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Hotel des Mille Collines – Hotel Rwanda – Kigali

Posted by on April 7, 2016

Hotel des Mille Collines – a Hotel that Millions have come to know

Visit Hotel des Mille Collines – Hotel Rwanda- Stay Overnight or have a meal
Hotel des Mille Collines – Hotel Rwanda

Hotel des Mille Collines – Hotel Rwanda – centrally located in Kigali – a 4 Star Accomodation with a historic connection to the 1994 Genocide, literally a refuge from the madness of the Genocide that raged outside of it in 1994. It was the not knowing what would happen next.

Hotel des Mille Collines – Hotel Rwanda is known the world over  – unfortunately the hotel itself was not used as a backdrop to the movie Hotel Rwanda but a hotel in South Africa where the movie was made.  The only thing filmed in Rwanda where the backdrop scenes of Kigali Hotel des Mille Collines - Hotel Rwanda and the countrside.

Hotel des Mille Collines is not a spectacular hotel but a hotel with a history that for many visitors to Rwanda has become a must place to visit since they know it as Hotel Rwanda and have seen it in he move

Today Hotel des Mille Collines is no longer owned by Sabena but is owned by the Kempinski Chain that is world-famous for quality Lodging.

There are 112 rooms at the des Mille Collines in the midst of a beautiful and relaxing garden with swimming pool to take a drip after a long trip to Rwanda and a fitness suite.  Each room has a private bathroom and satellite TV. Internet connection the normal amenities found in better hotels.

Food is offered in various locations l and includes an excellent French and International Menu for guests and visitors.  There are two bars including the poolside bar and the top of the Hotel bar where you can international spirits and wine and local and imported beers.

Hotel des Mille Collines - Hotel RwandaIf it were not for the historic place of  des Mille Collines it would another International Accomdation like many others, but because of its historic significance it is a must visit place in Kigali if not just for a lunch or dinner.

From here you can easily visit significant places in Kigali including the meaningful Genocide Memorial where 250,000 plus Rwandans were interned after the 1994 Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi people.

You will find Hotel Rwanda – des Mille Collines a unique place to stay in Kigali – we recommend that you see some of the latest TripAdvisor entries from past clients as we recommend with any other lodge or hotel.

Please Note:  There are many including the government of Rwanda today that do not believe in the Hollywood generated Sainthood of Paul Rusesibagina – the manager of the des Mille Collines as portrayed in the movie.  They know the reality of what took place and who the real heroes were.

Paul Rusesabagina – the hero of the movie Hotel Rwanda in Rwanda does not have the status here that he enjoys in the West due to the Hollywood Blockbuster Movie. For Balance it would be good to read the story of a survivor who survived the Genocide at the Hotel – Edouard Kayihura “Inside the Hotel Rwanda – The surprising true story …And Why it Matters.”

Reality is that a large number of people survived the genocide by staying at Hotel Rwanda –  Des Mille Collines, but as is often the case “The Movie was different” from what really took place – it was Hollywood fiction script

Hotel des Mille Collines – Hotel Rwanda – If you like to stay here during your safari with us in Rwanda – please let us know