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How not to visit Africa

“In and Out of Africa”  or “How not to visit Africa.” You can visit Africa- but never be in touch with the Real Africa People often do one of those quick in and out Gorilla Safaris –  Safaris that remind of the President George W. Bush’s visit to Uganda some years back – he had … Continue reading »

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Lodging Choices – Akagera National Park – Rwanda

Lodges that you can choose for your safari in Akagera National Park Lodges you can choose for your Rwandan Safari in Akagera National Park Akagera National Park – Rwanda’s only Savannah Park has two lodges that you can choose right within the park itself – There is the up-market Ruzizi Tented Lodge that is a … Continue reading »

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Health Advice – Tips – Information for Uganda-Rwanda Travelers

Staying well in Uganda and Rwanda Uganda – Rwanda Health Tips and Advice for Travelers Enjoy your Safari in Uganda and Rwanda without getting sick Crossing the road can cause you a lot more problems than all the tropical diseases you might be worried about. If you take certain wellness precautions you will be just … Continue reading »

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Uganda’s Cultural Heritage – Beyond Wildlife – Primates

There is more to Uganda  than Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Primates, Wildlife – Scenery – there are its People Ugandan Culture-Traditions – diverse People Groups – enriching and unforgettable experiences Uganda is known for its Primates – the majestic Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees and to a lesser degree the endangered Golden Monkeys. Thousands of visitors per year flock … Continue reading »

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Choosing your Lodges-Camps- Hotels for your Safari in Uganda-Rwanda

Making the right accommodation and lodging Choices for your Safari Picking the right camps, lodges, hotels for your Safari in Uganda or Rwanda Accommodation Advice for Rwanda and Uganda Lodging is one of the key ingredients to the success of your safari and that includes the kind of room you will have, the kind of … Continue reading »

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Best Places to relax and chill out in Uganda

Uganda – more than Adventure – Places to relax and Chill Out Pristine Lakes –Forests – Rushing River Nile – Sandy Beaches Uganda- Best places to relax and chill out Uganda is known for Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking, Volcano or Rwenzori Mountain Climbing, for adrenaline rush producing White Water Rafting – but places to … Continue reading »

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