Experience Uganda through Pictures

 experience life in Uganda through Pictures


Experience Uganda in Pictures

This Year Experience Africa by discovering its Pearl - Uganda

A grandmother giving firewood to her grandson in a rural village of Uganda

Traffic can become a snarled mess, here commuters heading into Kampala

Furniture being made for road side perusal by those moving by. The price is usually quite low.

Near one of the main shopping areas of town

Downtown Kampala scene

Mobile Police Station

A restaurant in a most unusual of place.

A child carrying another, a common sight in Uganda

Waiting for morning transport

A bodboda transport motorcycle in traffic.

The new Mosque, a beautiful sight in Kampala

Ankole cattle along the road.

Bread being unloaded

Hindu temple in distance shows the diversity of people in Uganda

Marabou Stork, ever present in Kampala

Fishermen on the Nile.

Taking a lunch break from work.

Fixing the generator, it will be needed when the power goes off.

Carrying matoke to the kitchen for preparation

Hair being braided.

Another Kampala street scene

A shop attendant waiting for customers.

Taking a break at the woodshop.

Anything can be delivered by bodaboda taxi.

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Complete Uganda Information regarding Travel to and in Uganda. Whether you are coming here as a tourist, business person, volunteer you will find what you are looking for here in the pages below.


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Uganda SafarisOur Uganda Safaris:  Safaris off the beaten Path in the Pearl of Africa.

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