Life in Africa Photo Album

Life in Africa Photo Album

Life in Africa Photo Album

Life in Africa portrayed in pictures.  Each day brings with it the joys and hardships of African Life. Africa's sights are one thing, but one must experience the sounds, the smells, the vibrancy of Mother Africa to fully experience what "Life in Africa" is all about.


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This Year Experience Africa-Discover the Pearl-Uganda


African Picture Galleries

Get a Taste of Africa in Pictures

Pictures taken in Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Kenya

Experience Uganda in Pictures

African Photo AlbumAfrica Photo Album:  Discover Africa through pictures.  Pictures of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan.  Variety of pictures focusing on East Africa.

Children in a Slum in Kampala:  Heartwarming pictures of children in a slum in KampalaOne can read words, but there is nothing like the pictures that tell the story of the children from the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Africa's Children in PicturesAfrica's Children in Pictures: A slide show presentation with music showing some of the children of Africa with links to other pages of children.

African Children Photo Album:  The pictures of Africa's Children tell their story. Eight pages of pictures of children in Africa.  Pictures that often tell a story in the face of a child.  Enjoy the children of Africa.

Children in Kampala UgandaChildren of Kampala:  More pictures of the children of Africa.  These children come from a slum area in the suburbs and gather together in a unique church for children on Sunday.  The trickle down a path to the school where the church meets and it is a most unique sight, to see hundreds of the children entering the area where the church meets.

Meet Uganda's Children in PicturesMeet Uganda's Children in Pictures:  These pictures come from our spend a day with Uganda's Children visit for visitors to Uganda.  A delightful day in pictures.  One can just hear the sounds of the children enjoying the day.

Africa's Women in PicturesAfrica's Women in Pictures: A look at the women of Africa in pictures in a photo gallery. Four Pages of pictures of African Women.  Lots of pictures of women from Kampala, villages, from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda.

Jinja in Pictures:  See the town of Jinja, Mabira Forest, the source of the Nile, the power of Bujagali Falls.  The Jinja are is one of the major adventure areas of Uganda.  Delightful, a sleepy town, lots to see and many activities to partake in.

Kenya Picture GalleryKenya Picture Gallery:  Various pictures of Kenya.  Kenya is a beautiful country with a diverse people and cultures.  One of the most visited countries in Africa, many find it a delight.  This is not so much the wildlife but more of the people of Kenya.

Life in Uganda in pictures:  Experience life in Uganda through pictures.  Uganda is a delightful country filled with some of the friendliest people in Africa.  See everyday scenes from Uganda as you look at the pictures.

Life in a Ugandan VillageLife in a Ugandan Village:  Meet the Villagers of Kitaisa in Uganda up close and personal.  This is a small, I mean small village an hour plus from Kampala.  Spend a day in the village of Kitaisa and enjoy the day via pictures.

Rwanda Picture GalleryRwanda Picture Gallery: Rwanda in pictures  taken in 1994 when things were in the process of recovering from 100 days of hell on earth.  Where the rest of the world stood still while almost a million died by in 100 days.

South Sudan Picture GallerySudan Picture Gallery: Sudan in Pictures.  Taken in the 1990's prior to the present peace in South Sudan. Fortunately South Sudan is recovering from those days of struggle and conflict and a sense of peace returned.

Fort Jesus Mombasa in picturesMombasa, Kenya Photo Album Page 1:  A look at Fort Jesus in Mombasa.  A place of history in a beautiful setting on the Indian ocean.  If you ever go to Mombasa, this is a must visit place.  Enjoy the pictures.

Mombasa Old Town in PicturesMombasa, Kenya Photo Album Page 2:  Pictures of a walk trough historic Old Town Mombasa.  Mombasa Old Town is next to Fort Jesus and once again it is a must visit.  In the meantime take a pictorial visit to Mombasa.

African Humor in PicturesAfrican Humor in Pictures:  This is about human mistakes, but set in Africa.  No matter where you live, you will smile.  The picture are not intended to poke fun at, but to enjoy human mistakes and errors recorded in pictures.

Plants Trees Shrubs, Flowers of Uganda and KenyaPlants, Trees, Shrubs and Flowers of Uganda & Kenya: I think you will get a whiff of them as you look at the pictures in this gallery. Beautiful plant, trees, shrubs and flowers from East Africa.  Enjoy the beauty of them.

The Rains in AfricaThe Rains in Africa:  More than a song, see the reality of a rainstorm in Africa.  There is nothing like an African rainstorm, it comes down like you have never seen before in your life.  Here are some pictures of an African rainstorm.

Uganda Travel GalleriesUgandan Travel Galleries:  Take a safari in Uganda in pictures.  See the Wildlife and Gorillas of Uganda.  The fantastic scenery, it is simply wonderful to go on a safari in Uganda.  You will love the pictures, plan to visit Uganda.

Safaris in UgandaUganda Safaris:  Off the beaten Tourist path, experience the wild of Uganda, Africa. Gorilla & Chimpanzee tracking (trekking), wildlife safaris, birding Safaris in Uganda. Choose one day, two day, 3 day and longer safaris of Uganda. 

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Life in Africa Photo Album

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