Practical Gorilla Habituation Experience – Information – Tips – Advice

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Gorilla Habituation Experience – Information – Tips – Advice –

Practical Tips and Advice for a Experiential Gorilla Habituation Experience Safari

All you need to know about the Gorilla Habituation Experience in Rushaga – Bwindi Forest – Uganda. 

Here are Practical Gorilla Habituation Experience – Information – Tips – Advice – For an all-day (4 hours with the Gorillas) Gorilla Habituation Experience in the Rushaga area of Southern Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  The Experience is very different from a 1 hour with a Gorilla Family Trek. 

There are two Gorilla Groups being habituated in Bwindi Impenetrable Fores, it id a process that takes up to two years.  There are only 4 spaces for visitors with each group compared to a normal group.

Another Pure Life Experience – a Mountain Gorilla Experiential Adventure found only in Uganda. Over 60% of our trekking clients pick the Habituation over the normal Trek.

Rwanda’s Gorilla Permits for one hour with a group is 1500 USD – the Habituation Experience, on the other hand, is  4 hours with a Family and only 4 visitors is 1500 USD – you compare.  The Habituation Experience gives you the best experience for your Money

Practical Experiential Gorilla Habituation Experience – Information – Tips – Advice – all you need to about the Habituation Experience


Best Time of Year for a Gorilla Habituation Experience:

A Gorilla Habituation Experience is an investment of 500 USD for one permit, one wants to make sure that one goes on this activity at the right time of the year – what is the dry season or high season.

If you go during the dry or high season, it also means that spaces for your Gorilla Habituation Trek may not be there and choice lodges may already be booked.

Planning is the key and we would suggest that you plan the Gorilla Habituation Experience at least 6 months before your planned safari, to make sure that there is a space for you.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a rainforest and it can rain all year-long, normally during the night or early morning hours.  The Best time of the year is the same as for Gorilla Trekking.

Getting to Rushaga for the Gorilla Habituation Experience:

There are many roads that lead to Rushaga for a Gorilla Habituation Experience.

Drive from Entebbe or Kampala:  That is a long drive of about 10 hours, it can be broken up if you take in other parks such as Kibale Forest and Lake Mburo Park which cut down your long drive times.

Fly to Kisoro from Entebbe with Aerolink:  This is a  1 1/2 hour scenic flight and then a 45-minute drive to Rushaga.

Fly into Kigali, Rwanda and take the 3-hour drive to the Rushaga Area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which has become a frequent option for those going on a Gorilla Habituation Experience.

Safaris with the Gorilla Habituation Experience:

We have a few Gorilla Habituation Experience listed on the link above on our site.  Here is the good news.  Any Safari with Gorilla Trekking can be changed to a Gorilla Habituation Experience Safari.

It may mean that the safari might be adjusted in regards to lodging and drive-times, however, in most cases, there is no problem including the Gorilla Habituation Experience instead of Gorilla Trekking.

There are 4 entry points for Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, only one where the Habituation Team meet, Rushaga allows you to go on a Gorilla Habituation Experience.

Since the beginning of the Gorilla Habituation Experience, we have taken many satisfied clients on the all-day experience. on a primate safari.

Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits:

Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits are 1500 usd each. In order to get them, you must go through an AUTO Tour Operator such as ourselves.

You will not find the Permits listed on the Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs page but again use the Tour Operator.

Once you tell us that you would like to go on a Gorilla Habituation Experience we contact the Uganda Wildlife Autjprt. Within 24 hours we will let you know about the availability of permits.

It is a different procedure from normal gorilla trekking but in our experience, it has worked well.  Thus far all of our Habituation Safaris have taken place like we originally planner

The Gorilla Habituation Experience costs too Much:

The Gorilla Habituation Experience is the most expensive activity in Uganda.  1,500 USD is a lot of money for a one day – 4 hours with the Gorillas experience.

1 hour of being with the Gorillas in Rwanda is 1500 USD -in Uganda 1500 USD gives you 4 hours with the gentle giants of the forest.

The 1500 USD all day trek in Rushaga costs more, but then you are on all day trek that includes 4  hours with the Gentle Giants of the Forest.

The experience with the Kings of the Ancient Forest is worth the permit price that is asked of 1500 USD.

Gorilla Habituation Experience Lodging:

There are many lodges in and around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, most are located in the Buhoma area of the Park.

Lodging for the Gorilla Habituation Experience is best in the Rushaga or the Nkuringo area of the park near the entrance into the Forest.

Forty minutes from Rushaga you can stay at the exclusive Clouds Mountain Lodge and the upmarket Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge.

Those are the best options with no complaints from clients we have had stay there.

What to wear and bring along on your Gorilla Habituation Experience Trek:

The suggestions for a Habituation Experience are the same as for a Gorilla Trek with some additions.

You will need a Daypack that is waterproof, lunch from the lodge, add some snacks, 3 liters of bottled water. Rain Jacket or Poncho, long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, sturdy gardening gloves, hat.

We would also suggest insect repellents, not many mosquitoes here, but flies

For extra comfort and to free yourself up while trekking we recommend that you use a walking stick and engage the services of a porter.

You are all set for the Gorilla Habituation Experience.

Gorilla Habituation Experience Rules:

The Rules and Guidelines are the same for Gorilla Habituation Experience as they are for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda.

Your state of health is of importance that you do not infect the gorillas with what you have.

If you are ill on day of the Gorilla Habituation – you will need to cancel

The distance you keep from the gorillas, the use of no flash, no eating, drinking or smoking in the presence of the gorillas.

No loud noise, and just cower down when a gorilla approaches you.

Our Commitment:

Experiential Gorilla Treks and now Gorilla Habituation Safaris represent an investment by you.  Our commitment is to give you a memorable Experiential Gorilla Adventure Safari, and that includes Gorilla Habituation Experience Safaris.

We will update you along the path of planning your Gorilla Habituation Experience Safari. Our Tour Guides know the ins and outs of the Gorilla Habituation Experience and give you one of the Best activities in all of East Africa.

Kabiza Wilderness has become a leader in this one of a kind experience in the Rushaga Area of Bwindi Forest.

Uganda is the only country that offers the Gorilla Experiential Habitutation Experience Safaris at the same time as Rwanda offers for one hour.  We want you to enjoy the Pearl of Africa, including time with the gentle giants of the forest in Bwindi Forest.

Contact us and we will create for you a memorable safari in the heart of Africa.

Practical Gorilla Habituation Experience – Information – Tips – Advice – hopefully this has been most helpful to you as you are thinking about going on a Gorilla Habituation Experience in the Rushaga area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. Yes, it costs more, but you are on an all-day Trek and with the mountain gorillas for 4 hours.

Gorilla Habituation Experience – Information – Tips – Advice – Please contact us with any questions that you might have about this once in a lifetime experience.



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