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Kidepo Valley Park – Informational Guide

Kidepo Valley Park – one of Africa’s most remote and scenic Wildlife Parks

Kidepo Valley Park – one could give you the statistics  as to how many species of or that are found at the park – but the park is beyonkidepo valley park thumb1 Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   Adviced statistics –beyond mere  numbers and dry facts – Kidepo Valley Park in Uganda represents the best of the Wild of Africa and must be experienced first-hand.

Kidepo Valley Park is a must for the one that wants to see untouched Africa, Africa without the crowds, authentic Wild Africa is found at its best at Kidepo Valley Park.

Hard to get to – You either fly in which is very expensive or you drive to the park  – and the drive takes a lot of time due to the distance. The accommodation facilities are few, expensive or it is simply roughing it – Reasons why many bypass the Park.  (2000-3000 visitors per year) in spite of being the best area for wildlife in Uganda and some unique and enriching cultural experience with Karamajong people that live around the park.

Kidepo Valley Park Landscapes are never-ending and simply take your breath away – and a stillness only broken by the cry from the wild – the sounds of the winds sweeping through the valley – you are amazed that such a place as Kidepo Valley Park even exists – an abundance of wildlife – stunning scenery and an absence of people, no caravans of vehicles meandering down the game tracks- it is simply you- a scene from Karen Blixen or Ernest Hemingway – mindful of the Africa as you imagined but rarely find.

Lions in abundance-especially during the dry season of the year (even some tree climbing ones) – Elephant and Buffalo herds roaming – Giraffe – leopards – cheetahs – wild dogs – ostriches –the bat eared fox, striped hyena, aardwolf, caracal, and hunting dog – antelopes such as eland, bush buck, bush duskier, defassa water buck, bohor reed buck, jackson’s hartebeest and oribi.  There is an abundance of birds including many raptors – Kidepo Valley National Park has much to offer to the visitor who has the cash to fly in or the stamina to drive in – but what awaits the visitor here is well worth the flight or drive here. This remote park in Uganda offers only the best of the Wild of Africa – it is beyond Kodak moments – it is a true experience in the African Wild.

A five or six-day safari here is best if you use a tour operator such as Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – a four-day one if you fly there– both means of getting here add cost – but one has to consider what one experiences  at Kidepo Valley National Park – an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in East Africa…

Kidepo Valley Park – information – tips and advice:

 Kidepo Valley Park remote unvisited Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   AdviceRemote and Unvisited:

Kidepo Valley National Park –  is one of East Africa’s most remote and unvisited park.  It takes time, effort or money to get here.  You can fly to Kidepo Valley Park, but that is an added expense that some cannot afford.

The journey for most to Kidepo Valley National Park is from Kampala to Kitgum with an overnight stay there.  The next day you enter Kidepo Valley Park.

You can also take in Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon first and then proceed to the following day to Kidepo Valley National Park.

Things have changed and more visitors are wanting to visit Kidepo Valley Park.  Those who take the long journey to the park – or those who fly into the park find that it was the best choice for a savannah Park in Uganda.

Kidepo Valley Park Game Drives Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   AdviceGame Drives:

Kidepo Valley National Park Game Drives are tracks where you can encounter the Wild of Africa without the crowds.  This remote – unvisited  park allows you to see the best of Africa while on a game drive.

Game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park depend on where you stay – if you stay at Apoka Lodge you will find that two activities a day such as game drives are included in the price of the room per night,

Other lodges such as Nga Mmoru or the Uganda Wildlife Authority Bandas mean that like in other wildlife parks we take you in our safari vehicle on game drives. We always use a Uganda Widlife Authority Ranger who comes on board with weapon for your protection.

Kidepo Valley Park – some of the best game drives in all of Uganda.

 Kidepo Valley Park Nature Walks Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   AdviceNature – Bush Walks:

Kidepo Valley Park has some great places for Nature and Bush Walks.  There is nothing like taking in the African Wild on foot and there are not many better places to do so than Kidepo Valley Park.

There are also places outside of the park area where you can go for a hike such as an all day hike up the Monrungole Mountains to visit the Ik People. one of the smallest tribes in Uganda.

There are many places within the park where you can hike and or climb including Idi Amin’s dream lodge that was never completed while he was president of Uganda – maybe in the future as more visitors come to the park it will be.

