50th Golden Jubilee Independence Celebrations in Uganda

Posted by on May 15, 2013

Uganda celebrates its 50th Golden Jubilee Independence all year-long

October 9th 2012 Uganda is 50 years old as an independent nation – but the celebrations are all year-long and beyond

Uganda and the People of Uganda are celebrating their 50th Golden Jubilee Independence on October 9th, 2012 – and yet the spirit of the Celebration continues all year-long throughout 2012 and into 2013.  You are invited to join Ugandans celebrating the Independence of their Nation throughout the year. Uganda – Lonely Planet’s Choice for Best Nation to visit in 2012 awaits your visit and you are invited to Uganda’s ongoing Birthday Party in 2012 and even beyond into 2013.  All year-long there are cultural celebrations, concerts, performances, special offers, focus on various wildlife parks – each month having been designated as a special month by the Ministry of Tourism – below are just some of them.

June-2012-is-Uganda-Gifted-by-Nature-during-its 50th-Golden-Anniversay-Independence-Celebration June 2012 is Gifted by Nature Month in Uganda  June has been designated as “Gifted by Nature Month”  and gifted by Nature is the Pearl of Africa – Uganda – from its pleasant year around weather to its scenic wonders, its wildlife, its primates such as mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys plus the various other primates and when it comes to birders – Uganda is the best birding destination in Africa.

July-is-Uganda-a-Young-and-Dynamic-Nation-Month-celebrationJuly is Uganda a Young and Dynamic Nation Month  July has been designated as “Uganda – a Young and Dynamic Nation”.  As an Independent Nation Uganda celebrating its 50th Birthday is quite young and yet its history as a people who now make up Uganda goes back into time.  It is the youngest nation on Earth and Uganda celebrates its young, its children who are Uganda’s Hope and Future.

August-is-Enjoy-Uganda-MonthAugust 2012 is enjoy Uganda Month  August has been designated “Enjoy Uganda” Month during the ongoing Independence Birthday Party.  There is lots to to enjoy in Uganda any time but August places an emphasis on enjoying Uganda, Ugandans, the National Parks, the Wildlife, the Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees and other Primates but mostly Uganda with its people and varied Cultures.

September-is-Welcome-the-Pearl-of-Africa-Month-UgandaSeptember is The Pearl of Africa Welcomes You Month in Uganda  The Uganda Ministry of Tourism has designated September as the “Pearl of Africa Welcomes You Month as part of the ongoing  50th Golden Jubilee Independence Celebrations in Uganda.  The Welcome Mats are out for all visitors with special celebration and cultural events all year-long as part of the Golden Jubilee Independence Celebrations that are happening in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

Celebrate-the-Spirit-of-a-Nation-UgandaCelebrate the Spirit of a Nation – Uganda in December  Uganda is celebrating its 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary Independence Celebration in 2012 and the Ministry of Tourism has designated Designated December as “Celebrate the Spirit of a Nation – Uganda” as the Independence Anniversary Celebrations continue all year-long and into 2013.  Uganda, the Pearl of Africa since 1962 has changed a lot , since I first visited here in 1992 to now there have been many changes for a better Uganda.  The skyline of Kampala is one of constant change, Uganda is an evolving nation, a growing nation, a becoming nation and yet in spite of that it is and remains “Authentic Africa.”

Here are just some of the year long activities for visitors with more to be added – check back and see what else is taking place in Uganda during its Golden Jubilee 50th Independence Celebrations.  As concerts, cultural events become known we will also list them and link to them…Enjoy Uganda – from Kampala…jon

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway – African Journeys



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