Rwanda’s 1500 usd Gorilla Permits – Means Choices

Posted by on May 22, 2017

Rwanda new 1500 USD Gorilla Permits – means you have to make a Choice

Rwanda’s 1500 usd Gorilla Permits are creating new choices for Budget and moderate Gorilla Trekkers.

Rwanda’s 1500 USD Gorilla Permits changes thing for many of our clients 

Rwanda has chosen the upward path with its 1500 usd Gorilla Rwanda's 1500 usd Gorilla PermitsPermits.  Uganda has responded by keeping permit prices in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park at 600 usd.

 “The Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Clare Akamanzi defended the rise with the tired old excuse of ‘sustainability’ and described seeing gorillas as a “highly unique experience.”

After receiving Critical Input from Tourism Experts such as  Wolfgang Thome who has long been a friend and supporter of Rwanda when it comes to Tourism..except even the new 1500 USD Permits.  He even came up with a critical hashtag about it.

For many years prices for Gorilla Trekking were the same in Rwanda and Uganda.  Rwanda took the initiative and changed the price to 750 usd – Uganda went to 600 usd.  Rwanda in May of 2017 went to 1500 usd as part of the attempt to market Rwanda as an upmarket Destination.

Rwanda’s 1500 usd Gorilla Permits

If you want to save money on a gorilla trek – contact us fly into Kigali, fly out of Entebbe or Kigali – enjoy the Pearl of Africa at a discount compared to upmarket Rwanda…Uganda remains affordable for most…from Kampala..Kabiza Wilderness Safaris… Rwanda’s 1500 usd Gorilla Permits- contact us for 600 usd Gorilla permits and affordable lodging in Uganda.

We are a Safari Tour Operator, we do not set prices.  We gorilla trekking safaris in both Uganda and Rwanda.  Some, will choose Rwanda while others will choose to go to Uganda.

The choice is made by our clients, those wanting Budget and Moderately priced options will forego Rwanda for trekking and do so in Uganda but still partake in other Rwanda Tourist Activities by flying into Kigali, trekking in Uganda and relaxing along Lake Kivu in Rwanda.

If you have the money – then you have more choices.  Should you not have an abundance of Cash, then you are limited as to where to go for a safe, gorilla Trek.  If you have any questions – please contact us.  



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