Be sure to let us know that you would like to go on a nature walk or hike while visiting Kidepo Valley National Park.

 kidepo valley park birding Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   AdviceBirding – Kidepo Valley Park:

Kidepo Valley Park is a great place for birders that also would like to enjoy wildlife in the remote Kidepo Valley Park.

Kidepo is notable for its birds of prey. Of the 56 species recorded, 14 – including Verreaux’s Eagle, Egyptian Vulture and Pygmy Falcon – are believed to be endemic to the Kidepo and Karamoja region. There has, however, been no comprehensive survey of birds in Kidepo and visitors stand a good chance of adding to the current list.
Kidepo Valley Park is the only park in Uganda where you can find the common ostrich which is certainly a sight to see.  Ostrich Eggs are harvested for breeding purposes by Uganda Wildlife Authority in order to increase number ostriches in Kidepo Valley National Park.
Kidepo Valley Park – a great place for birders.

 Karimajong Village (Manyatta) Visit:visiting a Manyatta Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   Advice

The Karimajong People are Warrior – Nomads – the Karamoja region has often been called the Wild West of Uganda. When Uganda was a British Protectorate – they simply left this area alone.  Their pride is their cattle and in the past cattle raids were the rule of the day.

Things have calmed down in recent years and the Karimajong have been disarmed and have become a lot more passive in nature.  Cattle is still king, however subsistence farming has become a lot more common

This is an arid regions and people have to walk miles in order to find water, on the other hand at times their have been floods here wreaking havoc among the people who live here.

This is a cultural visit that you will find most interesting and give you insights into Authentic Africa and in particular insights into the Karimajong People who live and who are related to the Maasai.

A Visit to the Ik People:Hike up Mount Morungole visit the Ik People Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   Advice

You will need an early morning start to climb up into the Monrungole Mountains for a visit with the Ik Tribe.  One of the original tribes in the in the Northeast Uganda area.

They were here long the Karimajong entered their land.  Today they number around 10,000.  The first University Student from the Ik Community is enrolled at Kampala International University.  She is doing well.

Colin Turnbull wrote a somewhat negative book entitled “The Mountain People” about the Ik which has been disproved – he had tried to prove that the Ik people were incapable of loving.

This will be one of the highlights of your time in Uganda – learn the ways and culture of the Ik People.

Uganda Safari Tips Advice Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   AdviceSafari Tips – Advice – Information:

Practical tips – advice and information that will make your safari a success in Uganda – it begins with preparation while you are at home in your country with things such as a Bradt Travel Guide which is great reading material.  There is what to wear while on safari in Uganda, gorilla tracking and what to wear while on a savannah safari.

What shoes to wear, about binoculars, photo tips while gorilla tracking, the top ten things to bring on a safari, journaling, packing for a safari, safari lodging advice and more.

More information about safari going in Uganda than you will need.  We wrote this for our clients who often had questions, here they find answers and more.

A safari begins with preparing at home – it is a trip of a life-time.  This page will help you along the way.

 Safaris that take in Kidep0 Valley Park:Our Kidepo Valley Park Safaris Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   Advice

Here are Safaris that take in Kidepo Valley Park.  If you do not see what you would like to do and see in Uganda.  Kidepo Valley National Park.

Kidepo Valley Park is not just another safari in Africa but an experience of the African Wilderness like no other. Past clients have been amazed as to what awaited them while they took a safari here.

If you do not find a safari that meets your needs – we would love to tailor-make a safari that is just right for you.

Kidepo Valley National Park, unvisited and remote – but not for much longer – not to be missed and more and more choose to visit the Park.

One could say it is last call to visit the park without any crowds.

 Lodging Choices in Kidepo Valley National Park:Kidepo Valley Park Choices Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   Advice

There are not many lodging choices inside of Kidepo Valley Park.  There is Apoka Lodge inside of the park – then there are the Banda;s from the UWA agency and NgaMoru just outside ot the park.

The three  cover the needs of most of budget, moderate and upmarket lodging.  Just 8 kilometers from the park you will find more lodging that may  your need.

If one uses the Uganda Wildlife Bandas, one has to bring in their own food supply.  Arrangements can be made for a cook to prepare the food.  There are no restaurant options for those who choose the UWA Banda option

The best two choices for most are either Apoka Lodge or the Nga Moru lodge.  Apoka Lodge is the most popular choice and has discounted prices during the off-seasons twice a year.

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway, African Journeys

Enjoy a Safari with us in Uganda Kidepo Valley Park  Information   Tips   Advice