Internet Access for Visitors to Uganda

Posted by on February 2, 2013

Accessing the Internet while in Uganda

Stay on Line while visiting Uganda

4-G is now available in Uganda but not in all locations of the country as of May 2013

Internet-Access-in-UgandaUganda Internet Access is readily available for the visitor, tourist, business person in Uganda.  Up-Market hotels often offer free connection of one type or another.  For others there are countless of internet cafes in Kampala and larger towns in Uganda that will allow you to connect to the Global Village  via the Internet.  In most instances you will see slow speeds that might take you back in time to early dial up speeds but changes are coming to Uganda.  I can upload this website via a 3G modem at 13 kbps…to you that might not seem a lot but to me it is lightning speed compared to 2 kbps.

Laptop:  If you want to connect your laptop while here and you are not in a hotel with wireless connections or a cable of some type, there are other ways you can connect.  You can bring a phone that allows for GPRS, buy a local sim card and purchase so many gigs  for it, one gig presently costs about 22 usd, 3 gigs 40 usd and 10 gigs 70 usd.  The purchase is good for 30 days.

3G does not everywhere in Uganda and depends on the provider.  MTN, Orange and UTL are the three main competitors in Uganda and their coverage varies and so does the speed depending on where you are in the Pearl of Africa.

If you want a faster system three local providers give you the option of a 3G system using your USB and buying a unit that will connect you for around 40 usd and then add the amount the gigs you would like.  This will get you on the internet at Ugandan fast speed…you might still grumble…I am reasonably happy with MTN though I have written to them initially regarding some of the hang-ups of the system, things have improved.

You can also bring a 3G unlocked phone, purchase a local sim card and appropriate amount of gigs for your usage and you are set   both to call, send text messages and surf the Net in Uganda.  Smart phones and I-Phones will also work here but they need to be a quad phone to work here and certain services may cost a bit more

Benefits of having your own connection:

  • Skype, computer to computer calls
  • update your blog or website from Uganda
  • Check on your bank account
  • Internet access 24/7
  • More secure than Internet Cafe
  • Book a safari on-line with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris

Enjoy Uganda and in most places you will have internet access

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway – African Journey