Common Sense – The Rule of the Day on a Safari – Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on October 5, 2016

Do not leave “Common Sense” at Home while going on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Common Sense – The Rule of the Day on a Safari – Uganda – Rwanda – it will keep you safe on Safari

Common Sense – The Rule of the Day on a Safari – Uganda – Rwanda – It is Common Sense along with a dash of adventure and awe along with a sprinkle of patience and a sense of Humor that will make your time on Safari enjoyable, safe, secure.  Do not do in Africa what you would not do at home.

Common Sense – The Rule of the Day on a Safari – Uganda – Rwanda- An African Safari is not a visit to a zoo in the west, but you are in the African Wild in Uganda or Rwanda.  The Mountain Gorillas you are visiting are not in a zoo, in fact they are not found in any zoo in the world, the Chimpanzees are wild, though habituated, which means that they are used to Humans.  The crocodiles are not behind a fence, but along a river or lake.  The hippos are not placid animals that they appear to be, but kill more humans than any other animal in Africa.

A Safari, a visit to Africa – to Uganda and Rwanda is most enjoyable, safe and secure if a liberal sense of Common Sense is applied – that common Sense begins with listening – listening to your Driver-Guide, the Rangers and Trackers you will be with on your safari here.  They are concerned for your well-being, safety and want you to enjoy your time on Safari – rarely if ever does a Tourist encounter any problems  – it always begins with Common Sense.

Common Sense is still the Rule of the Day while on a Safari Holiday in Uganda – Rwanda.

Common Sense – The Rule of the Day on a Safari – Uganda – Rwanda – Practical Tips – Advice

Driver-Guide – your Common Sense on Safari:

Our Driver-Guides know Uganda and Rwanda – they do not need a map as to how to get around, they know the latest road outages, know where the wildlife is, know Ugandan and Rwandan Cultures and Etiquette and have a lot of common sense with a dash of local knowledge and culture.

Our Drivers have been called guardian angels, friends like a brother, much of it can be attributed to their common sense, their sense of customer Service desiring to keep client safe, secure and healthy while on Safari.

You may come with Common Sense but it helps to have that Local – Cultural Common Sense.

We will do our best to match the right Driver-Guide for your safari, in the case of Family Safaris we use a “Kid-Friendly” Safari-Driver Guide” – it all comes down to common sense.

Ugandan or Rwandan Rangers – Add Common Sense to your Treks, Climbs, Hikes:

You are in unfamiliar territory when you trekking Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys in Uganda.

You do not see what a Ranger sees while hiking or on a Nature Walk. You need guidance climbing Volcanoes, or the Mountains of the Moon.

The Rangers bring years of experience and bring a lot of common sense to your safari experience in Uganda or Rwanda.

Their mission is to show you what you might miss, keep you safe and secure and create a great experience for you.

Responsible Tourism Practices- are simply common sense:

Responsible Tourism Practices are simply common sense principles applied on Safari.

On Game Drives – no-off road driving, no getting out of a vehicle on a game drive unless the ranger gives his or her consent.

Each activity from Gorilla Trekking to Volcano climbing bring their own common sense principles that need to be applied – Our Driver-Guide, the Rangers make sure of that in a polite and friendly way.

Africa for most visitors is common sense unchartered territory, we do our best to make it most enjoyable.

Safety and Security Common Sense for Travelers  to Uganda:

Safety and Security is a big concern for many travelers to Uganda – Rwanda. Common Sense is an integral part of staying safe here while on Safari.

Do not do here what you would not do in your home-country.  The safest place to be is on a safari.  You are not stumbling around on your own but guided with a plan and a driver-guide.

One way that people may lose their practical common sense is on a night out in Kampala. When alcohol fuels your senses, you may lose the common sense factor.

Both Uganda and Rwanda are safe countries to visit, especially for those on a safari.

Common Sense – don’t leave it at home – bring it on Safari  – If you have any questions – please contact us.


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