Nile Perch Fishing Safaris in Uganda

Posted by on October 21, 2015

Nile Perch Fishing Safaris in Uganda – Lake Victoria – Murchison Falls – Lake Albert-Nile

Nile Perch Fishing Safaris in Uganda that are once in a lifetime experiences – combining Wildlife, Relaxation and Fishing

Uganda is not only home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees, Wildlife and arra-fishingstunning scenery but some of the best fresh-water fishing in Africa catching the largest fresh-water fish in Africa, the ferocious Nile Perch. Combine the wildlife, stunning scenery with fishing in one of our Nile Perch Fishing Safaris. We will take you to Lake Victoria, the Ssese Islands, the River Nile and Lake Albert and along the way of your Fishing Safari in Uganda you just might catch some of largest prize fish in Uganda – the Nile Perch.

Below are both fishing tips and advice and Nile Perch Fishing Safaris in the Emerald Pearl of Africa where you fish in Africa’s largest Lake – Lake Victoria, the historic River Nile and Lake Albert. One of the favorite places where our clients like to fish is at the base of the most powerful waterfall in the world – Murchison Falls – it is simply an incomparable experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world but in Uganda.

Nile Perch Fishing Safaris in Uganda that are the Thrill of a Lifetime:

Nile Perch Fishing Safaris in Uganda scenic Murchison Falls on the River Nile Nile Perch Fishing Safaris in Uganda

Fishing for Africa’ s largest Fresh Water Fish – The Nile Perch at Murchison Falls Murchison Falls fishing at its Best – Fishing – Wildlife Safari Fishing for Nile Perch on the River Nile not just any river, but the historic River Nile that is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa

Combine Fishing with Wildlife and Birding at Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda. Nile Perch fishing an experience not to be missed.

Fishing on the Nile can be combined with Lake Victoria and River Nile Fishing. One of the Best Places in Africa where to fish for the large, ferocious Nile Perch.

For many, a once in a lifetime opportunity of combining fishing for the largest Freshwater Fish in Africa with Scenic Wonders and Wildlife.

4-day-fishing-murchison-falls-park4 Day Luxury Fishing Wildlife Safari Murchison Falls Park

Fish the River Nile at the most powerful Waterfall in the World – Murchison Falls Combine a Private Wildlife Safari with some of the finest fresh water fishing in the world – Murchison Falls Park gives you the best in wildlife and fishing.

Fish for Africa’s largest Fresh Fish the ferocious Nile Perch at Murchison Falls.

This 4 day upmarket fishing – wildlife safari can be extended by as many days as you would like for more fishing along the River Nile.

You can add on Rhino and Chimpanzee Tracking to this Fishing Wildlife Safari and make your time at Murchison Falls more complete.

7-day-lake-victoria-murchison-falls7 Day Luxury Fishing Safari- -Lake Victoria – Murchison Falls

7 Days of Wildlife and Fishing for Africa’s Largest Fresh-Water Fish – The Nile Perch Seven Day Luxury Fishing and Wildlife Safari while staying in some of Uganda’s finest Luxury Lodges.

If Fishing is something you are passionate about – this luxury Fishing Safari is just for you as you staying on a private Island on Lake Victoria, Chobe Lodge along the River Nile and Paraa Lodge where you can fish below the majestic Murchison Falls both from shore or from a boat.

7 days – Lake Victoria and the River Nile at Murchison Falls Park.

Add on Chimpanzee and Rhino Tracking to this Fishing and Wildlife Safari.

9-day-Nile-Perch-Fishing-Safari9-Day Nile Perch Fishing and Wildlife Safari:

This Nile Day Nile Perch Safari takes in four Locations that are all Prime Spots for catching Africa’s most sought after fish by anglers from far and wide – The Nile Perch.

Enjoy a Private Island on Lake Victoria – the exclusive Chobe Safari Lodge on the River Nile, Paraa Lodge along the River Nile and near Murchison Falls and Arra Fishing Lode on the Albert Nile

Nine-Days of fishing with Wildlife and Birds in remote locations in Uganda.  Simply the best choice for avid Fishermen.

You can add on Chimpanzee or Rhino Tracking to this safari.

Uganda is one of the best countries in Africa to visit if you like to experience hauling in the mighty Nile Perch, on Lake Victoria, along the River Nile at Murchison Falls and on Lake Albert in Northern Uganda. We will create and design that perfect Fishing Safari with you in mind combining, the scenery, wildlife and fishing in Uganda in the Pearl of Africa – designing that fishing safari that takes into consideration your time that you have available, the length of days that you have and the locations where you would like to fish…mostly enjoy fishing on one of our Nile Perch Angling Safaris in Uganda.

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