Lodges – Hotels – Tented Camps in Uganda – Rwanda

Lodges – Hotels and Tented Camp for your time on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Hotels – Lodges – Tented Camps that Kabiza Wilderness Safaris uses for our clients on Safari in Uganda and Rwanda

uganda-LodgingHotels, Lodges – the one’s that you choose, or allow a Tour company choose for you determine the quality of your time and stay in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda and the l.

If you pick  the wrong lodge or hotel, if a tour company puts you into a lodge or hotel that is not suited to your tastes and likes your time here will be diminished since your focus will be on what is lacking, or wrong with your hotel and lodge.

Making the right choice in hotels and lodges for your safari in Uganda should not be an afterthought, put a focus of your planning.  Any hotel, or any lodge will not do…what is right for you will however enhance your stay in Uganda…

Choose the right Hotels and or Lodges for your time in Uganda. Note Please:  Hotels and Lodges are supposed to meet certain East African Community Standards – Accommodation inspector will inspect each hotel and lodge and rate it.  Great news but it has not taken place, it is best to rely on a tour operator such as Kabiza Wilderness Safaris who know the various lodges and what past clients have said, plus are aware of TripAdvisor Ratings.

We do not list all hotels and lodges, but only those that have passed our standards which are based on our clients experience – our experience as a safari tour company and Tripadvisor ratings and their response to complaints. We encourage our clients to check the lodges and hotels on the itinerary for your safari for ratings and your verification if this is the right lodge for you.

No tour operator can guarantee 100% lodge satisfaction – Kabiza Wilderness Safaris has their own standards, but it comes down to how the hotel, lodge is on the day you arrive, the action of staff and more.

Boutique-Hotels-Kampala-EntebbeBoutique Hotels in Kampala and Entebbe 

Some of the finest Boutique Hotels found in Kampala and Entebbe Excellent Boutique Hotel both up-market and moderate in price that are in the Kampala and Entebbe area Here are some of the best Boutique Hotels found in the Kampala and Entebbe area ranging from moderate in price to up-market.  When it comes to TripAdvisor ratings Boutique Hotels in Entebbe and Kampala have the best and most consistent ratings for hotels in the area.  Exception would be the Serena Hotel in Kampala.  Boutique Hotels have a more personalized service where you are a name and not a room number and surprisingly with many of them the price is within reach of your pocket-book. Most Boutique Hotels are not located within the downtown area of Kampala but in quieter Residential Areas that discerning clients prefer.

Kampala-Hotels-luxury-to-budgetKampala Hotels from budget to up-market 

Kampala, Uganda -Hotels, Guesthouses and Budget Accommodations Places to stay in Kampala from Budget to 5 Star accommodations Kampala has many choices where you can stay while in Uganda.  From the World Class Serena Hotel where even Queen Elizabeth stayed to a budget hotel such as Marble Arch in Kansanga.  The key is to match your needs, wishes and pocketbook restraints with the just right hotel in Kampala for you and that in most cases means good food to go along with the room. Kampala Bargain Hotels Here are some reasons as to hy to stay in a Bargain Hotel in Kampala…

Murchison-falls-lodgingLodging Choices – Murchison Falls Park-Uganda 

Picking the right lodge for you in Murchison Falls National Park. Lodging Choices in and around  Murchison Falls National Park Budget, Moderate and Up-Market Lodging Accommodations we have chosen based on the feedback of our Clients at Murchison Falls National Park No Safari Tour Company can guarantee that your stay at a safari lodge, tented camp, guesthouse will be 100% to your liking – always read up on the accommodation on TripAdvisor.

Kidepo-Valley-LodgingLodging Choices – Kidepo Valley National Park

Lodging Choices – Where one can stay at Kidepo Valley National Park Your Choices as to where to stay while on Safari in Kidepo Valley Park Kidepo Valley National Park is East-Africa’s more remote park and unlike other Wildlife Parks in Uganda – the lodging choices are more limited and presently there are only three choices for you here.

Once again it is best that you read TripAdvisor reviews before making a choice.

Queen-Elizabeth-Park-LodgingLodging Choices -Queen Elizabeth Park – Uganda 

Lodging Choices in and near Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda Budget, Moderate and Up-Market Lodging Accommodations that you can choose at Queen Elizabeth Park.

No Safari Tour Company can guarantee that your stay at a safari lodge, tented camp, guesthouse will be 100% to your liking and exceed your expectations in regards to quality – check the lodge you are interested in on TripAdvisor just to make sure it is for you.

Bwindi-LodgingLodging Choices in and near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Uganda 

The choices of lodging you have in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Here are some of the choices you have for lodging accommodations in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to over half of the Mountain Gorillas remaining in Africa – and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is also home of some best Birding, hiking, biking, interactive cultural adventures you can embark on.  Picking the right Lodge for your Gorilla Trek – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Lake-Mburo-LodgingLodging Choices in Lake Mburo National Park – Uganda

Choices of Lodging Accommodations in Lake Mburo National Park Different lodges where you can stay during your time in Lake Mburo National Park – Uganda Lake Mburo is the smallest Savannah Safari Park in Uganda and yet many come here for birding safaris, Hikes and Nature Walks, Horseback Riding across the rolling savannah.

In recent times the lodging choices have increased here with several new additions.

Masindi-Ziwa-Budongo-LodgingLodging Choices in Masindi-Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary-Budongo Forest

Lodging Choices in the Masindi Uganda area Better Lodging in the Masindi area of Uganda

The town of Masindi in Uganda is the gateway to Murchison Falls National Park and located near Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Budongo Forest which is a great place for birding and chimpanzee tracking in Uganda.

