Uganda Volunteer Work Team Trip Package

Uganda Volunteer Work Trip to Uganda Package

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Uganda Volunteer Work Team Trip Package

What is included in a Uganda Volunteer Work Team Trip Package?

The following is included in the cost per person in a Uganda Volunteer Work Team or Short-Term Missions Trip Package:

  • Information regarding your project and information such as Ugandan cultural, historical, societal behavior before you ever step on the plane to come here for you and your team.  This includes the answers to any questions you might have regarding Uganda.

  • Arrival Information:  This includes Custom and Visa support.

  • Immunization & Malaria prevention Information:  What is the best approach for you to take in getting immunizations and malaria information.

  • Airport Pickup at Entebbe Airport 32 Kilometers outside of Kampala:  We will pick you up with appropriate to accommodate, team members, all of your luggage and supplies you might bring.

  • Welcome Orientation:  Meet your Ugandan co-workers and coordinators, receive informational packets including a Luganda Phrasebook, communicating in English-Uganda Style and more.  Questions and answer session.

  • Guest-House Accommodation in Kampala that include, laundry services included, secure storage for money and documents and any other kinds of valuables.  The guesthouses are equipped with a common room for TV viewing, meetings of all kinds.  Depending on the size of the group, we can accommodate up to 50 in one house. The houses are immaculate, clean toilets and showers, hygienic food preparation and lovely gardens.  They are secure and in very safe neighborhoods. Internet access is available for a fee.

  • Breakfast, packed lunch, Dinner.  Soda included free at dinner time.

  • Bottled Water while working or at Guesthouse or in transport to a safari.

  • Transportation to worksite and back each day you are on the project.  English Speaking Driver will be with you whenever you travel.

  • English Speaking Guide:  We also supply an English Speaking guide who will assist you in every situation that you might face.

  • Transportation for all group events.

  • Safari and or Rafting, cultural sites, shopping trips

  • 24 hour support from qualified staff, advising you in regards to your situation.

  • Celebration Farewell Dinner with Ugandan Co-workers

  • Appreciation from a group of our Children who perform by singing, dancing in a traditional manner and play traditional instruments.

The package does not include the following:

  • Air Travel to or from Uganda

  • Visas to Uganda-Can be most easily obtained at Entebbe airport at arrival at $50 USD a person

  • Extra sodas or drinks beyond the free ones with meals at Guesthouse.  Extra Sodas are about 60 cents each

  • Internet on line time

  • Personal Insurance

  • transport outside of team transport -can be arranged at extra fee at that time.

  • Inoculations and anti Malaria medicine.

Volunteer Work Team Package Price:

The price depends on the various items included in your package and that depends on whether you take a safari, go white water rafting and or do a sight seeing trip locally.  It depends on your length of stay. The distances covered, the number of people on your team.  Once we have worked out the details we will come up with the most reasonable package available for you.  Hundreds of teams have stayed with us and in many cases they do so again upon returning to Uganda on their own.


Payments can be made by paying 50% down prior to arrival and transferring the money to our account in Uganda, or we even provide for you pay via Credit Card for the down payment and or the whole amount.  Upon the arrival the rest can be paid.  Some teams choose to send the whole amount up front.  The down payments are used to make reservations and obtain permits for things such as safari trips.

This year Experience Africa-Discover its Pearl-The people of Uganda


Impact your world with a short term volunteer or missions trip to Africa and discovering the pearl-the people of Uganda

If this is for you, take the time to explore the pages below and become a Change Agent for the good impacting your World this year beginning with a Volunteer Work Trip to Uganda. 

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Email Email meus, click on Gorilla Stamp, regarding your visit to  Uganda.   If you have any questions regarding Uganda, a volunteer work trip or short term missions trip, simply write and ask.

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Uganda Volunteer Work Team Trip Package

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