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Posted by on February 19, 2014

Uganda Safari Preparation

Simply Practical information, advice and tips about going on a Safari in Uganda

Safari Tips and Advice for your time in Uganda

Going-to-Uganda-East-AfricaGoing on a Safari in Uganda?  It all begins with Preparation – gathering information – planning the Safari – from Immunizations to getting your visa, from budgeting for the safari to planning your itinerary about what you do not want to miss in Uganda and what activities you would like take part in such as visiting the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda, chimpanzee tracking, volcano Climbing and much more.

Uganda is adventure country  from wildlife to white water rafting – depending on your wishes – your Safari is an Adventure in the Pearl of Africa Uganda. Below you will find some information that will make your safari a pleasure – an adventure in the African Wild of Uganda. Enjoy your Safari (journey) in Uganda…from Kampala…jon

Uganda for Dummies – a simple Travel Guide to Uganda 

Prepare-for-your-safari-in-UgandaPrepare for your trip to Uganda

If you are planning a trip to Uganda – it begins with preparation for that trip to the Pearl of Africa.  Your journey (safari) to Uganda will be enriched by the time that you invest in preparing for your time in Uganda.  Your  safari tour will have an added dimension to it by you preparing for your Ugandan Safari.  Simple things like reading Ugandan Newspapers on-line to purchasing a copy of the Uganda, 6th (Bradt Travel Guide Uganda).  Trip preparation enhances the time that you have in Uganda.

Packing-for-your-safari-in-UgandaPacking for a Safari in Uganda

Packing for a Safari in Uganda – keep it to just the essentials and keep it light – most people over pack  – bring along a good book,Uganda, 6th (Bradt Travel Guide Uganda). For Safari, pack clothing, neutral in color – bring along some insect repellant – the Australian Rid product is most effective against mosquitoes and even Tsetse flies.  If you are hiking, gorilla or chimpanzee tracking – pack a light pair of boots.  If you are going on a flying safari in Uganda – best to pack light.  Packing for your flying safari in Uganda 

Top-10-things-to-bring-on-SafariTop Ten Things to bring on Safari in Uganda 

The most important Things to Bring on Safari Helpful things to bring on Safari in Uganda Safari Essentials for your time in Uganda Common Sense along with a dash of adventure and awe along with a sprinkle of patience and a sense of Humor.

An African Safari is not a visit to zoo – it is the wild of Africa you will be visiting and here are some practical things not to leave at home and bring.

what-to-wear-on-safariWhat to wear on Safari in Uganda:

Keep it simple – Plain and Practical for your comfort while on Safari in Uganda – definitely do not try to look like big Bwana on Safari – comfortable, jeans, otherwise neutral colors, sturdy shoes, a hat come in handy for most. Khaki is good for its color, easy to wash and feels good as you wear it.  A rain jacket also comes in quite handy and long-sleeved shirts provide good protection for you.

The key is casual, plain and practical – enjoy your safari in Uganda.

What to wear Gorilla Tracking.  The kind of shoes needed for a safari in Uganda.  Binoculars for your African Safari in Uganda 

Choosing-a-Safari-CompanyChoosing the right Safari Tour Company in Uganda 

Picking the Safari Tour Company for my upcoming Safari in Uganda How do I make the right choice in picking the right Uganda Safari Tour Company for me? Choosing a Safari Tour Company in Uganda There are over 500 safari tour companies in Uganda – there are less than 200 registered and licensed safari tour companies – it is best to pick a member of  the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

It is important that you have a Safari Tour operator that understands you and your wishes for your time in Uganda.

It is best to use a Uganda Tour Operator who knows what is happening in Uganda today.

 use-a-Ugandan-Tour-OperatorBuy Local – go on Safari with a Ugandan Tour Operator 

If you go on Safari with a Ugandan Tour Operator it is a Win – Win Situation for All Buy Locally – Book your Safari with a Ugandan Tour Operator and save money while getting the best for your money.

Deal directly with a knowledgeable Ugandan Safari Tour Operator such as Kabiza Wilderness Safariu and get the best price on you safari in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.  You will always get a more knowledgeable Tour Operator bu buying local, by buying Ugandan.

Go with a Tour Operator located within Uganda.

design-your-own-safari-in-ugandaDesign yourown Safari in Uganda:

Being part of designing your own safari in Uganda increases the anticipation of your time in Uganda – we take your input and handicraft it into the African Dream Safari that you wish for.

You pick the activities such as Gorilla Tracking, you pick the lodging facilities or indicate the kind that you want – add days – budget and your safari itinerary and will put it together according to your wishes.  There is nothing like a safari that is beyond mere brochures – reflecting you.

enhance-time-on-safariPractical Tips that will enhance your time on Safari in Uganda 

Things and Tips that will make your Uganda Safari Experience more complete How to create a memorable African Safari in 2014 An African Safari in Uganda is more than a routine vacation trip – for most it is a trip of a life-time, an experience which will life-long memories for most visitors to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

Here are some ways you can enhance your time in the Pearl of Africa and simply enjoy.

Planning is the most important thing yo can do and knowing what to plan for.

responsible-tourism-safarisResponsible Tourism Travel Safari Tips for Uganda 

Simple Responsible Tourism Eco-Friendly Safari Tips that will enhance your time in Uganda A Code of Conduct for Safari Visitors to Uganda that respects Ugandan Communities –the Environment – the Wildlife.

Before you arrive for your Safari in Uganda Participate in planning your safari by taking an active part in planning your safari and we will assist in creating a responsible tourism Safari for just you in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

Take nothing – but memories and pictures – leave nothing behind but footprints.

Group-or-Private-Safari-UgandaGroup or Private Safari?

Kabiza Wilderness offers both group and private safaris – see what the difference is.

There are some major differences between a group and private safari…the biggest difference is that with a private safari it is you who chooses and not some set itinerary – you are in control of what you would like to do and see in Uganda and no one else.


The choice is yours – a group or private Safari

Safari-lodging-tipsSafari Lodging Tips and Advice in Uganda:

If you look at many itineraries on-line and if you checked lodging facilities that were selected for you, the quality would often be what I would call abysmal, even when it comes to budget facilities we only use better budget facilities that in most cases they have self-contained rooms.  Lodging is an important aspect of your safari in Uganda and we do not take it lightly.  If our clients complain about a lodging accommodation facility – our response – it goes off our list and we remove our recommendation of it  from our website. We feel that if you are staying in a substandard accommodation it takes away from your overall safari experience in Uganda.

safari-driver-or-guideSafari Driver or Tour Guide?

You can always find a driver in  Uganda – the  need is for a driver that is also a tour guide.  At Kabiza Wilderness Safaris we handpick the tour guides based on their past experience and also we use the feedback from our clients. 

Customer service and satisfaction is foremost on the minds of our guides who will go beyond the expected norm to make your safari in Uganda a success.  As said – you can always find a driver in Uganda, but you need one to get you there and who knows Uganda, the parks, the wildlife, the culture and more

Our-Safaris-UgandaKabiza Wilderness Safaris – our Safaris 

The Safari Tours Kabiza Wilderness Safari Offers in Uganda Our Safari Tour offerings in the Pearl of  Africa – Uganda Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – There is only one thing that we do – Create memorable Safaris in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda We offer quality Better Budget and Luxury Private Safaris in the Pearl of Africa.

Our Safaris include Honeymoon, Family, Fishing, Biking, Hiking safaris in Uganda, combined safaris that include Rwanda and Rwanda Safaris

There is only one thing that we do “Create Memorable Safaris in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda and the Land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda.”

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway, African Journeys