About Us – We focus on Creating memorable Safaris

For over 12 Years our Focus is still the same “Creating Memorable Safaris.”

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – Your Experiential Safari Tour Company in Uganda and Rwanda

We understand the Western Safari Client better than most Safari Companies

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, one of the leading Experiential Safari Tour Companies in Uganda and Rwanda creating “memorable Safaris – Hakuna Matata no worries Style” since 2004.

Coming to Africa is not an everyday occasion, for many it is a once in a lifetime Trip.  We understand Western expectations and what you are looking for in Uganda and Rwanda.

Customer Service or as it is called here, Customer Care is not part of the culture in Uganda and other parts of Africa. (as it is in parts of Europe) Kabiza Wilderness Safaris with its Ugandan – American Management practices American Style Customer Service where you have our Ear meaning that we are enthusiastic about creating your experiential Dream Safari in Uganda and Rwanda.  We are attentive to every detail in planning and implementing your Safari and we are responsive to you and your requests.

Why Choose Kabiza Wilderness Safaris?

You can find countless of Ugandan Safari Tour Operators in Uganda, many of them offering a variety of services, car rentals, hotel-bookings, event and convention services, some also act as travel agents, sell safaris all over the African continent…and the list goes on.

We have chosen a different path, our own path, realizing that we are not  “a jack of all trades.” Instead of dabbling in many things we concentrate and focus on one thing, that we know and are best at. “Creating Memorable Experiential  Private Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.”

We bring you American and European Style Customer Service and not just as a slogan as we plan and make your safari a reality. We are a licensed, tax-paying Ugandan Tour Operator that is a Member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators and licensed by the Uganda Tourism Board.

We know Uganda and Rwanda, we live and work here, it is our home and we take pride in introducing visitors to Uganda.

Our Prices and rates show that we are a Ugandan Tour Operator, we take into account the local exchange rate which has reduced the price of safaris, the latest fuel cost, any discounts and you are able to save hundreds, if not thousands of Dollars by dealing directly with us and not a Travel Agent or a Tour Operator in your country.

In our case, we rely on E-Tourism which we believe is the future even when it comes to African Safari Travel and we have been proven right by the number of clients that choose us, many of them are repeat clients.

About Us – We do one thing only –  Creating memorable Safaris where you are the Focus

Jon Blanc –  Mentor – Sales and Marketing:

Partner in Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – dedicated creating for our Clients that African Dream Safari in Uganda and Rwanda.

Jon is an American, born and raised in Germany, living in Kampala – Uganda, hails from Birch Bay – Blaine  along the Puget Sound – Washington, USA, enjoying Africa since 1992.

Jon  specializes in writing about African Travel with an emphasis on Uganda and Rwanda, understanding both the needs of clients from a western perspective and at the same time understanding the culture of Uganda and Rwanda.

Winnie Ninsiima – Safari- Customer Service Coordinator:

Winnie Ninsiima moved back to Uganda – A place she calls home from the United Kingdom where she’d gone to peruse a master’s degree  in International Tourism at the University of Bedfordshire. She also holds a bachelor degree in International Relations and Psychology.

Winnie has always been passionate about Tourism and believes that Uganda as a destination has so much to offer but hasn’t been favored due to its troubled past, though Uganda has been safe, secure and stable for many years, misconceptions about the Pearl of Africa still prevail.

Winnie is the Safari – Coordinator, a person that understands the needs and wishes of International Clients. The person who takes a safari and personalizes it for you, especially Honeymoon, Family, Celebratory Safaris of one kind or another.