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Hiking – Walking Safaris throughout Uganda and Rwanda

The Best Hiking Trails found in Uganda and Rwanda

You do not have to be in a Safari Vehicle all day long – there are countless of opportunities for Hikes and Nature Walk Safaris throughout Uganda and Rwanda

The Explorers and Discoverers and even the Hunters traversed Africa on foot. They were trailblazers, going whereNature-Walks-and-Hiking-through-Uganda.jpg no Westerner had gone before, all on foot. Today most who come to Africa, to Uganda see the sights, the wildlife, the scenic wonders from a vehicle and rarely venture on foot into the real Africa in Uganda or Rwanda.

Things have changed since the Western Explorers and Discoverers came here, even since Winston Churchill biked , hiked and boated across Uganda, today most everyone discovers Uganda and Rwanda from within a Safari Vehicle, the exceptions being Mountain Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Golden Monkey tracking, at least those activities cannot be done from a vehicle but on foot.

Those who do get  out of the vehicle venture and into wild of Africa, or meeting Africans in their villages on foot love it and those walks and hikes became some of their most treasured experiences on their safari in Uganda.

In Uganda and Rwanda the opportunities for nature and hiking abound, from a few hours to 10 days.  One can still have your game drives with a vehicle, but with the added plus of hikes and nature walks in the one of the most scenic areas in Africa.

You can hike through Bwindi Forest and beyond on a two day hike, take a half day to three day hike in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, Climb the Rwenzori Mountains in 8 days, Climb he Virunga Volcanoes, there are three you can hike up in a day in Southwest Uganda, Hike up Mount Elgon on a 5 day hike – Uganda is filled with hiking opportunities.

Rwanda is also a country where you can hike endlessly if you so desire – the Congo Nile Trail is a 10 day hike along Lake Kivu, there are numerous trails in the famed Nyungwe Forest where you can easily spend a week hiking and discovering the largest Rainforest in Africa.

There are plenty of opportunities to get out of the vehicle and go on foot, hikes and nature walks in Uganda and Rwnda, just let us know of your wishes.

Please Note: Below you will not find a complete list of hiking spots in Uganda – Rwanda. They are our picks andy are meant to simply give you a taste of what you can expect hiking in Uganda and Rwanda.

Hikes and Nature Walks in Uganda – some of the best spots for Hiking

hiking-thorugh-Bwindi-Impenetrable-Forest Hiking and Nature Walks in and around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

Hiking Opportunities are plentiful in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, yes you can trek for 5 hours plus but there are many hikes like the famous through Bwindi Hike from Buhoma to Nkuringo which is an all day hike.

Beyond that one you will find many hikes in and around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest that you can enjoy as part of your Safari in Uganda.

You can also experience life as it was for the first people of the Forest – the Batwa People – a half – hike into the forest learning their ancient ways

Visiting the Ik Tribe – The Mountain People of Uganda:visiting-the-Ik-People

Visit the smallest and most remote tribe by hiking up  Mount Morungole to visit the Ik People – the Mountain People of Uganda

The Ik People live high in the Mountains that make up Morungole which is on the border with Kenya and the vast Rift Valley and in Uganda the Kidepo Valley .

This is an all day hiking adventure filled with some of the most stunning scenery and you will meet people of a very different culture.

This is a full day hike, but quite rewarding as you visit the Ik People on Morungole Mountain.

Volcano-Climbs-HikesClimbing the Virunga Volcanoes in Uganda:

You can hike climb three of the Mountains that Cook – the Virunga Volcanoes, called Mufumbiro Mountains. There is Mount Gahinga,Mount  Sabinyo and Mount Muhavura.

They are located in Mgahinga Gorilla Park and it would take you three day-trips to climb all of them.

The climbs and return vary from 6 to 8 hours, you pass through various vegetation zones – the Afromontane zone is most interesting with its giant heathers and lobelia.

It is not a hike for the faint-hearted , on a clear day however it will be most rewarding with the scenery before you.

Mount-Elgon-Sipi-FallsMount Elgon and Sipi Falls Hikes:

One of the best areas in Uganda for hiking. It is located in Eastern Uganda and there are hikes and nature trails for most everyone.

You can climb Mount Elgon itself which was once the tallest mountain in Africa before a volcanic eruption took it down a few notches. The climb to the top where the large caldera is takes 5 days, however there are many day-hikes one can at the lower levels of the mountain.

Sipi Falls also offers hikes from a few hours to all-day ones.  The whole area is most rewarding for hikers and the temperature is just right.  The area is also a training ground for the Ugandan runners including those that partake in Marathons.

Samuel-Florence-BakerThe Sir Samuel and Florence Baker Trail:

Sir Samuel Baker and his wife Florence trekked from Juba in South Sudan to what is now known the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve along Lake Albert in Uganda.

A trail has been created to follow in the footstep, one cannot recommend that you follow the South Sudan portion of the trail due to insecurity, but you can do so safely in Uganda.

This is a new trail and will be a time of discovery, villages, wildlife, Lake Albert and the River Nile including Murchison Falls itself.

You can do any portion of this trail within Uganda.

Hikes-Nature-walks-kibale-forestKibale Forest:

Kibale Forest is where the West African Jungle meets East Africa, the best place in East Africa for Chimpanzee Tracking and what most people do not realize that it is a great to hike in forest. there will birds, primates, antelopes that you will meet along the trail.

