Discover Africa on a Multi -Generational Family Safari in Uganda

Posted by on June 15, 2013

The Pearl of Africa – provides the perfect setting for a Multi-Generational Family Safari

We specialize in Kid Friendly Multi-Generational Safaris – Family where the Family joins together for an African Adventure Safari

Family-Safaris-in-UgandaEach year we have several multi-generational Families go on a Safari with us in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.  At times it is over a dozen Family Members taking in their first African Safari and in many cases their first multi-generational holiday anywhere.

Africa, Uganda provides that perfect backdrop, that perfect setting  for a family sharing the adventure experience of their time on Safari in the heart of Africa – Uganda.Uganda

Grandparents, parents from various parts of the world want their family to discover and share the experience of being in the African Wild on a family safari creating lasting memories, times of bonding, sharing experiencing the African wilderness.

At times such multi-generational safaris are a gift to the family from grandpa and grandma while at other times a multi-generational safari are a gift to the grandparents – no matter what such times normally turn out simply fantastic and everyone enjoys their time on Safari, something they might only have read about in books, or seen on a nature special on TV.

A time in Africa on a Safari experiencing the wildlife, the primates, the exotic birds and plants, the scenic wonders of Africa in it is pearl – Uganda. A time to get away from it all as a family, no Facebook, no I pad, no phone, just each other and the experience on the journey ahead, the safari the Swahili word for Journey – an on a safari it is not the destination but the journey, both inner and outer as a family and in this case – a multi-generational Journey – Safari.

Kabiza-Family-Safari-GuideWe love preparing Multi-Generational  Safaris for you based on our extensive experience in preparing “out of the box” safari for countless of families with children.  Each year we do about a half a dozen of multi-generational safaris and we began to realize that this was a new trend in African safaris.

Family Safaris are different from normal African safaris, they are designed with the children in mind and we use only children friendly lodgings, we use the right vehicles, and most important is that we have a group of child-friendly driver tour-guides, sometimes we even have nannies for the safari.

We have programs while on safari and extensive resources in preparing your family for a multi-generational safari in Uganda and no one will get bored – we keep the fun in safari.  We do not use standard itineraries but handcraft itineraries designed for your family and along your wishes, no pre-fab safaris, but one designed for you and your multi-generational family…enjoy your time in Uganda…

Kabiza-Family-SafarisOur Family Safaris:

Here are our Family Safaris in Uganda – Rwanda – great for intergenerational safaris.  Safaris that the whole family can enjoy – grandparents on down to grandkids.

We have done quite a few of intergenerational safari, in some cases we have had to use two safari vehicles due to the number of family members.

Family Safaris create lasting members for all in the heart of Africa – A safari is not like a trip to the zoo – but a time in the African wild and there is nothing to compare with Authentic Africa.

Family Safaris – one of our Specialties in Uganda – Rwanda.

Our-Safari-layaway-planLayaway Safaris: 

Ways you can pay for your family safari? One way – is with our popular Layaway Safari Plan.

It works with you paying 20% down, the balance via monthly installment payment – the amount is your choice – final payment is 30 days prior to the safari.

The reason that this way of payment is so popular is simple – most often the safari is paid for before you come and you do not have the burden of paying for it on your mind while you are on safari.

We will work with you in any way possible for you to enjoy your time in Africa on a family safari.

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway, African Journeys