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Allow us to assist you in Planning your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Things to consider in Planning your African Safari in Uganda –Rwanda

Create-your-own-African-Safari-in-UgandaAn African Safari begins with a plan, an itinerary, a road-map that will give you the experiences, activities, adventures in Uganda or Rwanda you are looking for.

We at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris do not simply throw something together in Text – Message like language on a piece of paper but as we personally design your safari we do so with you in mind, your input, your wishes, desires, hobbies, and more.  We do so because we want the safari to reflect you – and what you want.

Yes, we have itineraries on our website, but because we are a Boutique Safari we design and plan the African Adventure according to your wishes.

  • What do you want to see and do in Uganda or Rwanda?  Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Golden Monkey Tracking?  Volcano Climbing and Hiking?  Incorporate hiking, or mountain biking, canoeing in a dugout canoe, Birding, horseback riding safaris, bush breakfast or dinner, village stay or village visit, go on a kid friendly safari with your children? Honeymoon Safari, Fishing Safari?
  • How many days on Safari in Uganda or Rwanda?  How many days do you have for your safari in Africa?
  • Do you want to do a two country Safari that combines Uganda and Rwanda?  You land in Uganda for example and fly out of Rwanda and take in both countries.
  • What Kind of Lodging do you wish to stay in while on Safari?  In Uganda and Rwanda you can always find Luxury Lodges, Budget Lodging, moderate lodging may not always be available.
  • How many participants are in your party? We mostly do private safaris only and not scheduled group safaris – most people prefer that since that means you are in control of your safari and not someone else – it is your safari.
  • Age of Children:  Children under 15 cannot participate in Gorilla, Chimpanzee tracking, nocturnal walks, alternative activities are there for children including nanny-service that can be arranged while parents go gorilla or chimpanzee tracking.
  • Type of vehicle you desire for your safari?  We offer both Toyota customized Land-Cruiser Vehicle and Safari equipped four-wheel vans – both have pop-up roof – the Land-Cruiser vehicles cost more.

It is our hope that your safari in Uganda or Rwanda will be most special – that the African Dream Safari you have thought about for years.  Fill out the form below and we will do our best to design a safari for you that reflects your wishes and desires…enjoy Africa…

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway – African Journeys


Jon Blanc

You have our commitment to make your African Safari a successful one - Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does one thing only - create memorable Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. We know how to create for you a most adventurous Gorilla - Chimpanzee Trekking - Wildlife African Dream Safari.