lodges that are used by up-market gorilla trackers coming to Rwanda.

The Virunga Safari Lodge is an eco-friendly  lodge with views o the Virunga Volcanoes and two of the most scenic lakes in all of Africa.

Enjoyable luxury comfort while  you go on your gorilla Trek in the “land of a thousand Hills.”

Virunga Safari Lodge only offers the best Lodge offerings in both Rwanda and in Uganda.

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge:mountain-gorilla-view-lodge-link

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge is a more moderately priced lodge that makes gorilla tracking in Rwanda more affordable.

The lodge is only a few minutes from the park headquarter making access for your gorilla trek much easier and more convenient.

Here you stay in a cottage that has a fireplace taking the chill off of your Rwandan nights.

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge is one of the best moderate upmarket lodges near Virunga National Park.

Kinigi Guest House:Top Lodging Choices - Volcanoes National Park

Close to Gorilla Trek starting point – budget lodging with self-contained room with bath. Restaurant, bar and lounge  on site.

Dorm Rooms are also available at a lower price.  The guest-house provides work for a women’s self-help co-op group so by staying here – you assist a Rwandan family by staying here.

Kinigi Guesthouse meets the budget travelers needs who come here to trek gorillas and then adds a few pluses.

Check TripAdviser if this lodge might work for you.

Top Lodging Choices – Volcanoes National Park – if there is any lodge that you want to include in your safari with us- please let us know.



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