Gorilla Permits in Uganda in 2015

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\Obtaining Gorilla Permits in Uganda for 2015

Obtain your Gorilla Permits for Uganda in a timely manner to have your visit with the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda

How and Where to get Gorilla Permits for 2015 for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda

Obtaining-your-Gorilla-Permits-in-Uganda-for-2013In 2012 and 2013 the number of visitors to Uganda greatly increased for many reasons and one of them was that Lonely Planet proclaimed Uganda as best country to visit in 2012 and in 2013 National Geographic named Uganda as one of the best travel destinations. In 2014  The trend is continued  with an increase in the number of habituated Gorilla families and more visitors to see them – In 2015 the trend of increased visitors will continue and a time with the Mountain Gorillas takes planning.

Visiting the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda is not as simple as going on a game drive anywhere else in Africa where you simply enter the park with your vehicle and see the wildlife there.  With Mountain Gorillas there are procedures to follow for Gorilla Permits and one does not simply show up at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and get gorilla permits for that day.  Visiting the Mountain Gorillas takes planning and it is best to plan especially if you want to include a visit to the Mountain Gorillas in your safari in Uganda.

What is the best way to get Gorilla Permits in Uganda?

Some try to get their own permits through Uganda Wildlife Authority and one can do so. However it is not as simple as going on line in the west and paying something with PayPal.  No credit card payments are accepted by Uganda Wildlife Authority presently – it has to be done through bank to bank transfers.

Visit various travel forums and you will find people who have tried to get permits and have become frustrated with phone numbers that did not work (there is a time zone difference) and emails not being answered, the same applies to Rwanda.

The best way to get gorilla permits is to go on a safari with a Ugandan tour operator and note the word Ugandan.  Uganda is fast on the way of becoming a top tourist destinations and safari tour operators from near and far want a part of what they see is a most lucrative market, however those foreign tour operators either have to get their permits through a Ugandan Safari Tour Operator or Uganda Wildlife Authority, meaning you will pay extra.

Deal with a Uganda Safari Tour Operators that are close to the source of Gorilla Permits the Uganda Wildlife Authority .  The most reliable Safari Tour Companies will be members of AUTO, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators.  There are hundreds of Tour Operators that operate within and outside of Uganda however the most reliable will be those belonging to AUTO.Members of AUTO have a close relationship with Uganda Wildlife Authority and can take the permit worry out of your planning stage. An AUTO member has online gorilla access where a non-AUTO Tour Operator does not.

The Key to obtaining permits is planning well ahead of time especially with the increase of visitors to Uganda, Rwanda going to 750 usd gorilla permit prices and the instability in Eastern Congo.  Uganda is one of the most favorable countries for Gorilla tracking, not only because of price and security but that you can create a total wildlife, gorilla, adventure safari in Uganda.  Uganda is much more than a gorilla stopover.

Safari Tour Operators such as ourselves who have a good working relationship with Uganda Wildlife Authority will get back to you quickly and notify you of gorilla permit availability.

Permit Availability for 2015

If you are planning to go Gorilla Tracking in June, July, August, September, also December the time to book your permits and safari is now and deal with a member of AUTO since they have no limit as to the number of permits that they can buy which is especially important if you like to track gorillas twice during your stay in Uganda. Discounted Gorilla Permits are available at the price of 350 usd in April, May and November of 2015.

Everyone involved in Tourism wants you to enjoy your time in Uganda and your visit with the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, plan now and avoid the disappointment of no permit by waiting too long…Enjoy your time with the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda.

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