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Uganda Safety and Security for Visitors in 2015

Uganda continues to be Safe and Secure for Tourists and Visitors in 2015 Tourists visiting Uganda will find it safe and secure in 2015 Just this week I met with two South African Clients at the end of their Safari – one of them was a repeat client.  One of the comments that they made … Continue reading »

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Afraid of going on Safari in Africa due to Ebola?

We understand your Fears about Ebola? Ebola has caused many not to go on Safari in Africa in 2014 The Ebola Virus is a scary disease that has resulted in thousands of deaths in West Africa and has put fear into the hearts of many potential travelers to Africa – no matter which part of … Continue reading »

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Getting Prepared for your Safari in Rwanda – Advice and Tips

Pre-Safari Travel Information for Kabiza Wilderness Safaris Clients All the things you need to do – bring- as you go on Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris in Rwanda Answering the Frequently Asked Questions regarding your Safari with us in Rwanda We are looking forward to your arrival in Rwanfa– We have put together some helpful … Continue reading »

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Beyond Travel Advisories and Security Alerts – the Reality

The Safest Place to be is on a Safari in Uganda or Rwanda The Best informed Person regarding Safety and Security in Uganda and or Rwanda is the Safari Tour Operator Kenya has been the Victim of various Travel Advisories and Security Alerts in recent years which have hurt the country’s Tourism Industry and reduced … Continue reading »

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Staying Safe Traveling in Rwanda

Personal Security and Safety Tips for Travelers to Rwanda Is Rwanda safe for travelers, tourists, holiday makers, business travelers, volunteers? Rwanda is one of the safest and friendliest countries in Africa.  Rwanda is known as the land of a Thousand Hills  and millions of smiles. Since the Genocide of a994 – a new Rwanda has … Continue reading »

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Keep Safe – Read the Travel Advisories for Virunga National Park – DRC

Until – Sanity- Peace return to Virunga National Park- Democratic Republic of Cong – track gorillas in safe Rwanda and or Uganda. According to National Geographic Photographer ” Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of Congo) is “the most dangerous place in the world to try to practice wildlife conservation,” Unlike Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Mgahinga … Continue reading »

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