Lodging choice area also included for Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Budongo Forest.

lake-mutanda-lodgingLake Mutanda – Kisoro – Mgahinga Park  Lodging Choices 

Lodging Accommodation Choices along Lake Mutanda and in Kisoro.

The choices Lodging Accommodations from Budget to up-market – Lake Mutanda – Kisoro Lake Mutanda, one of the most scenic lakes in Africa is to be experienced – below are lodging choices on and near Lake Mutanda where you can stay during your time exploring South Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Semliki-Valley-LodgingLodging Choices in the Semliki Valley 

Lodges that you can choose in the Semliki Valley – Uganda Semliki (Semuliki) Valley Choices of Lodging The Semliki (Semuliki) Valley is an incredible beautiful valley.  The moment you reach the top of the Western Rift Escarpment that leads down to the Semliki Valley that is below.  It is a place of of discovery and solitude in the wild and there are two up-market lodges to choose from one on Lake Albert and one overlooking the Savannah.

Kibale-Forest-LodgingLodging Choices-Kibale Forest National Park 

Choices of Lodging – Kibale Forest Lodge Budget, Moderate and Up-Market Lodging Accommodations that we use in or near Kibale Forest National Par. Lodges that we have chosen over the years and that survived the test of time and where we have not had  negative feedback from our clients.

Kibale Forest is surrounded by various and moderate and better-budget lodges.  The best – luxury lodges are about 45 minute drive from the park.

Tented-Camps-in-UgandaBest Tented Camps in Uganda

Favorite Tented Camps in Uganda picked by our Clients Choice Tented Camp Accommodations in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa Tented Camps fill a special place with Safari goers in Uganda – they have that Authentic Africa feel to them – Africa as one might have imagined only much better. A tented camp safari in Uganda or a safari that mixes in Tented Camps is something most of our clients like.  Please do remember that Tented Camps in Uganda are nothing like going to a State Park for the weekend and using a Tent.  These are permanent tented Camps, most on platforms, thatched roofs over them and en-suite with bath.

top-ten-luxury-lodges-ugandaTop Ten – Up-Market Lodges in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa 

The Top Ten Luxury Lodges found in Uganda Uganda’s Best up-market Lodges in Uganda – simply amazing places, Uganda has some great up-market lodges for you to choose from for your safari in Uganda – lodges that represent the best in Uganda and give you luxurious comfort during your time on Safari.

Here is our list of the ten best luxury lodges in Uganda.  The top lodges that cover the parks and beyond, places that are more than a place where to sleep for the night, but in most cases a memorable experience cherished by our clients.

Romantic-Lodges-in-UgandaRomantic Lodges to stay at in Uganda 

Romantic Luxury Lodges for your stay in Uganda Some of Uganda’s Top Romantic Places to stay  – Honeymoons – Anniversaries – Celebratory Lodges in Uganda.

Celebrate your romantic relationship at some of Uganda’s finest Luxury Lodges ranging from a tropical island retreat to sleeping above the clouds on a mountain in Nkuringo, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Safaris provide an incredible opportunity to renew relationships in the African Wild of Uganda – enjoy your stay in some of Uganda’s most Romantic Lodges.

best-honeymoon-lodges-ugandaBest Honeymoon Safari Lodges in Uganda

The Best Honeymoon Lodges in Uganda – Out of the Ordinary Honeymoon Spots Lodges and places our Clients picked as the best place for their honeymoon in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa Uganda – is one of the best all-around African Honeymoon Destinations.

Uganda, a relative small country combines the best of Africa into a landlocked, small country. Tropical Islands  with Sandy Beaches – to ancient Rainforests with Mountain Gorillas.  Uganda is the best place for an ideal Adventure Honeymoon Safari and here are some of the lodges that our clients have liked the best on their honeymoon.

family-friendly-lodges-UgandaFamily – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Uganda we use for our Family Safaris 

Not every Lodge – is a Family “Kid Friendly” Lodge suited for your Family on Safari Lodges that our Clients on Family Safari have found best  for the Children in Uganda Top  “Kid Friendly” Lodges in Uganda where Families are welcome in Uganda

There are lodges, and then there are lodges where the children are not so welcomes. We have made it easy for you picking some of Uganda’s top kid friendly lodges where the family can enjoy themselves and children can be children.

Enjoy your safari at Kid friendly Lodges in Uganda.

 Hotels – Lodges in Rwanda:Hotels-Lodges-Rwanda

Rwanda has many lodging choices, unlike Uganda Rwanda caters more to the upmarket crown .  If you are planning to visit Rwanda on a shoestrings you will have a tougher time.

Upmarket and moderate lodges abound in Rwanda, budget is a bit tougher to obtain.

The highest prices for lodges are found near Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Kigali, Nyungwe Forest, Akagera Park and around Lake Kivu.

You do get what you pay for – better lodging in Rwanda often comes with a fireplace to take the chill off of the cold nights in high up Rwanda.

No Safari Tour Company can guarantee that your stay at a safari lodge, tented camp, guesthouse, hotel will be 100% to your liking and exceed your expectations in regards to  comfort and quality of room, service and food. Lodging choices either make your safari or cause a Safari disappointment – we give you the power of choice with input as to our experience with the lodge or hotel- go on TripAdvisor and read the reviews – yes a bit of work, but we want you to enjoy Uganda. and Rwanda…

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway – African Journeys


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