The Best Day Trip Safaris from Kampala

The Best Day Trip Safaris from Kampala – a taste of the Pearl of Africa

The Places near Kampala – Places – People enjoy the most on a day trip Safari

Please Note: Day Safaris require a minimum of 4 participants from your group except Mabamba Swamp (3)

We offer the Best Day Trip Safaris from Kampala to various parks, forests, towns, reserves such as The Best Day Trip Safaris from KampalaWildlife Safaris, Chimpanzee Trekking, Uganda Mangabey Monkey Trekking, Birding, White Water Rafting, Tree Top Canopy Zip-lining, Nature Walks, source of the Nile and more.  

The Day Trip Safaris are on request only – in most cases a minimum of 4 participants are required, except Mabamba Swamp – 3 participants.  All the Best Day Trip Safaris from Kampala are full-day safaris unless we have to modify one for you,

The Day Trip Safaris were created to give you a taste of the Pearl of Africa away from busy Kampala, see the Ugandan countryside plus enjoy your destination of the day,

Day Trip Safaris such as the Lake Mburo Park one day Wildlife Safari are great for Volunteer, Short-Term Missions Groups, Medical Teams and more…most of all … Enjoy the Pearl of Africa.

Lake-Mburo-Natonal-Park-GiraffesLake Mburo National Park Day Trip Wildlife Safari:

A day in the African Wild – a few hours from Kampala in Lake Mburo National Park – Wildlife – Birds – Reptiles – Scenery – Equator Visit – all in a one day safari to Lake Mburo National Park.

Boat Ride seeing– Hippos – Crocodiles, 3 kinds of otters, wildlife coming to water, countless of birds all around you.

Wildlife Game Drive – Giraffes, Zebras, Buffaloes, Warthogs, Antelopes including the large Eland Antelopes., warthogs, bush pigs, leopards, there are some Lions here.

You also visit the equator and the Royal Drum Makers.

The Best Day Trip Safaris from KampalaBudongo Forest Chimpanzee Trekking Day Trip Safari:

You can visit Chimpanzee in a zoo anywhere in the World – here you can visit the Chimpanzees in their natural setting in the Wild of Budongo which is a large Mahogany, Ironwood Forest with lots of fruit trees for the chimpanzees to feed on. This like most of our Day-trip Safaris includes Lunch.

Not only track Chimpanzees but in the morning track Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, something that is done on foot and you get within 10 meters of the Rhinos and view them for about an hour.

One Day Chimpanzee and Rhino Trekking Day Trip Safari that many have enjoyed while in Uganda.  The minimum number of participants from your groups is 4.  Minimum age is 15.

Jinja-Source-of-Nile-day-tripSsezibwa Falls and Jinja – Source of Nile Day Trip Safari:

A full day trip from Kampala including visits to Ssezibwa Falls, and the historic town of Jinja including the Source of the Nile and ItandaFalls.

This full-day trip safari takes in Ssezibwa Falls – it is a serene and restful place that used to be a place of rest for some of the Buganda Kingdom Kabakas (Kings) and today you are here – there is also a local religious shrine that some still come to.

Lunch overlooking the River Nile at the Sunset Hotel.

Source of the Nile Park visit and boat ride into Lake Victoria to the exact source of the Nile.  Visit the town of Jinja and see the rushing Itanda Falls.  Minimum of 4 participants.

White-Water-rafiting-jinja-ugWhite Water Rafting – Jinja on the Nile – Day Trip Safari:

Get ready for the Roller Coaster Ride of your Life – a White Water Rafting Trip, from Mild to wild on the River Nile.

This is an adrenaline pumping adventure like no other, one full -day traversing the rapids on the River Nile.

I comes with snack at beginning of the rafting, lunch on a private island and BBQ snacks at the end.

This is a must adventure for every able bodied visitor to Uganda, it is what made Jinja the adventure Capital of East Africa.

Mabira-Forest-near-KampalaMabira Forest – Day Trip Safari:

Mabira Forest is just 45 minutes from Kampala – the only Rainforest in Central Uganda, a quiet place where you go Uganda Mangabey Tracking, Nature Walks, Birding, Mountain Biking and even a canopy zip-line above the tree tops through the forest ending up at Griffin Falls.

It is a great place of exploration and discover with 315 bird species, over 200 butterfly species, 3 kinds of monkeys, 200 kinds of trees, plus pants, flowering plants in season.

Each walk is guided, including the Uganda Mangabey Monkey Trek to one of the 3 habituated groups in the park.  Mabira Forest gives you a taste of the African Rainforest.


Mabamba-swampMabamba Swamp – Shoebill Stork -Birding – Day Trip Safari:

Mabamba Swamp is the Best Place in Africa to see the elusive shoebill stork. Mabamba swamp is about 1 hour from Kampala or Entebbe by road.  You can also take a four hour boat ride to the swamp.

The normal duration of a boat safari is 2 1/2 hours, we can extend that to when you see a shoebill stork as we often have done.

The swamp is not only home to the Shoebill Stork, but too many other water birds, both that are in the swamp year-around, and the migratory birds that come to Mabamba Swamp in the European Winter.

On top of it is the mystique of the swamp itself with is water lilies, sitatunga semi-aquatic antelopes and more.

ziwa-rhino-sanctuaryZiwa Rhino Sanctuary Day-Trip Safari:

Ziwas Rhino Sanctuary is just 3 hours from Kampala and our day trip here is a full-day one.  When you arrive take a Rhino Trek with a ranger from Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, this is done on foot and you get within 10 meters of the Rhinos.

After lunch choose either a wildlife nature walk which is quite rewarding or take a boat ride being paddled through Lugogo Swamp where you are very likely to see numerous water birds, there are over 300 species in the Sanctuary.  The shoebill stork being the most sought after bird here.

Return to Kampala around 7 pm.

ngamba-island-day-tripNgamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary – Day Trip Safari:

The one Day Ngamba Island Chimpanzee has proven to be quite popular since the establishment of the island as a sanctuary in 1999.

Coming here to watch a feeding is an experience for many a visitor to Uganda.

We have incorporated you watching one feeding, return for lunch to Entebbe and in the afternoon take a guided tour of the over 100 year old Entebbe Botanical Gardens -giving you variety for your day safari.

At the end of the day we return you to your hotel in either Kampala or Entebbe.

By taking one of our “The Best Day Trip Safaris from Kampala” you have at least one day where you catch a glimpse of the Pearl of Africa outside of Kampala.  It might be only one day, but is a change of pace and there are many options we offer with more being added in the near future…Enjoy Uganda...

If you are interested in any of The Best Day Trip Safaris from Kampala – please contact us with the number of participants and the day trip safari you would like to take.




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