There is also the Hike through the forest, where each night you sleep outside of the forest in a village and reenter the forest the next morning.  You can take sections of that hike and make it a daylong hike or make it for three days or longer.  Two great hikes in Kibale Forest.

You can do any portion of the longer Kibale Forest Trail.

top-of-world-hikeCrater Lakes – Top of the World Hike:

Near Kibale Forest at the crater lake, Lake Nyabikere we begin our guided half-Day Crater Lakes – Top of the world hike.

You move through villages, tea plantations as we ascend to the Top of the World from where we can see three crater lakes in a row.

As you reach the top of the world, you can see the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, Kibale Forest, the Crater Lakes, Queen Elizabeth Park in the distance.

This is the most popular hike in the area out of Kibale Forest and Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary.

Amabeere-CavesThe Amabeeere Caves and nearby 3 Crater Lakes:

The Amabeere Caves and the three surrounding Explosion Crater Lakes make it a another interesting half day hike and can be easily taken in on your way to Queen Elizabeth Park or the Rwenzori Mountains.

A local guide will take you down a thick jungle path – boots are a good idea since the path can be quite slippery and wet.  This short walk in the forest leads you to a place where you are greeted by a waterfall that is simply lovely and that tumbles down from the cliff above the cave.

The cave comes with myths and legends that your guide will tell you about.

rwenzori-hiking-adventuresRwenzori Mountain of the Moon Hikes in the Foothills:

Explore the Foothills of the Mountain of the Moon – the Rwenzoris staying in the Village of Ruboni where you experience the Culture of the Keepers of the Mountains – the Bakonzo People.

There are various foothill hikes and some involve steep climbs, while others are through the forest, see the wildlife that is there, at times even forest elephants, monkeys, three-horned chameleons, Rwenzori Turaco Birds, even learn how to fish with your hands in a mountain stream.

The  three-day hike into the Rwenzori Mountains called the Mahoma Trail is also an option and the 8 day Rwenzori Mountains Climb which is the tallest Mountain Range in Africa.

mgahinga-park-hikesMgahinga Gorilla Park Hikes:

Mgahinga is not only home to the Mountain Gorillas, but home to many fabulous hikes from half-day to full-day such as the Border Trail that goes along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Sabyinyo Forest Trail.

There is a half-day hike called the Batwa Trail where you enter the forest with the original people of the forest, the Batwa Pygmies and learn their ancient ways when they had a low ecological footprint on their surroundings. They were evicted from the forest when National Parks such as Mgahinga Gorilla Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest were formed.

Hiking through Uganda on Foot – Adventure Safari:14-day-hiking-through-Uganda-Safari

14 Day Hiking Safari through Uganda – the Pearl of Africa See Uganda on foot – a unique one of a kind experience in Uganda 14 days hiking through the Pearl of Africa – a most unusual experience and a one of a kind safari tour offer in Uganda.

On this safari – you are out of the car and seeing Uganda on foot – hiking and walking through the Pearl of Africa. Hiking through Uganda is a one of a kind safari experience -not to be missed.

Uganda offers endless opportunities for hiking through the Pearl of Africa.

Hikes and Nature Walks in Rwanda:

volcanoes-national-park-hikingVolcanoes National Park Hikes:

Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is filled with hiking trails.  Most only go Gorilla Tracking and Golden Monkey tracking, but there are other hikes for you to enjoy.

There are the Volcano Climbs that are an all-day hikes, Mount Karisimbi, the only snow-capped mountain in Rwanda is a tough two-hike and you stay overnight just below the summit.  You reach the summit early in the morning on the second day.

One other trail that stands out is the half-day trail to the Dian Fossey Research Station and her gravesite and the graves of her beloved Mountain Gorillas that were killed by poachers.

Nyungwe-Forest-Hiking-TrailsNyungwe Forest Hikes:

Nyungwe Forest has lots of hiking trails, including one to the Source of the Nile in Rwanda, there is a 3-4day hike on the Congo-Nile Divide Trail.

There are over 130 kilometers of hiking trails found here in Nyungwe Forest which is the largest rainforest in East Africa, there is also the only Tree-Canopy Walk where you can see primates, birds up in the tree-tops, in most cases looking down upon them

Rwanda has promoted hiking and the 130 kilometers of Trails in Nyungwe Forest speaks to that.

Congo-Nile-Trail-hikingCongo- Nile Trail:

The Congo – Nile Trail is neither near the Congo or the Nile River- however the area provides a watershed for both Rivers.

The Congo Nile Trail is a 227 kilometer trail along the scenic Lake Kivu that extends from Rubavu, continues through Rutsiro via the Karongi, Nyamasheke districts and ends at Rusizi District.

It is an amazingly beautiful trail with scenery that will energize you on this 10 hike that winds along Lake Kivu. Coffee and Tea Plantations, Villages, definitely off of the beaten path.  The trail can be followed for as many days as you have.

Hiking – Walking Safaris Advice and Tips for Uganda Rwanda:Hiking-Walking-Safaris-Tips-Advice-Uganda

Walking – Hiking Safari Advice for taking Hikes in both Uganda and Rwanda.  There is a big difference between hiking the Cascade Trail in the Northwest and hiking in Africa

Here are some  practical tips and advice that you might find helpful. Tips as to what to wear, even that depends if you are hiking in or near the Virunga Volcanoes or if you are on a hike in a Savannah Park such as Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda.

Be prepared and read our Hiking Tips and Advice.  You will find it quite helpful since hiking in Africa is a bit different from what you are used too.

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