Internet Access for Visitors to Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on February 2, 2013

Accessing the Internet while visiting Uganda or Rwanda

Stay on Line while visiting Uganda – Rwanda

4-G is now available in Uganda but not in all locations -in  Rwanda it is 3.75-g

Uganda – Rwanda Internet Access for visitorsinternet-access-tourists-ug-rw

The Internet readily available for the visitor, tourist, business person in Uganda.  Up-Market hotels often offer free connection of one type or another.  For others there are many  internet cafes in Uganda or Rwanda that will allow you to connect to the Global Village  via the Internet.

The Internet has greatly improved and you will be able to do most activities online in Rwanda or Uganda that you do at home.  In regards to using your credit card online in an Internet Cafe or other public computer like in a hotel, hostel or lodge.

Laptop – Tablet – iPad:

WiFi is showing up in more and more locations – however at times in restaurant too many will be using the system and the router cannot handle it.  Even lodges in the bush in some location have WiFi now- connection may be intermittent at such locations

With a Laptop if you have no WiFi ability or it or any other means to get online you can buy a usb dongle with usb connection and hook your laptop to the Internet.

If you have are a group – you can purchase a wireless router for about 60 usd that will get up to 5 devices such as iPads – laptops online.

Many visitors use a smart phone of one type or another and get online and it serves their purposes as long as they use local sim cards.

Benefits of having your own connection:

  • Skype, computer to computer calls.
  • Update your blog or website from Uganda or Rwanda
  • Check on your bank account
  • Internet access 24/7
  • More secure than Internet Cafe
  • Book a safari on-line with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris

Enjoy Uganda or Rwanda and in most places you will have internet access

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway – African Journey