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 “Having travelled to some 20 African countries,
I find myself, like so many other visitors to
Africa before me, intoxicated with the continent.
And I am not referring to the animals,
as much as I have been enthralled by them
during safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.
Rather, I am referring to the African peoples.”  Dennis Prager

This is the case with many of African Travelers – most enjoy the people that they meet in Africa the most.

Africans live differently from most of us and have much to teach us about living in the here and now, thriving on what may seem chaos to you, and making most of the journey of life, their personal safari.  Life here in Africa, for the most part is lived out relationally unlike in Western Countries where we are mostly task orientated.

Enjoy the People of Africa…


“I’d like to go on a hardcore safari in Africa,
something off the beaten track with
anti-poaching people and camping out in
the savannah.” Dominic Monaghan

Such safaris are a possibility in various parts of Africa as a volunteer or observer with anti-poaching patrols.

They area a wake-up call to the harsh reality that much of the African Wildlife as we know it today could very well be a thing in the past.

Just maybe we need more people on hardcore anti-poaching safaris in Africa and even other parts of the world.

Contact us and we will create an anti-poaching safari with the right people for in Uganda or Rwanda.

You will even meet former poachers who now work to preserve and conserve.


All definitions of wilderness that exclude people seem to me to be false. African ‘wilderness’ areas are racist because indigenous people are being cleared out of them so white people can go on holiday there.”  Jay Griffiths

A very true insight into African Wilderness – the Batwa People – the original people of the African Rainforest were excluded from their beloved forests in the 90’s which resulted in them being without land, without jobs, reduced to begging and foraging whatever they could.
In recent years the Batwa are allowed to return to their beloved forest taking tourists on nature walks and explaining to them the ways of old in the forest such as hunting and gathering.
People such as the Batwa left a low ecological footprint in the ancient forest and lived in harmony with nature and wildlife until their eviction.

African-Wilderness-saying-susan-sonntag“Guns have metamorphosed into cameras
in this earnest comedy, the ecology safari,
because nature has ceased to be what it
always had been , what people needed
protection from. Now nature tamed,
endangered, mortal,  needs to be protected
from people.” Susan Sontag

It is people that are the biggest danger to nature, and the African wilderness in particular.

People looking for living space in wildlife parks, those poaching for a few dollars or a bit of bush-meat and even those who come to visit the parks in great numbers.

Whereas man lived for the most part in harmony with nature until westerners came and invaded Africa – man needs to learn once again how to live in harmony with his surroundings including the African Wild in order to preserve for this and the generations to come.

Safari-saying-proverb-to-get-lost-is-to-learn-the-way“To get lost is to learn the Way”  African Proverb

Adversity can be a great teacher – learning the way home can be part of the learning experience of being lost.

In Africa on a safari it is easy to get lost, that is why you always have a guide with you to avoid the predicament of being lost on the savannah, in the jungle, forest, swamp, etc.

Learning the way is part of the lesson of life.  Look how you came to the place of being lost, what wrong paths you took to get there.

Amazingly for many of us, the second time we take the path where we were once lost, we then know the way to get home, we have learned the way by getting lost.

Safari-saying-proverb-watching-animals“Some People…find they need animals to look at and to learn from.  They have discovered that men, not beasts are uncivilized.” Cynthia Nolan

Harmony in nature existed all over Africa, even between man and beast. Tribes, people lived with wildlife all around them.

Since the days of the great white hunter wildlife has been diminishing in Africa due to the presence of uncivilized man, poaching, hunting, encroaching on wildlife territory and more.

In some cases people looking at animals helps the animals to survive and even thrive as in the case of the Mountain Gorillas where fees help and assist the mountain gorillas grow in number.

May we once again learn to live in harmony with the wildlife and nature around us…


 “Take nothing but Memories – Leave Nothing – But Footprints.”

Nature can be enjoyed, wildife, birds can be observed, pictures taken, memories imprinted upon heart and mind without one hunting, without hurting nature.

If we begin to see ourselves as observers of nature, a people that take nothing but memories and pictures and not as hunters of ivory, rhino horns, pango scales, bird eggs we just might find that nature can once again thrive as man heeds the wise saying shown here.

Africa – the wildlife of Africa is under attack due to greed and need, hardcore criminal gangs and cultures in Asia that have refused to accept responsibility for the diminishing elephant, Rhino, and other wildlife, may we learn from the past and present and leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures, killing nothing but time.

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African Safari Quotes that will inspire you

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“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway, African Journeys




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