Join Pope Francis on his Historic Visit to Uganda – November 2015

Posted by on October 3, 2015

Pope Francis will be the Third Pope to Visit Uganda November 27 to 29 – 2015

Join Pope Francis as he honors the Christian Martyrs of Uganda that laid the foundation of the Christian Faith in Uganda.


You are invited to  “Join Pope Francis on his Historic Visit  – November 2015” for his public appearances , including a Mass at the Martyr’s Shrine in Namugongo  where many of the 22 Catholics and 23 Church of Uganda (Anglican) were executed for their faith and refusal to renounce it by Kabaka (king) Mwanga – many on June 3rd 1886. The 22 Catholics were canonized as Saints over 50 years ago – Pople Francis is coming to honor them and Ugandans of all religious backgrounds.

On the 27th of November 2015 Pope Francis – the man of Humility will be arriving in the Pearl of Africa where Join Pope Francis on his Historic Visit to Uganda - November 2015millions of ordinary Ugandans will greet him, attend various Mass Celebrations and listen to his Sermons. It will be unlike the other two Papal Visits that have taken place in Uganda.

He will be driven around in an ordinary vehicle, not stay in the famed 5-star Serena Hotel, there will be no State Dinners or Luncheons, he might just visit one of our Kampala slums where he eat a common meal of Matoke ( and Beans.

Pope Francis who moves in the spirit of Francis Assisi, who renounced all worldly wealth and pomp, who lived with the poor and was an instrument of reforming the Catholic Church, as is the present Pope.

Ugandans, African visitors to Uganda will be pleasant surprised by the Pope and his ways of humility and grace Pope Francis comes to honor the Ugandan Martyrsthat is quite different from the flashy life-style of ministers in Africa and Uganda.

You have our personal invitation to “Join Pope Francis on his Historic Visit  – November 2015” and we will do our best to make your visit to Uganda and Pope Francis a most memorable one.

We will guide you along what is referred to as the “Martyr’s Trail”, the Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine.Rubaga Cathedral, the landing site of the first Catholic Missionaries and more places of spiritual significance to Catholics and others alike.

Ugandans take their faith in God quite serious and each year several million Catholics gather  at the Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine for an Interfaith Memorial service.  The visit of Pope Francis will be along those lines, millions will greet him wherever he appears in public and the roads from the Entebbe AUganda-the-bestirport will be lined by throngs of people from all religious backgrounds and even from around the world wanting to Join Pope Francis on his Historic Visit to Uganda – November 2015

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa and Ugandans are excited from President Museveni on down about this third historic visit of a Pope to Uganda, the only African nation where a pope will have visited three times.

Uganda is not only a country where you can see and hear the Pope, it is a country that visitors can enjoy beyond a brief religious visit such as Mountain Gorilla Tracking, Chimpanzee Trekking, Wildlife Game drives, the choice is yours depending on your time and budget constraints.

Uganda, is safe, secure and one of the friendliest countries in Africa. it is the Pearl of Africa and what better tinme our-lady-of-kibeho-rwandainclude a Pilgrimage to “Our Lady of Kibeho.” Kibeho is a small town in Rwanda where Our Lady appeared to young people, some of the visions were authenticated by the vatican, some of the visions spoke of the Genocide that was to come.

You can also visit Rwanda’s Sacred Places, some of its 1994 Genocide Memorials. Before you go home to your country, flying out Kigali, spend a few days along the beautiful Lake Kivu with its sandy beaches, great fish like Sambaza, the country’s favorite dish, Meat or Vegetable Brochettes and some of the best coffee in the world – Rwanda’s Bourbon Coffee.

Join Pope Francis on his Historic Visit to Uganda – November 2015 – it will be a most unforgettable time  in your life and a add some time seeing Africa, as you imagined it to be, only better.  From the Pearl of Africa – Uganda…jon



Jon Blanc

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